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So one of my laptops just got a browser hijacker virus that I hadn't noticed for about two or three weeks (yes I'm tech illiterate, berate me all you like). I managed to get rid of it from my browser, but I want to make sure I get rid of any programs/malware that it may have installed onto my device. Do you have any suggestions for a reliable anti-malware program I can use to make sure my laptop is clean? I'm willing to pay for a decent program if it's reliable.

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Another vote for Malwarebytes. It has helped me in the past and has helped me in the modern era.

Granted when they changed the UI a few years back it was not a good change, but the stuff that matters (minus the UI) seems to be as good as ever. Around Christmas time you can usually get a good deal on the full version. And that license is transferable between machines.


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I'd run an mbam scan every now and then but if you somehow manage to get viruses in a world where macOS and Windows are so unbelievably secured and babyproofed you've got some issues.
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This is all you really need.
I'm going to second this. Blackhats go for the low hanging testicle. If you think something is a virus throw it in a VM. Don't run random batch files, no flash or random exe's especially needing adim. If people are trying not to giggle while they are instructing you to do something, don't do it. Then opsec, opsec, opsec. I don't really do anything past that.