Anthony Michael Flackus / ToniFlackus / TransGamerGirlToniF / TFlackus - Ex-Military Troon Drug Addict Twitch Streamer

Jul 2, 2019
Toni's back on

I think he broke his regular mic, because the sounds quality is shit now.


As stable as ever.


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Jun 5, 2021
Some notes from Tony's stream last night/this morning:
Tony claimed to be a master with computers, bragging that he worked on the government SIPRNET network. His new "BF" is Ricky, a 22 year old male. He doesn't know that Tony still has his penis and Tony is worried this would put him off. While he was prescribed adderall, he was using over 200mg a day. According to him, the incident that led to being committed to a psychiatric ward for 3 years was due to him slitting his wrists/forearms, stabbing himself in the stomach, and attempting to stab his heart. He found Jesus while committed and read the Bible during this time.
His ex-wife contacted him, berating him about his actions and that his son was watching:
This is a message from someone you know…”Why are you behaving this way?! I came on and your son watched and saw you behaving this way why are you doing this to your self you got me crying because your son is scared of whats happening to you!
Your son is watching you right now!
This resulted in Tony absolutely losing his shit, screaming and crying. He called the mother of his son a piece of shit for attempting to get an education which led to him having to actually contribute to raising his son. Here are some pictures of him freaking out:
The troon cries out in pain as he strikes you
Tony promptly went back to bragging about how he had 400 SnapChat followers in one day. I don't think he realizes that these poor people are laughing at him or utterly repulsed by his being.
His estranged wife apparently bought fake tits for him and eventually took his vehicles away while he was in jail. This led to the loss of his "jobs".

Tony is rapidly becoming absolutely destitute, spending all of his money on tobacco. He is reliant on a social worker for his cell phone and receives food from his local church. He was stealing food from Publix for a while, ordering it, eating it, and running out the door.

As a result of his poor financial decisions, he will be evicted from his shithole crackden soon. Tony will be homeless in 21 days as he cannot pay rent. His estranged wife's name is on the lease and she is still making payment on the place until the end of the month. Viewers expressed worry about Tony being able to stream after being kicked out, but he says he will begin streaming from Publix or behind his current living space. Tony isn't worried though, Jesus will provide for him and everything will turn out fine.


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Jun 5, 2021
Tony gave something of a house tour of his hovel. I can only imagine the smell. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry.


Due to being desperate, Tony is beginning to pawn his belongings. He recently pawned his wedding ring and has already squandered all of those funds. Tony refuses to get a real job, deciding to make his income on Twitch. He has resorted to giving away his belongings to viewers to keep them coming back and also attract more. He recently gave away his Alienware gaming computer and he is giving away Steam accounts right now. He just changed the password to his toniflackus3 Steam and gave the info to a viewer. Tony does all of this as he believes his viewers are saving him. He claims Twitch is a form of therapy and he will do anything for views, including dying on stream. He will do anything to get famous.

Tony's health is deteriorating due to his hypertension and malnutrition. He claims to cook every meal, but I have only seen him eat packaged snacks and hotpockets. When he is in a manic state, his BP can rise to over 220/170 and he has to take meds to attempt to control it. When he took his BP on stream it was 148/89 just sitting there. He also takes spiro to block testosterone production along with estrogen. Despite identifying as a woman, Tony will absolutely not get bottom surgery as he loves his penis too much.

Tony was recently employed at Amazon as of 5 months ago as a stower. He posted a picture showing the warehouse and was immediately terminated. This is the picture, it is his YT and LinkedIn profile picture:

His most recent arrest for disorderly conduct and threats was due to him threatening to shoot an individual.
Other details (according to Tony):
  • Tony claims to be mostly Native American with some German mixed in
  • Claims to be undetectable on the internet due to using AWS as a VPN. His Twitch video is poor quality and sometimes laggy as he routes all traffic through this VPN.
  • Discussed his broken family, video game were a means for him to escape. His dad was the CIO of a company, but they lived in poverty as his father had 10 children with 5 different women.
  • Claims to be one of the top runescape players on tonyflackus, tonyflackuss, tflackus accounts
  • Ran NoLifers WOW guild
  • Tony made $55 in 2 hrs on AFF, but is supposedly not going to make more content.
  • After his skateboarding injury, Tony healed his foot and knee injury with the power of radiation from the sun
  • Banned from making more google accounts as he has a total of 158
  • He ordered male external catheters so he doesn't have to get up to pee while streaming
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Apr 23, 2021
Banned again, it seems. Let us know if you internet sleuths find his new channel; I’m no good at that shit.


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Jun 25, 2013
Checks most of the boxes of the modern lolcow, and makes me pine for a simpler day, when the web was full of weird people doing weird things unselfconsciously. They've gone extinct, their niche now occupied by grosser, attention whoring cows. But this one's amazing, and his autobiography is one of the most depressing and amusing things I've encountered in some time.

I'll follow his development, and upcoming homeless saga, but sitting through his streams isn't worth it.


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Oct 8, 2018
What a fucking ride.

I don't think he's getting evicted at this rate. I think it's going to be a kiwi calling his local police reporting suicide on stream. I just hope his kid doesn't tune in to see that. Dude needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap and locked in a foam room for his own safety.

Nov 18, 2018
As depraved and sick as this dude is, I can't help but feel sorry for him. He just seems to be one of those people born with a broken brain and incapable of interfacing with reality (more so than other MTFs), like he was destined for this low-life existence.


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Jun 5, 2021
Did he say he's getting a new card/disabled his old one?
When I popped in Tony was on the phone with the card company and having issues because he has no ID. He wanted to get an ID and go to the bank so they'll let him change his password. He decided to just close the bank account that has a few cents in it. Tony wanted to open a new account at a bank across the street, but gave up as he'll be "moving". Not sure if he reversed course.

He spent a few minutes on the card saga before deciding that contacting Planned Parenthood in order to get estrogen was more important. A PP appointment costs $70, but he only has $12 to his name right now. He mentioned that he would beg and contact PP as many times as needed so they see him.

Nov 18, 2018
Toni has been showing off his art on stream and banning anybody whose username he doesn't recognise. Oh, did you not know, Toni is an artist -- and actually somewhat talented!
(He said this was dedicated to a relative of his and then promptly tore it up after showing it).




This is Toni's mind when he's trying to sleep apparently:



Toni also showed off his various medals from his time in the USAF.

He wasn't lying about that whole slicing his wrists to the elbows thing. Christ.

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