Anti-Anti-SJWs & "Anti-Sargonism" - A subset of SJW that A-Log Youtube Skeptics

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You already know about the Social Justice Warriors, and the Skeptic Community and Anti-SJWs thanks to the threads we have about them both as communities and certain embarrassing individuals within them. Get ready for the next level of autism and pathetic internet drama: The Anti-Anti-SJWs.

You probably have a good idea of what I'm talking about already as we have a lot of threads on the individuals of this sphere of the internet but never had a catch-all thread until now. The main network in the Anti-Anti-SJWs are the clique surrounding Dr. Kristi Winters, though her and her friends are by far not the only people on the internet that can be classified with this label, they will be the main focus of this thread.

The characteristics of an anti-anti-SJW are as follows:
-Obsession with youtube skeptics and response videos
-Conflating the Skeptic Community and Classical Liberals with White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and the alt-Right
-Conflating the above groups with Trump supporters and GamerGators
-Getting into twitter slapfights with the Skeptics, especially Sargon of Akkad
-A belief that they are superior to anti-SJWs who just whine about whining, forever.
-In actuality most of what they are notable for is whining about people that whine about whining, forever

Anti-Anti-SJW Blurbs and Thread Links
Kristi's Personal Rat King:
Kristi herself is an American living in Germany who runs a youtube account that initially focused on academic feminist, atheist, religious, and socialist topics. While she still does material in these fields over time she's become more and more of a drama and response video channel with a heavy focus on anti-feminist youtubers Bearing and Sargon of Akkad.

The academic quality of the body of work itself has fallen under scrutiny because it has been demonstrated that she quotes wikipedia and BuzzFeed almost verbatim to make several of her posts.

She is known to use the murders of women as political ammo against people she hates. Coined the term "anti-Sargonism"

Highlight of Hilarity: She made a video explaining how Sargon actually supported beating women after he sarcastically mocked an article she linked to on twitter about men in India starting to beat their wives less brutally which framed this as a major leap in women's rights.

Kevin Francis Logan is the british youtuber best known for his "Descent of Manosphere" series. He still lives with his parents in his mid-late 20s and has frequently defended the likes of Kristi Winters, Steve Shives, and Zoe Quinn. Formerly did the same for Laci Green and Jenny McDermott prior to both being kicked out of the cool kids club.

Highlights of Hilarity: The DoMS on youtuber Sh0eOnHead was hilariously bad, contained Zoe Quinn nudes, and around the same time he uploaded it originally he had a massive mental breakdown where he started yelling about Shoe being a "barely legal cumbucket" in her boyfriend's eyes. He later had to apologize.

Then, in 2017, he claimed Laci Green was "not a feminist" solely for her dating anti-SJW youtuber Chris Ray Gun.

Margaret Pless is a freelance journalist and cyberstalker who's friends with Kevin Logan, both have written for the Daily Kos. She notably wrote an article saying this site was full of A-Logs. The funniest part of this is that it lead to the reveal that she had an official email address. Meaning that she was an A-Log the entire time by her own standards, and that our users remind her too much of herself.

Mike Rowlands is a musician and feminist youtube commentator who frequently signal boosts Logan, Winters, et al. He notably appeared in "Questions for Anti-SJWs" and was one of the more smug and grating voices featured. He hates Sargon for "doxxing (sic) and harassing" people, which lead him to defend Eric "Professor Bike Lock" Clanton for a short time. He admitted he was wrong once the Berkeley PD arrested Clanton for his crime.

The1Janitor, real name Kevin Peterson, is a Black Lives Matter supporter and like everyone else so far is deeply ingrained with Social Justice youtube. While his content is generally far more articulate he will still fall into the same patterns as the rest, and largely fails to acknowledge when his associates do something embarrassing.

Steve Shives is by far the most extreme and vitriolic of the bunch. He started out as an Atheist channel known for the series "An Atheist Reads" where he would read and debunk chapters out of Christian apologetics literature, and "5 Stupid Things" where he would cover a specific topic and list well, 5 stupid things, as the name implies.

The latter would eventually be renamed to "5 things" because he believes the word "stupid" to be ableist. Dropping the "stupid" part of the title for being too restrictive of the series potential would have been a better reason.

He has gained his reputation as an extremist locked in an echochamber because he has a blocklist the size of Texas and has repeatedly called anti-Feminists "rape apologists" and demanded for youtube to remove their channels. He continues to solidify this reputation with his recent actions, which I'll write about later in this post.

Harry "Hbomberguy" Brewis is probably the most talented out of any of these people. Unlike the rest, his channel isn't exclusively political. He also does media analysis and Let's Play content.

This doesn't stop him from engaging in the same behaviour, however. He acts like the stereotypical Something Awful goon: smug, condescending, constantly using irony as a deflection, and seemingly drifting further to the extreme left as time passes.

At one point a tumblr post was spread around that portrayed him as a bumbling failure of a male feminist ally, in which he refused to "listen and believe" that one of his close friends was a serial sexual harasser and rape threatening "nice guy".

Wooley Bumblebee, real name Kristina Mendez (nee Hansen), is a recent convert to anti-anti-SJWism. She started out her youtube and activism careers as a Men's Rights Activist and associate of Paul Elam's A Voice for Men website.

Her story is the tale of an attention whore who switched from one politically extreme echo chamber to another when it became clear to her that her former associates had disowned her. She was accepted with open arms by the "anti-Sargonists"

She used to post here under the name @HorseFaceMcGee, mainly in the Jenny McDermott thread.

David "Spinosauruskin" Sherratt, is another similar case to Kristina above. Before he became a detractor of youtube skeptics, he was good friends with Sargon. He's 19-20 years old, and in the past posted on a forum called "Aspie Central" about how his asperger's made him smarter than everyone else and how he had trouble with women.

Highlight of Hilarity: Liked a tweet screaming at someone for having a parody name of his (Spergosauruskin) after publicly admitting to owning a parody account of Sargon called "Hardon for Assad"

Also, he was cucked by Lauren Southern.

Dan Arel is an emotionally unstable Atheist podcaster and author from San Diego, California. Alongside Steve Shives he is one of the most hateful and easily triggered of the bunch. He is an anarcho-Communist that supports violent ANTIFA actions.

He is also one of the driving forces behind the incident that caused me to make this thread with the rest of the people who hate Sargon. I implore people to check out his thread here and his twitter feed, as he's always up to something funny.

"Chrisiousity" (no thread) is a youtuber who's friends with Kristi, Logan, etc. She doesn't like when people use autism as an insult because she worked with autistic people before. Recently she got suspended from twitter for harassing Sargon. Her temp suspension whipped the rest of her friend group into a frenzy, claiming she didn't do anything wrong and that Carl was a hypocrite for getting her flagged.

Shaun and Jen (also lacking a thread) is a duo of youtubers. Shaun is the more notable of the two, as he is the one who talks in all of the videos uploaded to their channel. He's of a similar smug bent to Harry Brewis.

He's most notable for going after Kraut and Tea for being "racist" and a "nazi" (despite the German's burning hatred of nazism, and him comparing it to SJWs, but Kraut is a story for another day) because he posts a lot of videos about the negative effects of the Euro Migrant Crisis.

Also friends with InnerPartisan, 9volt, and many similar twitter users, constantly retweeting and circlejerking about how much the "owned" various "nazis" on the internet.

He seriously has a hate boner for Kraut.

Former Winters Clique Members:
Jenny McDermott, now going by Jenny Kiss, was too much of a drama whore for even the rest of the clique. Add that to the fact she'd been scapegoated as the one giving misinformation about the relationship between ShoeOnHead and Armoured Skeptic and you have a recipe for a falling out.

There was also controversy among the group for her and Cyrus "Bewildered Ape" Kiss (her husband) having TERF sympathies.

She posts here as @jennymcpoopypants and I'm pretty sure her hubby does too (or used to)

Laughing Witch, real name Jennifer Keller-Burns, is a disgraced youtuber, feminist, and small business owner. She showed herself as a lolcow after launching a harassment campaign over mail against Thunderf00t. Thunderf00t was her favorite anti-SJW to A-Log, and her intense hatred of him was what lead to her taking things too far and having to drop off the face of the internet for a very long time.

Currently she is hiding behind a locked twitter account retweeting Vordrak articles and whining about how our thread about her antics had ruined her life. Hi Mrs. Keller.

TheRealCringe, formerly Ethical Cringe, is a tumblr blogger with a very obvious anti-anti-SJW bent who believes comparing the farright and the SJWs is a false equivalence. They are obsessed with pointing out logical fallacies while lacking self-awareness to recognize when they make the same fallacies.

They hate the Shameshack / Cringe Channel, are well aware of KiwiFarms, and go after many of the same targets as the Kristi Winters gang. Recently there was drama on the discord server run by TRC.

No one knows this person's exact identity but they are rumored to be tumblr user Papatulas.

Charles "Dusty" Smith is kind of anti-SJW but also kind of anti-anti-SJW. Mostly he's just egotistical, contrarian, and has attention seeking tendencies. He considers his days identifying as anti-SJW and being friends with the Amazing Atheist as him being "a member of the alt-Right"

InnerPartisan, Matt Myers, 9volt, Commiesona, 2dAmMuslim, etc are a group of small-time twitterers who constantly retweet and circlejerk with each other. Mainly about how bad pro-GG/anti-SJW twitter users like Mombot and Ian Miles Cheong are (though they also like posting about Sargon).

They essentially orbit bigger social justice and Sarah Nyberg Rat King personalities in the hopes that someone will pay attention to and validate them.

They are a more GamerGate-centric version of the anti-anti-SJWs who have been dubbed the "GamerGate Hangers-On"

The MythCon / Mythicist Milwaukee Incident:
And now to give the reason for this Community Watch thread.

Recently, three prominent anti-SJW youtubers were invited to speak at an Atheist/Sceptic convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These were Greg Fluhrer (Armoured Skeptic), June Lapine (Sh0e), and Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad).

This immediately set off the Winters Clique on a mission to de-platform their mortal enemies. The people that were targeted made videos responding to the push to remove them from the convention.

And because Kristi proceeded to go after AS for his mention of her in the video thumbnail. She also admitted she didn't even watch the video.

And now for some amazing caps from Dan, Kristi and Steve that occurred during their push against the Skeptic Community. Sourced from the Armoured Skeptic video.

milwaukee 2.PNG

(below email is from Steve Shives to the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee)
milwaukee 4.PNG

milwaukee 5.PNG

(Winters on Carl Benjamin)
milwaukee 6.PNG

(cow crossover, Shives and Dan Arel on facebook)
milwaukee 3.PNG

"Questions for Anti-SJWs":
This was the first real emergence of "Anti-Anti-SJWs" starting to take the spotlight and be seen as a community all their own, separate from the rest of the Atheists/Skeptics, and even the rest of the SJW community at large. Though prior to this they already had a very strong association and would appear on each others youtube channels or twitter feeds constantly.

Many of the people listed above (and some others I may cover later: Phillip Moriarty, Thom Avella, Demoticatoropinion) either participated in the creation or spread of a video called. They were called together by Kristi Winters to do a video in the style of the Amazing Atheist's "Questions for SJWs" video. Which was in turn inspired by a series of BuzzFeed videos.

This prompted a litany of response videos from the usual names, too numerous to link all in this OP.

This also gave birth to the meme "robust feminist arguments"

That's all for now, but everyone mentioned thus far are huge dramacows that frequently cross-over and there are some people I haven't even gotten into detail with yet that I feel should be looked into more.


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I think Contra Points should be included as well. He's a lot more reasonable than the others, but still believes stupid SJW shit (there are more than two genders, microagressions are real, Milo Stewart dindu nuffin) and participates in the Twitter circle jerk.

Also, thanks for making this thread. I was planning to do it myself but never got round to it.

It's depressing that a big chunk of youtube "activist" and "political" channels are really just part of a WWE-style soap opera in which they'll never stop doing anything but slapping each other.

Just waiting for the Chyna like porno where we see Harry have the dick the size of a small q-tip and Pless's vagina looks like a beat up mudflap made out of meat.


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It's depressing that a big chunk of youtube "activist" and "political" channels are really just part of a WWE-style soap opera in which they'll never stop doing anything but slapping each other.

This would be a pay per view event I could get behind. Just imagine Sargon's fat ass jumps of the top rope only to smash Steve shives through the canvas.