ANTIFA Now a terrorist organization - He's done it the fucking mad lad actually did it.

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That article wondered, since the event of an antifa loser who had been caught pants burning, if we had reached "Peak antifa"?

September 8, 2020
Hot Legs: Big bad Antifa becomes a figure of fun
By Monica Showalter
One hundred nights of rioting in Portland, and what has Antifa gotten for it?
Looks like a Trump surge in the polls and a new role as a national laughingstock.
Call it Peak Antifa.
Because based on a lot of things coming out about this big bad self-styled violent "revolutionary" collective, people are starting to find reasons to...laugh.
Ridicule, and better still, scorn, is a brutal antidote to starry-eyed radical delusions, and the extent of it now should affect recruiting.
Already they have been getting there. Think of the laughter that's been coming about from their arrest appearances to start.
Arrested at the Portland #antifa riot:

Michael Skaggs, 23: felony riot

Joel Beal, 32, of Skull Valley, Ariz.: felony riot

Jawad Fakhuri, 35: felony riot, felony unlawful use of a weapon & more; bailed out
— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) September 8, 2020
Think also of the existence of a code-violating slop house that feeds them, called "the riot kitchen."
Or the recent incident where a busted Antifa member balled up and bawled when he learned he had been arrested.
Now we're getting into real ridicule — and scorn.
Antifa has been trying to con us for years into thinking it's some kind of army of revolution. Now the truth is out: these people are just clowns setting their pants on fire.

Since this video ran, there's this spontaneous upsurge in video mockery of Antifa from all over, based on an incident in Portland marking the 100th night of Antifa riots.


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Looking back on this thread, what good did it actually do labelling antifa a terrorist organization? They're still violent scummy commie fucks getting away with horrible shit.
Pretty much none. It hasn't even made it easier to criticize them as what they are because since it's Trump's admin, being labeled "terrorist" by it is almost a badge of honor, at least within left circles. It would only have done some good if they actually went and prosecuted their crimes, if the "terrorist" label could be used as a sentence enhancer.

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