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I don't know the proper terminology, but I enjoy both the more high-energy stoner rock and the really heavy sludge/doom metal. I've been listening to more of the latter lately, especially Monolord. Here are a few albums I'd recommend:

Jeremy Galt

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I like Eugene Stoner. He designed the AR10 rifle.

Oops, I guess I'm on the wrong thread. Also I don't if Stoner liked stoner music.

Doom Metal? Absolutely. Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Trouble, Pagan Altar, Funeral, Black Hole and Bedemon rule. I even like subgenres like Death/Doom and Sludge.

Stoner Metal? Depends. Stuff like Sleep, Elder, Ufomammut, Acrimony and Weedeater* are great. I can leave stuff like Internal Void, Goatsnake, High on Fire and Bongzilla.

*Technically a Southern Metal band with marijuana-themed lyrics, but for the sake of argument, let's call 'em Stoner Metal.


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yeah, there's nothing like a good hit of Southern Sludge Metal. Eyehategod and Buzzoven come to mind:
Big doom guy in general. Can't say the same with stoner though, most of those bands try too hard to rip off the greats (Kyuss, Sleep, Fu Manchu, Electric Wizard, etc. etc.) rather than be "original".


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I think Clutch still falls under "stoner" rock, although their more recent albums have been more just solid hard rock. As it is, they're my fave band, hands down.

I've also recently came across Church of the Cosmic Skull. They're a bit gimmicky - think if Ghost and the bad guys from far Cry 5 did the fusion dance, but they got a real solid sound to them.


Church of Misery are a Japanese stoner/doom band formed in the mid 90s. They have a cool sound, but the recording's pretty raw...

Greenmachine are another Japanese band formed around the same time. Their stuff touches on stoner/doom but is primarily really heavy sludge, but quite fast for sludge. Kind of hard to categorize.

Really can't beat some Boris though.

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Goblin Cock are really underappreciated. It's Rob Crow's Stoner/Doom project, the guy that also did Heavy Vegetable in the 90s, so it's like Stoner/Doom mixed with the weird, quirky experimental alternative rock vibes of his other projects.

Downtuned, chunky slow to mid paced guitars, great drumming, clean vocals and occasionally some atmospheric synth stuff in the background. I'll admit, about a decade ago I checked them out just because of the name, but I remained a fan due to the great sound.


Pure, ulfiltered stoner/doom supergroup that featured Wino, members of Sleep/Om and eventually Dale Crover, Melvins drummer.

Some of Wino's other Stoner/Doom projects are quite interesting, although they have a huge Southern Rock influence.
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