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Anthony Figueroa, better known as Bronx Blogger, is an edgy New York-based Security Guard and self-proclaimed SJW who has appeared on my radar multiple times over the past couple of years due to his shenanigans, anger issues, taking the internet too seriously, and association with people who A-Log and target Youtube Skeptics like Carl "Sargon of Akkad" Benjamin, Chris Ray Gun, and Jeff Holiday for harassment and slander campaigns. However he gives Count Dankula a pass as he knows he's not a nazi, despite his objections to and insinuations about many with the same kind of content.

He's in with the Kristi Winters clique and I have poked around and found some small connections to minor parts of the Rat King but not enough to warrant inclusion in that subforum. I'll amend this post and move if more conclusive links are found, however.

In one of his most recent bouts of misplaced anger he blamed Mr. Benjamin for "empowering" the pedophillia advocate known as Amos Yee to speak up about his disturbing opinions.

Edgy shit, lacking empathy & accusing everything under the sun of empowering naziism:

Actually it would just be easier to show you the volume of his tweets with his favorite buzzwords and a-logging targets (search on his account for racism, nazi, fascism, etc) (search for terms "Sargon", "Bearing", "Kraut", etc) (here he is caring about GamerGate in current year)

Did I also mention that he's a racist himself?

This video by Jeff Holiday is amusing and does a good job of summarizing the incident
He has since apologized for calling two black men he disagrees with coons, but he's given people no reason to accept it, as he still acts the same way in other internet disagreements. (Just without using racial slurs now, and not to mention his immediate response was to lie and dodge responsibility rather than owning up the moment he was called on his hypocrisy.)

Also not to mention he impersonated a cop during this particular spat, which is a crime.

Bearing and Jeff Holiday had a stream about how he hates free speech

Here he is attacking some dude called Mouthy Buddha even after he made a video saying he wants to convert away from the alt-right way of thinking he'd fallen into, as Buddha believes he's become the thing that he hates.

Triggered by 4chan trolling

A-Logging Blaire White after she made a video about getting raped when she was younger

Angry at comedian Andy Warski for mocking the youtube demonitization shit

Also his related channels section gives you on idea of his associates

4 out of 6 people on this list have lolcow threads here
Wooly Bumblebee, Kevin Logan, Mike Rowlands, and Dick Coughlan

TL;DR- Tony is a man who takes the internet youtube culture war very seriously and uses his twitter to harass people who disagree with him, blames people he wants to silence for pedophile advocates existing, is intellectually and morally dishonest, and is all around one of the most pathetic associates of Kristi Winters.

He sits around in his home's mudroom/sunroom/some dingy hallway while smoking and growling into the camera about how super serious all of the autistic shit he's blabbing about is.

If ever the label "Sadcow" was needed, its needed here. This is a man who's entire only notable due to him being dedicated to trivial internet bullshit while he's working as a security guard IRL and should be above this all as a working man, yet he isn't.
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Funny how all the sad cunts are also the people who think that their opinion matters enough to justify broadcasting it onto the internet and feel pride and power when they manage to scoop up 30 errant fools.

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Accusing Ian Miles Cheong of raping his own grandmother.


Liberals are racists and sexists


Why is literally everybody who promotes Pete Coffin a huge lolcow? @Jaimas, explain.

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Apologize if powerleveling right now, but I saw the whole Jeff Holiday shenanigan pretty up close on Twitter, so here's a summary on how the thing started:

  • TBB started shitting on Holiday and @ing him on Twitter because "muh anti-sjw".
  • Holiday is used to the banter and getting randomly sperged on by the left and the right alike, so has fun replying to him.
  • Holiday eventually posts a picture of him just laying in bed chilling as way to say "Yo, look how worked up I ain't right now".
  • TBB says that a laser is being pointed to Holiday's forehead and he can't see it because "the room's overlit".
  • Holiday actually freaks out because he has a little kid, even more since TBB also mentions being a NYPD cop while saying "don't come to New York".
  • Holiday starts Googling around trying to find info on TBB to see if he is a legit cop.
  • Holiday eventually finds that TBB's public Facebook account that features his real name and workplace (a mall, if I remember correctly) is actually linked to the TBB YouTube channel.
  • Holiday mocks the dude since he was playing the tough guy when "he is just a mall cop".
  • TBB goes full WAHyoudoxedme.jpg and publishes a very edgy and stupid video about him without mentioning his name.

Ol' Puss
I couldn't get the entire tweet to fit the screenshot without making the text too small to read. He's been sperging out and making lists of people he deems "race realists and JQers".


Even more funnier, he added Mister Metokur to the list.


That Mayonnaise.



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