Any suggestions on how to stop someone’s lolcow transformation before it’s too late? - sorry for the kinda new-faggy post

Arty-O Amateur97
Title is self-explanatory, but here’s more background information because fuck you.

I found some kid on the internet who doesn’t seem that smart. She’s actually a total fucking idiot now that I think about it. She claims she’s 14 but looks like an 11-year old judging by the pics she posted of herself on Reddit, and it was ridiculously easy to find the rest of her accounts.

So far she’s only done a few things (get a crippling hentai addiction, be a gachatard, use her obvious alt account to “harass” herself to get attention and Reddit karma), but I feel like the groundwork for a new lolcow is there. There’s only like 4 other people that I can think of that know about her (random Redditor, a porn subreddit mod, random fag Twitter user, and a hentai artist on Twitter), but I guess Im the only one who knows the full extent of the autism.

I don’t want this kid to blow up on the internet and ruin any future she has. She reminds me of an old friend, and I dunno, it just feels wrong to sit back and watch this kid meet her demise.

I think there’s still a chance to de-radicalize the fucker since she’s still a kid and has access to resources that can probably help. The fag on Twitter tried to have a conversation with her, but it did jack shit. Her parents made her uninstall Tumblr, but she got back on it like a few days later, and I think they bought her a fuckin body pillow of her Jojo husbando.

Any ideas on how to stop the metamorphosis?