Antoons / Ant0on1000 / Anton Servetnik - Edgelord, attention whore, the bane of shitty commentary channels and spergy hatedoms

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After discussion of Antoons kept taking up most of the discussion in Puppychan's thread, it's time this motherfucker got his own thread, primarily for containment reasons.
Antoon Servetnik / Antoon
Edgy Tryhard Snowflake, (Ex-)Professional Animator, constantly beefing with a black furry artist and a bunch of drama YouTubers.

Meet Anton Servetnik, otherwise known as Antoons on YouTube. He is mostly well known for his “deathbed” series on YouTube, edgy comics and animation, and more recently, his propensity to engage in petty online spats.

His content on Youtube
As the title of the series would suggest, his bizarre "deathbed series" involves a popular character slowly dying as the character's friends grieve his/her eventual death.
As one could imagine, the enormous popularity of this series derives from children and teen viewers, all with a morbid curiosity to see their favorite videogame and cartoon characters passing away. While you could argue that this is somewhat of a creative idea for an artist to explore, it doesn’t help the fact that he’s openly admitted to tracing the characters in order to have them appear as accurate to the show as possible.

Outside of the series, he wasn't very remarkable in terms of his other projects, such as his edgy comics about trannies and the like. He remained fairly irrelevant for quite some time...

...until he went after the worst person he could’ve imagined.

How it all began...
All stories have a beginning. And it all began from Puppychan, also known as Autumn Neville. She created a short comic about her furry OC, Tammy. It ends with the father wanting to see Tammy again, as a ladybug, which vaguely hints this at the end of the comic. This would've been unremarkable, but Antoons made an exceptional comment about Puppychan's ability to have periods, questioning how she can have one if she is supposedly transgender. Note that she's been confirmed "cis" in her own thread and was under 18 at the time, while Antoons is around 30.
1600038208407 (1).png

This wasn't taken well at all by Puppychan, as a boatload of her fans went on to harass him about it until he locked his account, in which he got into his own hijinks.

Later on, DaftPina covered the drama on his own YouTube channel. He was one of the few who discovered Antoon's Puppychan animation, which involved her... Squirting period blood as an “attack move” in a fighting game.
He apologized to her about everything. But Antoons, being the attention whore that he is, needed more clout, and so he made a "Puppychan VS Antoons" short.
Yes, you read that one right. He made a animation, which was about his persona battling against Puppychan in what appears to be a BLM protest.
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Hi Antoons!

Commentary channel beefing
Since drama YouTubers tend to jump onto whatever is most trendy to report on, there's a plethora of them crying "transphobia" rather than reporting on the actual drama itself. However, some have made legitimate points about Antoons’s shitty behavior.
One of these videos was from Prison Mate Luke, which Antoons managed to copystrike.
This one mentions the "tRaNsPhoBic" farms at around 23:27. Hello, Just Stop! How're you doing?

While Anton himself can be quite the sperg, you’ll notice throughout this thread how the man himself is a sperg-magnet as he continues to attract haters from all across YouTube and Twitter for his edgy art. Basically, think of him like a discount Stonetoss, which makes sense given the fact that they’re internet fwiends.

Social Media
Antoons has been banned from multiple services, however, there is still some to salvage from him.

YouTube - Antoons (Archive)
Personal Website - Antoonscape (Archive)
Newgrounds - Ant00ns (Archive)

This thread was made primarily to contain discussion about Antoons. All discussion about Puppychan should go to her own respective thread. Thanks to @Duck_Wellington_500 and others for providing information.


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I knew the tard would be getting his own thread soon, he's a major sideshow in the puppychan drama.

Overall, pretty decent OP, nothing amazing but it gives a good enough rundown on who Anton is, what he does, and why he's a cow with pretty solid formatting. It's a shame you don't have an archive of his original account, but otherwise it's fine.

Antoon Servetnik / Antoon
Edgy Tryhard Snowflake Professional Animator currently beefing with 17 yo furry and 16 yo youtuber

Meet Anton Servetnik, you probably know him as Antoon in youtube. Antoon himself, produces alt-right political, edgy, and dark content in his channel. His is well known of his deathbed series in youtube.
Social media
Linkedin :
Blog :
Twitter : |
(Someone Archive this ASAP)

A crash Course about his content in youtube

Dude make a death bed animation video from popular character because he has some death bed fetish or shit
>Somewhere in hospital
>Character at hospital counter registering visiting pass
.Charcter enter the room
>everyone cries and the death bed character slowly dying
>Death bead character dies
>Everyone cries or go batshit insane

Antoon Response thinking his death bead Content as Meme

TimeStamp for his youtube comment in this video : 4:04

Drama Era
Puppychan - Daftpina (September 2020)
Izzyzzy- (October 2020)
Prison Mate Luke- (October 2020)
Just Stop- (October 2020)

Twitter Archive Pt 1
Since his account suspended . I try my best to dig some Antoons Drama Tweets, Enjoy. Somebody Organized them thanks.
Change the [] to [t w i t t e r . c o m] (no spacing)
Daftpina (Video Missing) :
Daftpina 2:
MAP Accusastion stuff:
Daftpina 3:
KF is my safespace :
Daftpina 4:
Daftpina Response Video Annoucement:
Puppychan Daftpina :
Daftpina Discord:
Daftpina 5:
Game Dev:
Powerleveling :
Puppychan Peace ?:
Here some info I found
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Oh yeah, fun fact, in his Daftpina response video, he plagiarized (with some paraphrasing) a good amount of the post I made on Daft in the Stonetoss thread.
Daftpina is such a fucking pretentious stuck-up suckup faggot it's painful.
I don't know why people in the youtuber "art community" even listen to this waste of oxygen, he's not an artist, he doesn't draw. At least other annoying idiots like D'Angelo Wallace have actual artistic talent and could maybe make it as concept artists. Daft has none.

I remember him from his early days in 2015-2017 where he had the most intense hateboner for storytime animators possible. He always made a point of antagonizing literally everyone he reviewed.

His grandstanding is absolutely obnoxious knowing his past. I don't get where this cunt gets off grandstanding over Antoons in regards to being weird with other people's sex. He made an entire video reviewing the mountains of porn of JaidenAnimations (one of the more popular storytimers iirc), and two other ones shitting on how she dealt with her eating disorder. He deleted these videos once he started trying to elbow in on the woke art crowd. He's also had a 5 year long sperg war with a guy named Odd1sOut, a guy who makes kiddy storytime content for an audience of kids as young as my 11 year old nephew. No matter what that guy releases, even literal children's books, Daft finds a way to nitpick and tear it apart. He also isn't above attacking teenagers either, one of his first popular videos was on some random high school girl storytimer who didn't like her art teacher or some shit. Same age as puppychan, the person he's using to grandstand currently, too.

The only reason he even has an audience with the aforementioned woke art crowd nowadays is because he wiped his past videos. In those past videos he made his own edgy jokes and went in even harder on people, telling one storytimer to quit art entirely in an especially harsh video.
But those videos are gone now, so he's free to take the moral high ground wherever he pleases.

Also, I don't get why tracing is this completely unforgivable cardinal sin to him. Tracing other people's art is bad, of course, but in lowest common denominator internet parodies like the shit Antoons and MeatCanyon make, it's not unheard of to trace official production art. That's part of why it's lowest common denominator (aside from the unfunny humor). Hell, he even got mad at a guy (a storytimer, i believe) named Daidus for tracing MEMES, which was somehow enough to get him a video.

He's a real hardass when it comes to anyone who isn't his friend or doesn't suck his dick. The aforementioned Meatcanyon got a pass for tracing meanwhile Antoons and others didn't. He also waged an around three (two videos now since deleted) video long spergwar with an Odd1sOut clone named Tim iirc because the guy didn't want a video made on him twice and outright called Daft out for being an attention whore in his discord server until he finally agreed to collab with Daft to make a video later.

I get the whole "you don't need to be a chief to know if food is bad" thing, but Daft could really be using the amount of time he spends making videos criticizing artists towards actually using the dozens of cheap chinese Wacom knockoffs he receives to make his own, better, art, taking his own criticism of others into account. Though it seems his media consumption is limited to internet storytime videos for children, so IDK how far he'll get.
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Criticisim Video Masterlist
[Most of the video are spreg how Antoons is racist and tracer here, even thou There are some video which provide a good info about him]

List of Videos about Antoons by Youtuber Anton had beefed in Twitter or Youtube
Antoons False Copystrike
Original video
Antoon Response ( Content plagrized from KF user @NeilBreenLover69 )
Discord Chat
Antoons Video plan to response Just Stop

Recent Update from Yt Community
Community Update.PNG
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For as attention whoreish as this man is having internet slapfights with a teenager, you gotta give him props for being SO spiteful he made an entire animation dedicated to One Single Argument on fucking Twitter.
No no no, it's not just a simple animation based on an internet slap-fight. It's a whole ass fighting game, featuring Stonetoss and Pumpkinhead as fighters.
It started out as Antoons Vs. Puppychan, but then it blossomed into Super Pwn Teh Libruhls IV Ultra.
I'd post videos of it, but Puppychan and Daftpina's fanbase keeps getting his new twitter accounts banned over and over before I can download anything new.

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Super Pwn Teh Libruhls IV Ultra.
I thought this was what his game was but then he started focusing on the Puppychan beef. I remember his game existing before the internet slapfight anyway because people were ripping on his Stonetoss animation sheet.

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I think the true autism that surrounds this cow is his hatedom.
Screenshot (3048).png

KKK propaganda? His persona being black means it's a racial stereotype? The straws they grasp for is genuinely funnier than the cow himself. Even in one of his more tame videos, you can find these spergs whining about how transphobic he is.

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These fools keep on feeding him more power for roasting.
"Uncreative", yet his fursona is literally some fat crow wearing a white T-shirt.
Say what you want about Antoons, his work is actually really good, especially the Suntria stuff. He is capable of doing decent art and cartoons, though I feel from all this drama, his career has been nuked.
This is actually pretty cool. He definitely knows how to animate a battle scene.



Aight, that's it from me. Jesus fuck, that took a while.
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"Uncreative", yet his fursona is literally some fat crow wearing a white T-shirt.
Say what you want about Antoons, his work is actually really good, especially the Suntria stuff. He is capable of doing decent art and cartoons, though I feel from all this drama, his career has been nuked.
This is actually pretty cool. He definitely knows how to animate a battle scene.
That Crow is a tranny.