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Mr Nightmare, he's quiet about his personal life, and just does his spooky stories and that's it. formulaic and keeps the content his fans want to see. doesn't whine and so far i haven't seen his face.
Another anti-cow in my eyes is is probably The Critical Drinker. as far as i've seen he doesn't act like a cow. might have to verify that lol

Scuttlebug Jamboree

He's a Sonic fan and youtuber but he's surprisingly normal and chill. He's really funny as well and I like his content. Never gets into drama and keeps quiet about his personal life. Sometimes disappears from the internet too and comes back and just keeps doing his normal thing.

He really, REALLY likes Sonic but it manifests itself in a wholesome way that's fun to watch.


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Harry Partridge - He's been making consistently hilarious animations for years and he's never gotten involved in any drama. The closest I saw was when he stuck up for JonTron during that whole debacle in 2017, but he's kept things on the down low since then.

SFDebris - He's been putting out reviews like clockwork since at least 2007 and they've always been excellent. He did air some dirty laundry about his wife at one point, but that was just to let his fans know there'd be a temporary slowdown in content. Frankly, knowing he does reviews at the pace he does while having to juggle dealing with his wife's mental health issues and caring for his twins makes people like Spoony seem like even bigger scumbags. The only other vaguely cow-ish things about him is he used to be good friends with Linkara, but that was before the murkier side of his personality became common knowledge.

Noel Plum - Probably the only person in the anti-SJW sphere I still respect. He was peripherally connected to the "Skeptic" community and bashed SJWs, but he wasn't afraid to call his own side out if they did stupid shit (and they did that a lot). He was also one of the few who didn't completely sell out his principles and start parroting every right wing talking point like gospel.

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