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Memorial photography is one of my hobbies. Been into it over twenty-five years. Have looked at thousands of pictures, the vast majority from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Perhaps half of the pictures are of babies and children, normally dead of diseases we can routinely vaccinate against. Sometimes epidemics killed all the children in a family. As time went by and the 20th century progressed, saw fewer and fewer photographs of children dead of childhood illnesses.

Believe the parents of the children and babies whose post-mortem pictures I have looked at would have given anything for their children to be vaccinated. My kids were vaccinated. I get vaccinated, most recently with Shingrix, to protect against shingles. I simply don't buy any anti-vaxx argument. Look at the pics. Believe you'd feel the same way.

If interested, here's a website with thousands of post-mortem pics, as well as other pics from the Victorian era. You'll need to sign up in order to view the pics, but there's no charge.

Should you be interested in books of post-mortem photography, recommend the Sleeping Beauty trilogy, by Dr. Stanley B. Burns. Try the library first. May need inter-library loan. First volume (1990) is very expensive. Second volume not quite as expensive. Third volume smaller, not real expensive. Dr. Burns operates the Burns Archive in New York City, which contains medical and post-mortem photography. He's also put out at least one book of medical photography. Dr. Burns made a very interesting statement in the first volume, saying that the child mortality rate from disease is about as low as it can go, and any future improvements would be through genetic manipulation.


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Vets are warning some pet owners are refusing to vaccinate their animals over fears it could give them autism.

Experts have dismissed the concerns, saying it’s not a recognised condition in dogs and a regular jab could be lifesaving.

According to vets, there haven’t been any reported cases of dog autism. They say it’s a bogus condition.

But they are seeing a rise in pet owners refusing the jab, which prevents against the deadly parvovirus, because they’re worried about the side-effects.

Some also believe it’s simply a money-making scheme.

Veternarian Sam Kovac said professionals “gently remind (pet owners) vaccines don’t cause autism in dogs”.

“It is unlikely to cause autism in children and they should just be sensible about it - get their pets protected,” he said.

Some alternative vets advocate for “strategic vaccinating” - checking the animal on a case-by-case basis to ensure they are the right candidate for the shot.

But the Australian Veterinary Association says core vaccines should be administered to all animals to prevent against life-threatening illnesses.


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Everytime I've gotten a cat or dog vaccinated, whether it was the first time of the 5th time, the vet always made sure to mention that there was a tiny chance the pet would have a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to it or it might just make them sick for a little while, and that there was no reasonable way to check to see if they were allergic, so we would just have to stick 'em and find out.

It's a tiny ass risk that you need to take. I've met some exceptional pets in my lifetime (mostly dogs) but they're not autistic. FFS.

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That's not an autistic dog, that's every other dog.

What do these people think autism is?

Wouldn't it be a good thing because the dog would shut the fuck up more often?

Unless your dog starts drawing sonichu somehow this isn't an issue.
Considering that many "dog lovers" have no problem with deformed dogs like pugs and similar, you know, the kind of aberration that nature itself would have never allowed to exist, I'm a bit shocked that there isn't a demand of autistic dogs that these (npi) bitches would love to adopt and nurture.

The plot twist is that every dog is already autistic,just like all birds are megalomaniacs and all cats are pompous assholes.

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"Public health officials are warning parents not to be fooled by claims
that purposefully exposing their children to the measles virus at so-called
“measles parties” is a safe alternative to the MMR vaccine.

New York City Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Dr. Herminia Palacio
made the plea at a press conference last week amid an outbreak of the virus that has
prompted mandatory vaccinations.

Once eradicated in Canada, measles outbreaks have occurred in many countries this year.
Canada has had 33 confirmed cases in 2019. The United States has had 465 confirmed cases so far this year.

It’s not clear whether measles parties are actually happening,
but anti-vaccination advocates continue to push the idea on social media.

“Measles was the chicken pox of my parents’ generation,” one woman wrote
on Facebook on Sunday. “They would have measles parties so they could catch
the measles because measles is safer to have as a child.”

“Zero deaths people. ZERO. State of emergency, forced vaccinations, bullying, mandates
all for ZERO deaths and an infection they admitted we used to have normal ‘measles parties’
for,” wrote another on Saturday."

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