Any lolcow you consider to be a nice person? -

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I think a lot of people will disagree, but I believe that WingsOfRedemption is a generally nice person deep down all things considered.
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shoe0nhead and Armoured Skeptic seem like they would be friendly even if they only hang out with people for views.
Lindsay M Amer / Queer Kid Stuff is someone I would class as a evil person due to their beliefs and what they preach but the same time kind of nice in how they act despite it.

Guess being a nice person doesn't mean you are a good person.
I Didn't even know about the second one there: But Shoe0nhead creep me out for the simple reason that she seems to have taken the personality of Boxxy and lack one of her own, at least one that she publicly shows. Also she's certainly catering to her demographic and it's quite clear that when she tries to say something she really believes in herself that goes against that demographic how careful she is. I rarely watch her (or most "Youtubers") but I think she's kinda maturing into her own self now, several years later.

On the positive side she could certainly be a good actress.

Also how is she a lolcow?

Lily, because I need to see if they'll be as much of an asshole IRL as online (probably). Shadman because I would love to ask him about what he has done. Alex, I would listen, and bask in the glory that comes out of his mouth.

I'd love to meet Alex Jones and have him explain to me how he went from making videos exposing the "elite" and "the police-state" into being a full blown blind-patriot, pro cop Drumpster fire. But I guess it all changes if its your "side" that's in power.

He's still as batshit insane as ever though so I guess some things never change.

On topic I'd probably hang out with Blair, even though trannies who aren't dragqueens kinda creep me out. (Though I'm totally fine with it from a rights perspective).
But I think I'm in the camp here that says that a lolcow isn't "nice" and someone who is "nice" isn't a lolcow for me.

Like I don't really consider Blair a lolcow either.

But some people muddle the water, like Alex Jones.
And then there are people who are literal spergs and simply don't quite understand what they are doing. But then if any deragotary term is to be applied it should be ret-ard or freak.

To me people are lolcows partly because they are unlikable. Like someone said, inflated egos, inflated sense of self-importance, oblivious to abuse of self and others, stubborn and illogical, etc.

Actually now that I think about it i'd probably like to meet up with Destiny from Stacraft 2. His way of acting to others and his team was clearly obnoxious (and funny) but the way he kept at it, despite corporate threats and the risk of losing his career is somewhat interesting and admirable. He was to me the kind of last reaction against the corporations taking complete control over the E-sport scene from the community.

Same (or ever more so) with Idra~
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John Sakars

He publicly espouses non violence and consent, so I'm like 90% certain he would never intentionally hurt anyone (plus I met him once and he was actually really polite and appropriate and nice).

I'm pretty sure he has a thread on here and his lolcow status relates entirely to him having no filter when it comes to talking about sex stuff on his social media.

I do think it's possible that maybe he is an actual sex pest, but I haven't heard any rape accusations or anything like that. But I don't follow him super closely so who knows. I know someone can seem nice and also be a total rapist or whatever. But he didn't try to cross any line with me FWIW.

Tacos and margaritas with Alex Jones would be legendary. I also agree that Doug Walker is probably a nice enough guy. I’d swap garden tips with Styxhexxenhammer too (although frankly I don’t actually consider him a lolcow)
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-Disneyfan01 is probably totally chill irl, I've heard if her getting a bit abrasive online but I can't see her being unpleasent in person.
- Simply Sara, because her claim to infamy is more based on the horror of her food. She seems perfectly sweet and I might eat the macaroni salad out of politeness. (Maybe)
- Kay's Cooking! Bless this crazy lady. I won't touch her food but I'll drink with her. And she wears Iron Maiden shirts, for fucks sake.

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I'm glad to see some Simply Sara mentions here. My first video was her macaroni salad, and I was prepared for a trainwreck. But after watching her videos she seems really sweet and makes me chuckle. It's clear she likes to cook what I call Potluck Food, and she's very efficient at it. Her weight is concerning, but she seems happy overall. Actually I would say she definitely is--she gives me the impression that she's completely guileless, which is so refreshing on YouTube.


Disneyfan01 is a total sweetie. She used to get into online fights back in the day, but now she's just chill. I reckon if you don't mention either Silver or Marina you can have a nice conversation with.

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It depends what you mean by lolcow and what you mean by nice.

People like Sargon and Razorfist seem nice enough, but I don't consider them lolcows.

Most nice people I know can turn nasty or embarrass themselves if you get them talking about a specific topics like politics.
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Abby Brown

She just seems to have issues making friends so jumps from identity to identity (and terrible boyfriend) in order to feel like she fits in. I don't think she's a terrible person, she's just a bit lost.

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Since "Nice" doesn't necessarily mean good, I'll list the ones I wouldn't mind hanging out with or the ones I at least wouldn't mind meeting.

The Timecube guy. Just a grandpa who lost his grip on reality. Nothing. A lot of Schizocows are probably nice people as well... somewhere down in there. Alex Jones especially. I'd just sit and listen. David Icke also seems like a nice enough guy if you got to know him, and I wouldn't mind listening to some of his crazy theories.

Probably Metokur, at the very least I laughed at the /x/-files videos.

Most of the Atheist youtubers. Except maybe Hugo&Jake. Armored Skeptic and CoolHardLogic are probably cool enough dudes. Telltale is just really salty about being in a cult for most of his life and Mr. Atheist falls into that category as well.

Originally I would have said Spirit Science/Jordan Pierce since up until the time he raped a girl I thought he was just a normal hippie, but since his followers are as if not more cow-worthy as him, I'd say that they are probably decent people. Just decent people who think Jews are from space.

Otherwise can't think of many off the top of my head.
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Jan Dacion. He has a thread here. And again it's the schizo cow scenario. He just seems like a messed up kid overall.