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Senior Lexmechanic

See you in a couple months, maybe.
So I'm sure this has been said hundreds of times by people here(But I didn't have time to read every response here), but neither side is entirely in the right.

I'm not Anti-Vax, but I don't believe all of them are good, or necessary. Some don't have enough science behind them.
Also, lets think about how well the Influenza Shot is doing. Oh wait, they have to change it every year, because it doesn't work right. Yet they push it every year as a preventative.
They aren't taking the time to get stuff tested, and get it right.

However, you need some vaccinations, because they are tried and true, and prevent some very bad diseases. There is proof that disease cases have gone down, due to Vaccinations.
The fact that this is your first meaningful content on this site immediately makes me think you're a Sawmill sock or some shit. Exact same stupid shit as he was saying.


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Ha! These people make me sick. Your child isn't your damn property, they deserve the same right to be disease free you enjoy from your childhood vaccines and other people have the right to not get sick from easily preventable diseases. When your freedom affects another person's, you shouldn't get a choice in the matter.

Dis bitch also knows shit about the gas used in Auschwitz.

MuuMuu Bunnylips

Let me cut your hair...
Oh, the anti-vaxers are all smug about how right they are until their kids' liver starts melting because they've caught something they could have quickly and easily been permanently vaccinated against.

Then they break land speed records to make sure any other crotch-spawn they have is all caught up.

Mrs Paul

Yinzer Kiwi
Having read several of Offit's books, I consider the guy a fucking hero. And I can't believe what he's had to go through dealing with these wackos.

(And I cannot find a source for that quote other than MEMES, so I'm guessing some jagoff made it up. He's a HUGE target of the anti-vax crowd)


Gorilla gorilla goes Gorillaz
I live in a country where you don't need parental consent for vaccines no matter how old you are. There's been a wave in a town near me of kids teens some as young as 11 secretly getting vaccinated behind their parents backs. I wonder how many anti vax kids (who make it to 18 that is) end up disavowing their parents beliefs and getting vaxxed/ get their kids vaxxed, because if most surviving anti vax kids don't retain their parents beliefs, the movement could be all but historical in a mere 10 years or so from now.

I saw commercial posters for measles vaccines in public display. Surely this is part of the fight against the Anti-Vax movement. It must really have become a thing.
It has. There is just enough people so that they have to put out notifications for it now. It's not common, but just common enough. Which is a shame because measles was nearly eradicated in the early 2000s. According to the CDC it wasn't until the 2010's that we saw a bigger number of cases and then that spiked even more in 2014. (This is for certain states obviously but these are also densely populated places in which diseases can spread like a wildfire) 2018 had the second most highest case of measles for certain states in the U.S.


If you look at the timeline it's pretty well-explained how the spike could've happened:

  • 2008: The increase in cases in 2008 was the result of spread in communities with groups of unvaccinated people. The U.S. experienced several outbreaks in 2008 including three large outbreaks. For more information see Update: Measles — United States, January–July 2008
So yeah, I have no sympathy for the idiots that are anti-vaxxers. I can point and laugh at their antics but at the end of the day, they won't be the ones dying of measles because their parents were smart enough to get them vaccinated. It's going to be the next gen that's going to be royally fucked.


Heavens to Spergatroyd!
I work in medicine/health care and anti-vaxxers really, really piss me off. Idiots try to tardsplain medicine to me every day but they can usually be ignored and/or told to fuck off with little consequence, the difference with anti-vaxxers is that they're fucking dangerous. There is also harm done by people who refuse to take their kid to the doctor until they're half dead, which is also neglect with a dash of stupidity, but oddly enough the anti-vax people tend to be the opposite end of the spectrum (bring their kid in for every little thing and liberally abuse the ER). Here they do have a "mandatory" vaccination schedule you must follow if you want your kid to attend school, but you can apply for an exemption on the grounds of "I don't fucking feel like it" so it's kind of useless. Unvaxxed kids can be given the boot in the event of an outbreak but that's likely an ass covering measure rather than a serious piece of public health legislation. Personally I think vaccination should be required to access any public health or education services and exemptions should be at the discretion of a doctor only, but I can't see it ever happening.
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