Anthony Michael Flackus / ToniFlackus / TransGamerGirlToniF / TFlackus - Ex-Military Troon Drug Addict Twitch Streamer

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Jul 2, 2019
Anthony Michael Flackus, or "Toni Flackus" as he goes by online, is a 33 year old "cute petite trans girl" troon twitch streamer who really, really likes meth. Banned several times from twitch for sperging out at people, he also claims to have 77 Black Desert Online accounts, which he uses to report "hate speach".

He was brought to my attention when I saw him spamming his twitch channel in the ingame chat. A friend of mine decided to look, assuming it was a kid doing some autistic self promotion. He was surprised when instead of a BDO stream, he got a man in a wig wearing makeup, literally doing meth on stream. This clip unfortunately no longer exists and was likely the reason behind Toni's initial twitch ban.

At this point, I was intrigued, and decided to go on the stream myself to take a look. Unfortunately he plays a lot of copywritten music, so the audio is missing for a lot of the videos, but there were some choice quotes I thought I'd list.

"When your boobs start growing in, they hurt a lot. These (Toe Warmers) are great. Also they feel good on my balls."
"I had to go to the hospital for an EKG because I did too much meth."
"I have never overdosed on meth."

As you might be able to tell, he's a big fan of meth. In fact, he's often out of his mind on it, which is probably why he does so many 24 hour streams.

(banned) (his backup for when his main is banned) - Now also banned currently active account


You can see some of the "content" he produces.

Now this a pretty standard terminally online troonwreck of a human being. What makes this guy so particularly interesting as a lolcow is that he has a history beyond that, which I only discovered recently with his arrest.

Arrest Record with more information about him -


He has a history with the air force - in 2015 he was on the Airforce's most wanted.


From BusinessInsider

I found some court documents on his military court case.

He was also recently hospitalized for a meth overdose. He explained to his stream afterward that it was because he "was sad about father's day and not being able to see his sons."

He never turned off his twitch stream, so it's still running as of this post, more than a full day after his arrest.


Thanks to kittyfucker finding the wife's youtube, there's a "student documentary" she made on the guy. It seems that this was just before their relationship broke down. I have a backup of the video, but also the "art" video that was made with Toni as the subject. Brace yourself.

A bit of an update on the arrest - Toni's first hearing is Tuesday, July 6th.


He was released on July 20th and immediately began streaming.

As of August 2nd, he has been banned from twitch ~8 times and is threatening to DDOS the twitch servers August 3rd, at noon EDT.

He said he was going to be streaming on AdultFriendFinder.

He also doxxed himself.


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Mar 24, 2016
Don't seem to be much stopping the inevitable to happen in this case, overdosing on meth to try and cure depression + troon. I think the suicide multipiler have to be very high in this one. . I just hope he dies of his meth habit before he is able to harm others around him.


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Jun 5, 2021
He is gurning like crazy in that video and tweaking hardcore. Seems like a standard troon, but throw military background and copious amounts of meth into the works and it could be very interesting. Curious as to what will happen next with him leaving the hospital. After a binge users typically sleep a few days so there might be a content draught once he gets discharged. As long as he didn't get put in a psych hold, I'm sure he'll be back to smoking that shit soon enough and produce more content.


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Apr 24, 2021
A troon methhead, a daily reminder not to do drugs, people. Chantal really should watch his videos for reasons to quit her crack addiction. OP is a little lacking but I can see it getting better over time, especially if he starts making more content. There's something about those eyes though, it feels like he is taring at my soul.



Jan 1, 2020
Looking through some of his stuff and found some sillyfunnies I'd like to share.
Anyone want to work for him for $10 every two weeks? If he does 24hr streams 3x a week, that's 13 cents an hour!
Absolutely incomprehensible twitter advertising + PC setup. Apparently his wife abuses him.
Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 22-23-14 🔴Live FB 140824198083714 ( toniflackus) Twitter.pngScreenshot 2021-07-01 at 22-23-05 🔴Live FB 140824198083714 ( toniflackus) Twitter.png197803483_137554655112355_8864376720966566390_n.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-01 at 23-24-54 Kayleigh Daniels.png
Random Discord screenshots from his server.
Anthony and his wife, Kayleigh, on the day he proposed to her, how cute. (09/19/2015) Apparently they met in a mental hospital.
Whatever the fuck he's trying to accomplish with these, it's not working.

Check out the filenames on these. I didn't change them.

His wife's YouTube also has a "documentary" and "art project" about him. I've never archived before so please be gentle and tender if I did it wrong.
Toni | Tony - A Student Documentary (UNC Chapel Hill) ( 26:48 )
ART 106 Class Assignment ( 4:41 )
PHONE: 919-815-3179
TIKTOK: @toniflackus
DISCORD USERNAME(S): tonyflackus#3700 , toniflackus#8811


According to his phone number and Facebook he lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. was wrong. Thank you Coach!
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Jul 2, 2019
I think he has two kids, one from his first marriage and one from this one. In the court docs I found it mentions him going to a custody hearing with his fiance, and that was in 2015. He also previously mentioned not being able to see his "sons", but only seemed to have one with the current wife. From the most recent wife's youtube channel, there were comments from a few weeks ago that seemed to be from Toni, screaming about the wife being a spousal abuser. Given that he was arrested at her parents' house, and she was the stated victim, I think something happened a few weeks ago that resulted in them splitting up. This might be the beginning of an absolutely insane downward spiral. His first court date is this Tuesday, so more info might come out then. He might also be released afterwards.

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Dec 3, 2018
I felt bad mentioning it. The kid is probably too young to understand what's going on *sigh*
When children have mentally ill parents, it's always worth noting. There are so many threads on the Farms that go into shit like this and everyone clearly understands that the kids aren't the targets. They're just the victims of their shitty upbringing.

Based on what @TheNecrarch just posted, it sounds like that's an avenue worth looking into for the thread