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I actually did look up the midi. I also dubbed it directly over your version and hard panned them. It's identical, right down to the grace notes, and the 88bpm tempo (as opposed to the original which is around 91 - 92. Poor form. (replacing the vst also doesn't count as work. Thats like copypasting text and changing the font).

Everyone starts somewhere, but still...

I guess you are right.


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Decided to record myself improvising to try and get back into playing the guitar after a few months. Unfortunately I've cut my fingernails off recently, so some parts sound a bit awkward. Give it a shot if you don't mind some grandpa sounding noodling!

EDIT: Uploaded my doodles to SoundCloud for those of you who aren't keen on downloading stuff


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I enjoy making music. I have tonnes of instruments lying around the house. Was in a band for a bit but quit because one of the members was psychotic and another one bragged about how she would root all of the band members - she had a list written on her phone of people she'd slept with.

Couldn't be bothered. I am in a duo with another mate now and we do lo-fi music.

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