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We're in 2020. As I write this, it's trendy for left-wing Westerners to be prejudiced against whites. College professors are allowed to say white lives don't matter, whites are told to accept abuse from people with darker skin and anyone caught standing up for equality is branded a white supremacist if they're pale or a coon if they're dark.

In the Western world, anti-white racists often justify their beliefs by using a definition of racism that nobody else uses. They claim that racism is prejudice + power and since they believe whites hold all the power, they cannot experience racism. In their eyes minorities cannot be racist since they supposedly hold no power.

Here's some information and statistics you might find handy if you meet a racist:
This link is full of great info:

These pics are good for spreading information in a way that's easy to understand:
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If you're dealing with someone who loves Black Lives Matter, here's a thread with information about that movement:

Let's post examples of anti-white racism in this thread.
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But the people spreading this anti-white racism are ... White people. Well, promoting it.

I smell a paradox.
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♡ i like corn ♡
But the people spreading this anti-white racism are ... White people. Well, promoting it.

I smell a paradox.
Nah, there's people of all races doing it. African Americans love using words like cracker and honkey.

Anyways, I think it's still racist when people hate their own race.