Any music makers here? - Subtitles are for movies, not music.

I'm really curious if there's any fellow music makers on these here forums.

I realize that this is my second post but I have been following ChrisChan since at least'09, right before shit got really weird in 2011 with Bob dying.

I make hiphop as well as powerviolence/extreme hardcore. I am aware that the forum is frequented by the worst of the worst and that I shouldn't link anything back to me IRL so I can send links out to my bandcamp in Personal Messages or some shit.

I would love to hear anything that you guys make and discuss things about the music industry itself and where it's going in the forseeable future.

Also thank you @Null for making an incredible forum. This is like a haven for all those disillusioned with 4chan Le Reddit. I was having such a bad year sobering up from the drink and feeling so isolated, especially with the virus hitting, but this website brought back every single ounce of hope I had ever lost for humanity. You're doing Terry Davis' work, sir.

Thank you.
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