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I've been making noizu off an on since 2006
Here is one of my releases from recent times:
Here is one of my soundclouds
Right now I'm using KORG Gadget for the Nintendo Switch to learn how to make chords and song driven music, as well as some music theory, then I'll move on to Renoise and start making music officially.


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I've been a music producer since 2011, done music for some flash cartoons you probably watched at some point. Currently working on an indie game. Also play keyboard.
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I play the banjo (clawhammer style) kinda ok. I've been learning guitar for the last few years, but I still fucking suck.

I spend most of my free time practicing, but shit doesn't come easy when you're well past you're prime learning years. One of my biggest regrets is not starting when I was a kid. On the upside, I'm at that point in my life where I can afford to buy about any instrument I want (within reason). I figure if I keep buying shit then I'm bound to find the magic guitar that makes me good. Right?


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Aside from middle and high school marching band where I played (as needed) alto/tenor/baritone saxophone, tuba/sousaphone, trumpet and drums, I play mediocre guitar and piano and have owned several Yamaha and Ibanez guitars over the years.

I'm not very good at songwriting, though; but I wear my mediocrity as a badge of honour. Here's some mediocre songs I wrote as evidence:

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I've been meaning to pick up the guitar, since irl stuff stopped me from practicing and learning s much as I'd like. I've been thinking about saving up and getting a Fender Jag over the summer.

And lately I've been told by my friends that I sound like Matt Berninger when I sing, which is weird because I've never really gotten into The National.

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I'm the loser who one day discovered madtracker and after a while realized "hey, I don't completely suck at this". I did forget how to play piano though, shame, so I bang around on the pc keyboard until I find something that doesn't sound broken and I build upon it with the same process until I have a song.


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I used to play the saxophone and was in a band. We actually played for the Queen at one point. I stopped playing about eight years ago. I still have the saxophone, but I don’t know if I’ll ever pick it up again.

I mentioned this in another thread, but every Christmas me and one of my dad’s friends team up to write a scatological parody of a Christmas song. Last year’s effort was a parody of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” entitled “Christ the Downstairs Toilet Mings”. I’ve recorded myself singing some of them. I can’t sing for shit (quite literally in this case), but it doesn’t really matter.

Recently I’ve been wanting to take up the guitar. It’s just a question of getting off my arse, buying an instrument and starting to learn.


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hobby guitarist here. Right know when I have the time I'm trying to learn playing Echo Song by Paul Gilbert:

In the song Paul doesn't actually play all the notes, instead, as the song title would imply, he uses a delay pedal to create the illusion of playing more than he actually does. The song's not exactly beginner's material even with that, and it's kinda tricky to sync up with the rhythm and let the echoed notes ring so it sounds convincing, but as an extra challenge I really want to play all the notes manually without any effect pedals and see what I get. So far it's making my slides quick yet precise enough to manage all those quick interval skips that's causing most of the difficulties. I'll get back to you once I'm satisfied with the results. Thankfully, there's lots of useful videos on YT to help me out:

I might've bitten off way more than I can chew even with this challenge, but I'd really like to do the same with Extreme's Flight of The Wounded Bumblebee and Buckethead's Big Sur Moon in case I get the hang of it.
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I have a Fender five-string banjo I'm learning to play (the banjo was a Christmas gift from my father), and I'm also learning the guitar (classical) and viola (I've been playing the viola for almost a year). I'm hoping to learn how to play the trombone and drums later on.

I play the B-flat clarinet, piano, and I used to sing. I just bought a wooden Yamaha clarinet for myself.
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Started playing the trumpet in elementary school. stuck with it until 9th grade and switched to the guitar. Took it fairly seriously, took lessons, learned theory, made time to practice everyday until an injury basically ended that regimen. Been slowly getting back into it. Can't devote the same amount of time as I previously could so things are going to progress much slower.
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