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Not sure if this has been mentioned before but Ross would be so much better off if he just decided enough was enough and cut off Arin and the rest of the Game Grumps shipwreck. He was in the biggest polyamorous dumpster-fire drama of 2019 (arguably the biggest internet drama had James Charles’s cancelling never happened) and he handled it incredibly well. You’d expect him to unleash his hidden lolcow nature if put into that situation and the massive backlash it got but he didn’t. Other then the garage sale controversy with selling a game with a fan’s written note inside, I don’t think he’s gotten into any other drama either but maybe I’m being too optimistic

Someone else mentioned OneyNG but I’d reckon the rest of the Newgrounds crew would be anti-cows sans for Cory (who I’ve heard is a cow but I’m not well-versed on his antics now). They all started off at the same level on Newgrounds and could’ve easily gone down a way worse path if they didn’t know how to handle it like other infamous former Newgrounds users, but were able to work on their own animated shows, do successful voice work, create video games while also balancing being likeable internet personas.
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I'm one of those people who actually likes most of his older shit, but I can see why people would have that opinion. I wouldn't call having a spat with a guy who you considered a fwend to necessarily be lolcow behavior, especially when he seems to have handled it pretty well. The only truly cowlike thing I think he did was when he went after Enter and a closed him of being a pedo, though again he fairly quickly course corrected.

Honorable mention goes to Pyro. Dudes content isn't absolute crap, and he appears to consciously avoid drama and disengages from its peddlers, especially after Zaptie's e-lynching

EDIT: Sseth Tzeentach and UberDanger to my mind haven't done anything cowlike yet. Sseth's unironic embracing of degeneracy in other circumstances would make him an obvious cow, but somehow it makes him more entertaining, while Uber, despite having shown his face and being Moroccan, appears to keep a low profile and I've heard hes super chill behind the scenes.
Lol pyrocynical

would mister metokur be an anti cow? he seems not te be really ever in shit and comes out on top


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James Rolfe is certainly a bit of a lolcow if you peruse the CineMassacre truth reddit. He's clearly lost his passion recently. The screenwave slobs he sold part of the channel too are 100% lolcows.

The Gilchrist leaks about RLM are suspect as some of them are so outrageous and OTT. Gilchrist is a bitter fantasist. RLM have made themselves generally invulnerable due to their complete refusal to interract with fans or other Youtubers, shatner situation exempt.

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Gary Larson


he’s the cartoonist that made The Far Side

just like Larson, I majored in the Communication Arts department in college. I was in Communication & Media Production, whereas he simply majored in Communications, but he initially was a biology major. We both love listening and playing music, but Larson’s mind, in my opinion, transcends humor and love for animals into something special and unique. I’d say him, Bill Watterson, Scott Adams and Charles Schulz are the reason why I still like reading newspaper comics to this day.
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This will sound completely mad, but I'd go with Alex Jones. Hear me out on this.
It's because he's unstoppable. So many people hate him and are out for his career, but he just won't go down. Lawsuits, getting kicked off websites, nothing has killed this madman yet. He's still making money, he's still very well known, and he has somehow finagled his way into selling himself to such a degree that he just sells his own shit and people buy it.
My nigga, Alex Jones, is no mere lolcow. I don't know what the fuck he is, but he ain't a cow.
It murdered me a few seconds,
I love Alex Jones solely for the insanity that he has.
I recommend watching him ironically, it WILL make laugh,he is just SOOO entertaining because of how he acts and also his theories,
Like I said he is INSANE,
he's about 1000× better than most late night talk shows and Jimmy Kimmel.
I get why people hate him yet I dont get it as well,
How they manage to take him seriously and hate him???????
Although at the end of the day at least one of his insane theories would become reality (just like Stonetoss comics)
For example, Pizza gate kinda become true because of jeffrey epstein
In scale of being anti-cow and fully retarded low cow
He's in a category all by it own.
Just wow....


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Seconding this. Anyone who's able to emerge from the pit that was SA LPs with a semblance of a head still in their shoulders ought to be the definition of an anti-cow.

Internet creators aside, I think what defines an anti-cow aside from remaining separate from pointless drama is someone who can disregard superficial criticism (e.g., political correctness and shaming from the prog crowd) and maintain their own personal integrity. Dave Chappelle is a good example of this; he's shut down uninformed critique of his work from all sides in the past and insists on making what he wants versus what any part of his audience may want.

I saw a bunch of people on this thread mention the 8-bit guy as an anti-cow but I would disagree. I actually like the 8-bit guy quite a bit but I think he has a lot more cow tendencies than a lot of people think (Pointlessly posting his daughter, heading headfirst into things without proper research and just plain old autistic tendencies) but he has a life outside of the internet (his family) and probably surrounds himself with the right people (other classic computing youtubers) that are able to keep him in check. I guess you could say he's the anti-cow in that he's someone who could be a cow if they made worse choices in life, he's more Hank Hill if his propane was a Commodore 64.


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Clint Laidlaw, for sure. He's basically a cross between Mr. Rogers and Steve Irwin.

  • Has a really upbeat attitude and true passion for the subjects he talks about
  • Pursued a higher education, with a PhD in biology
  • Is married with a wife and kids
  • Pursues his dream of educating people about reptiles and runs a reptile show where he can bring snakes and lizards around to educate kids
Where most cows focus on subjects as a way to bring stuff back to themselves, he involves himself only as much as needed. His upbeat attitude and love of nature really shine through, even when he basically tells people "No, getting one of these animals would be a bad idea."
Which honestly is one of the things I like about him. He's willing to say "Yes, I'm handling this animal, but trust me, you do NOT want one as a pet. It will only make your life and the animal's life worse." His passion is tempered by the fact that he knows that he doesn't want some kid getting a Tokay Gecko from petco and having it rip into their flesh.

If you need a palate cleanser from all the bullshit of life, watching a skinny dude gush about why a lizard is a beautiful, wonderful thing might just work for you.

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Joel from Vinesauce. Doesn't make his content political. Keeps his personal life pretty much to himself.
Vinny too. They're funny, they don't feed the trolls, and they manage to be appealing to people from many walks of life. Gamers who want to make it big should take note from these two.

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Laina, Overly Attached Girlfriend is a model anti cow. She made a goofy video in college and became a meme. She made videos at her own pace and enjoyed her brief bit of fame and that was it. She never tried too hard for content. When she finished up school and moved into adulthood she walked away grateful for her fans and the experience.

A few Youtubers or Youtube-dependent people that come time mind:

Joseph Carter (The Mink Man). Dude who trains mink and other animals (like a fucking monitor lizard!) to hunt rodents, and makes videos about it. Despite the obvious possibility of PETA-types (or adjacent) bitching about him, I don't know of any drama involving the guy, and he comes across as, pardon the cliché, "wholesome" and rather likeable.

Coyote Peterson. YouTube-celeb famous for letting himself get bitten by painful animals. Don't know anything about him otherwise, or his politics, or anything. Like Joseph Carter, he appears to have avoided drama thus far.


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You know I will say there's a few a-list actors who did not become Lolcows during these past four years. I would say are anti-cows (most of the time people will say Clint Eastwood, yes he's a anti cow, but there are other a-list anti cows )
Adam Sandler
Matthew McConaughey
Chris Pratt
Denzil Washington
Kenu Reeves
Amy Adam's
Gary Oldman
Micheal Caine
Robert Downey Jr. (After 2016, he kind of stop talking about politics unlike some of his fellow Avengers stars who let TDS eat their brains. Overall he sounds like a cool guy)
Just the fact that these actors stay away from politics especially during the time of Trump. When celebs would come out and either complain about Trump or suck Biden's old cock all the time.

At one point in time I would have added the The Rock on the list. But sadly he had to fall in line like the rest of Hollywood and Call Kamala Harris "a badass".

For online, anti-cows. The only ones I can think of are Johntron, Just a Robot, Decker Shado and AVGN.

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I don’t know if anyone else said it, but I think Notch, the creator of Minecraft, should be an anti-cow.

Compared to the other well known game developers from famous franchises, I sometimes think Notch is actually one of the interesting ones who doesn’t pretend to be something that he isn’t.

To me, an anti-cow is someone who's very eccentric and and very online, but who avoids being disliked or targeted en masse due to being overall likeable. Ulillillia and MasaoHF/Masaokis are the most well known examples, but personally I'd include "Harmful Opinions" as well. HF has been involved in some high profile drama and crazy personal shit, but has always come out liked or respected at large.

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