Any lolcow you consider to be a nice person? -


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I'd hang out with Tim Pool, Tarl Warwick, Blaire White and TERF lawyer Cathy Brennan. Probably not together at the same time though, I don't see how that would work. Controversial opinion: I think Nicocado Avocado and Boogie would be two perfectly matched people to hang out with at the same time just for the sheer lulz that would ensue from them being in each other's presence, as long as they pay for dinner and finishing their plates. Then Nico would start crying for some reason, Boogie would comfort him, feelz all around.


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Gotta second whoever mentioned @jenffer a jay. She’s one of my favorites bc all my interactions with her have been pleasant, she has the ability to laugh at herself and she can send other cows like Tommy Tooter and Bob McKim into rage induced meltdowns whilst keeping her cool.
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Apart from feeling sympathy for Christine, I also like Blaire White and ContraPoints, although I don't know if they count as cows. ContraPoints is pretty chill and friendly, and Blaire White seems intelligent and educated. Transexuals are alright by my book, I tend to defend them most times. Randy Stair inspires me compassion because she had real schizophrenia, her story hit my hard in the feels and I may even buy the book. She was bipolar as fuck, and sometimes yelled and everything, but when she was more calm she looked humane and warm. People who have real bipolarity are very agreeable when the lack of lithium doesn't make them angsty or angry.

I wish I knew more about Couch Cuck or Naze, but I don't fully know their sob stories to judge them better.

Christine is irreversibly lost, but I have the idea that Naze could be helped in time. I'd like to talk to Naze to calm her tits down, maybe I could do something positive about it.

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