Any lolcow you consider to be a nice person? -

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I don't know if I'm just being, unlucky, but all the people I follow, and threads I've read, are about truly nasty, horrible people. I know I wouldn't stand people Like Dobson, or anyone in the kickvic saga in real life.

But, in theory, you could be eccentric and even have foolish behavior without being an asshole right? Sadly I don't have the time to see if there is a nice one that it's just being discussed due to being funny and not being unlikeable.

Or am I just being unlucky here?
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I'd say the closest thing to a nice lolcow is Bobsheaux. Excellent reviewer who basically acts like the Nostalgia Critic, but treats movies fairly and can sometimes find positive aspects in even the worst mockbusters. But he has shown some tendencies of bestiality (look in his El Arca review to see his reaction to the Panthy character). I just hope that was a joke or that he's moved on.


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People I could hang with, I'd go Doug Walker, Pad, and possibly Digibro.
Doug just seems like he's polite and might just go off on a tangent,
Pad just seems like a good dude who got his shit more or less figured out.
And Digi and I could talk about anime or some shit. He seems fun enough to hang with in his let's plays.

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Terry A. Davis, may he rest. He seemed like an OK guy.

Chris, I guess. I’ve read he’s pretty nice to those who randomly encounter him in the wild and say hello. As I have no experience with either, I couldn’t really say.

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