Any ideas on a message I should send a female on FB to get her to go out with me? -

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Any ideas on a first message I should send a female on FB to get her to go out with me? I saw her on FB last year and she accepted my FB friend request and finally decided to nut up and go for it. Should I tell he I find her extremely attractive? Or just like all her pictures and comments so she notices me over the other guys? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Wait for her to ask you out because you need to stop giving 2015 feeemales like this everything they want.


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Take a shit on her porch.
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Hang around her obsessivly. Anytime she says anything nice about you, it means sje wants the D.
Then, when she starteds dating some dude with ballsn keep telling her how he's not right for her, and she should date a nice guys she deserves, like you. When she rejects you, scream about western women and feminism and Guatemalans, move to some third world SE Asian shithole, and start dating a gold-digging ladyboy


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Combine all of the suggestions in the above posts, on video, set it to terrible 70s romance music, and post it multiple times on her page.

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Here's a short list of things that have worked for me in the past

- Send her a message asking her out every day, but be as indirect and awkward as possible (If she doesn't answer you it means she's not sure and wants you to ask again tomorrow)

-Write crappy poems about her and put them in comments on all of her FB pics.

-Send her detailed messages about all the sexual thing you wanna do to her.

-Pull on her pigtails.


-Never call her by her name, only my beloved, my princess, my precious, etc.

-Finally, share lots of pictures you find from 9gag complaining about how women always put nice guys in the friendzone and date assholes. At least 3 every day.
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