Anti-anti-vaxxers megathread -


Thoroughly Unimpressed
Irony.... they all get sick from congregating in public, un-vaccinated, an anthropomorphic chink in the armor of herd immunity that stood up and said "SHOOT HERE".

Commander X
As Passover approaches, Jewish leaders warn that measles outbreak feeds anti-Semitism

As measles cases in New York climb, leaders within the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish community, where most cases in the metropolitan area have been concentrated, fear something else is also spreading — anti-Semitism.
Yes, people asking that children be vaccinated for their safety, from there it's just a hop and a skip to another Kristallnacht .

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, an infectious diseases specialist and respected Jewish scholar, wrote about the dual concerns of measles and backlash recently for the Rabbinical Alliance of America. "Why are precious children unnecessarily exposed to lethal illnesses?" he wrote. "How could we cause 'Orthodox Jews Cause Disease' to be the lead story on major print and other media? Why are health departments and governments ... talking about fining Jews and closing Yeshivas?"
Rabbi Ari Zahtz, the assistant rabbi at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck and a Talmud professor at the rabbinical seminary of Yeshiva University in Manhattan, said no Jewish text supports vaccine avoidance.
“The Torah commands us to protect and preserve our health," he said. "Vaccination is unquestionably a halachic (Jewish law) obligation to protect the health of our children and ourselves and a responsibility we have towards others. There is no room for equivocation on this religious and moral obligation.”

Lissamine Green
Had the vaccine, rolled the lucky die of being one of the 7% still getting it after the first shot. It was fucking itchy, and had red fabric draped over all the lights in my room, but shit, I was up and about after a week. Measels ain't got nothing on mono or really bad flu.
The version you get after a shot is very, very weak compared to the real thing though. The full version is at least equal to a bad flu, if not worse.
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ProgKing of the North

Close to the edge, just by the Riverlands
On one hand they’re exceptional, on the other I don’t exactly think them being too busy reading the Torah to bomb Palestinian children is a bad thing.

Force them to vaccinate though, for fuck’s sake


cleaning up the mean streets
The version you get after a shot is very, very weak compared to the real thing though. The full version is at least equal to a bad flu, if not worse.
Since it's a one and done disease I don't exactly have a good frame of reference, but it was on the shittier side of the shitty flu spectrum. I've had worse, but it's certainly not pleasant. It ain't no ebola or plague though. :V

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