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You're a nog.

You and Rand Paul's argument falls apart when one major thing in this happens. A medical bill that the patient has usually in the 5 to 7 figures that society has to pay, because no one else will cover it. We are asking to help us save a dollar by spending a penny.

Your insistence on "muh freehdumns" falls flat on its face when it comes in contact with reality. Our medical system is expensive and your libertarianism isn't worth 5 cents to cover the bill these people wind up costing us.

Unless you are actually going to say let the people go untreated and die in a ditch. Your stance is meaningless and your ideas are worthless. You have dragged in all of these people for the intellectual equivalent of libertarian masturbation. Seeing over 100 measles cases in the US just this year because occur because you want to seem intellectual and protect people's stupidity is your own form to whacking off to burning 1M dollars. The kid in Oregon whose parents avoided a $150 expense for their liberties cost the taxpayers nearly 1M on their own.

No insurance company will cover this. They will let you die in a ditch on your own. Defending this when we know damn well we will try to save these people and you can then shake your head in self gratification is the height of hypocrisy. Anti-vaxxers are welfare queens and you are enabling them.
Man that sounds great until you realize the argument that "silencing certain political opinions would save us a lot of money in riots ahead of time" is functionally the same. Or how about how much the U.S. would collectively save in medical expenses if we outlawed all weaponry ala the U.K. in emergency room costs that are ultimately taken up by the populace?

There's ways to deal with the problem that don't involve immediately finding a better position to let Uncle Sam get his dick a bit further in our collective ass.

Not to mention that if you're going to go full-on "but muh medical costs" there's the idea that we could cut back on military spending in any number of different ways to make up the difference if you're just oh so concerned about the financial aspect of it.

Your fedoralord insults are pretty cute btw, I didn't know it was edgy or libertarian to suggest that forking over yet another basic human right to our government is myopic and stupid.

Regardless I'm done here. I'll only be repeating myself from this point on and endlessly quoting my previous posts isn't what I'd call a good use of my time. If you (in the collective sense) think that mandatory vaccinations are a good thing, fine. Don't bitch when in twenty to thirty years the legislation that made it possible is warped into forcing you into some horrible medical procedure against your will.
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Susan Fumiko Tanaka
Personal observation on these individuals:
Out of morbid curiosity I often peek on the FB feed of a distant family member, a woman in her mid 60s that posts and shares questionable news articles and statements on how harmful vaccines are etc. There is a lot of overlap with homeopathy, dietary concerns and big pharma conspiracies in there as well. Ghosts and mediums too.
She has many like-minded friends, and somehow influencer type people also exist?
Their gig seems to be peddling a book or essential oils by posting nothing but (1) vague feel good stories about alternative medication curing cancers or (2) tear jerkers about children with allergies or comatose by vaccine.
(I respect the hustle though)

I think in many cases people like my family member and her peers are basically butthurt by the lack of time and personal contact the current healthcare system can provide and need an outlet for their grief so they cling to beliefs of the boogeyman big pharma and feel vindicated when the homeopathy sales person((doctor)) totally agrees with them and charms them into joining their customer base.

Anyone may have had bad experiences with the health care system, and time for more personalized care would be ideal, but it is taking it too far if it leads to this.
If some "doctor" took the time to hug it out with them they would be seen as the superior authority of health care above all others it seems.


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The punitive solution stated a few posts ago seems to be the best way to hit the middle ground between making people obey the state and preserving individual freedoms.

If someone opts out of getting vaccinated, then they need to suffer a social consequence that they can end voluntarily if they agree to get vaccinated.

It should be a consequence that should not be, in and of itself, a violation of the law to enforce. However, I can see something like denial of getting a license as a reasonable penalty, as one could get rides from others, one would only break the law if they chose to in that case, and if they get vaccinated, then their penalty should end there.

Ultimately, I respect people's right to their principles, no matter how foolish or inane, but I also respect the right of the general public to be safe, so if the more foolish wish to put their principles above public safety, their wider mobility amongst the public should be legally curtailed so as to limit the damage they can do until they decide a license is more valuable than their fear of vaccines.


Gnuts of the Finest Silk
if people really don't want to get vaccinated, they could always make their own little community somewhere out in the wilderness away from everyone else. Go full on fundie mode and reject all forms of medicine.

We can all take bets on how long it would take for a pandemic to completely wipe out said village.
Any group that tried to break off from society would not live long enough to get hit by a pandemic.


It's warm in here

Fuck anti-vaxxers, aka the pro-plague crowd. Can’t wait to hear them shrieking about how at this rate SWAT teams are going to hunt down their children and forcibly vaccinate them. Not to mention how they’re going to bitch and moan about discrimination, completely ignoring the fact that their children are disease carriers and a danger to themselves and other children.
The sad thing is that the new government (M5S & Lega) is actually considering to modify the law

Salvini said said:
As a father who has vaccinated his children not because was forced but because chose to, and who is well aware of the benefits and the risks of this choice, I advise to all the loudmouths to read this book, absolutely scientific, by professor Paolo Bellavite "yes to vaccines, no to obligation"

Funny how he quotes a book from Paolo Bellavite a retired researcher in homeopathy who teaches in Burundi and isn't even a registered or practicing medic (found his profile here)

The even worse thing is how M5S seems to be pandering to the anti-vaxxers in order to boost their consent, which doesn't even come as a surprise since even their founding father Beppe Grillo made a speech against vaccines back in the day and that the party itself is home of several conspiracy theorists ("Big Pharma" is a term that gets thrown around pretty often)

The video is in Italian but you can turn on the subtitles and auto-translate them in English


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2ish minute video of the raid, shit gets REAL at the 0:42 mark

Anti-vax community reacts, credit to @Okkervils :

CHANDLER, Arizona -- Video shows a SWAT team raiding a home in Arizona with guns drawn looking for a 2-year-old child with a fever.

The raid came as a result of a fight between the toddler's parents and a doctor over his medical care.

But now, local lawmakers say it went too far.

It was a scene that resembled police trying to take down a dangerous fugitive, bust down the door with guns at the ready. But instead of a fugitive, police were looking for a toddler believed to have an extremely high fever.

State representative Kelly Townsend says she's troubled by the video, and she's played a big role in getting legislation passed requiring Children's Services to get a search warrant before removing children from a home in a non-emergency situation.

But she says she never thought this would be the result.

"The doctor chose to use DCS to remove the child, and DCS chose to use the police, and the police chose to use the SWAT team," she said. "That is not the country that I recognize."

Townsend says it all started back in February, when the parents took the 2-year-old, who isn't vaccinated, to a naturopathic doctor for a fever of about 105.

The doctor instructed the parents to take the child to the emergency room, but the fever broke after the doctor's visit, so they never went.

Upon learning that, the doctor called DCS, which then called Chandler police to check on the child.

The father refused to let police into the home, and later that night, officers came back with a search warrant.

"At that point, who now owns control over the child?" Townsend said. "And it seems like we've now given that to the doctor, and the parent no longer has a say or they risk the SWAT team taking all of the children and potentially the newborn."

Townsend says she can see both sides of the story, a concerned doctor and protective parents, but she is questioning how it was done and the amount of force used.

"We need to admit that in this situation, it was a mistake," she said. "There are other situations where there is neglect, there is abuse, and that is what we need to focus on."

Townsend said the child actually had an upper respiratory infection and not meningitis like the doctor had feared.
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"The doctor chose to use DCS to remove the child, and DCS chose to use the police, and the police chose to use the SWAT team," she said. "That is not the country that I recognize."

Townsend says it all started back in February, when the parents took the 2-year-old, who isn't vaccinated, to a naturopathic doctor for a fever of about 105.
You know they must be fucked when a fucking naturopath tells them to go to the fucking hospital and rats them out.

The escalation in force is pretty clear too had they started with a SWAT team I'd be worried but went DCS to Police to Swat. Fuck that state representative, had the kid died she'd be riding the DCS and the police for not acting quick enough.


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What this article doesn't mention is that the woman's other children were also sick. When officers entered they found vomit on their beds that had not been cleaned up. Along with that, there was a shotgun in the parent's bedroom laying out in the open and their house was a pigsty. The father was a moron and wouldn't let the police in even after they issued the warrant. Obviously not very smart people.

He wouldn't have had been so sick if (((they))) weren't spreading so many diseases about.
You know they recently made it legal in California for people with AIDS to donate blood!
Hmm imagine that!
They want everyone sick so they can keep us dependent on their "solutions".
Got a source for the AIDS blood story?
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