Anyone doing meal prep? -

I'd like to get into more meal prep, but currently what I'm doing is getting more bulk, lasting ingredients and using them for meals.

Flour, oats, eggs, condiments, rice, plant powders, etc. (side note: I strongly recommend no-knead bread such as this recipe. It's easy and tough with deep flavors)

It'd be nice to have something I can just warm and eat with minimal cleanup after a rough night's sleep.


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Sorta half and half.

I'd say about 4 meals a week are purposed cooked for that meal. 2 are leftovers from the other four, although that might be just reheating the same meal, or doing something like a chicken pot pie or chicken fried rice from leftover roast chicken. About once a week, though, I fix something that's easier to scale up than not, fix a lot, and put aside several meals in freezer containers. Enchiladas or tamales, lasagna, soups and chilis, pasties, sausage gravy, biscuits, things like that. Then I just use those to fill out the occasional "Nothing in the fridge for leftovers, can't' be arsed to cook" nights, or when they sound good specifically.

The only meal I specifically make to freeze up is breakfast burritos.

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I make a weeks worth of lunches on Sunday because I cook dinner every night and my SO eats the leftovers for lunches because theyre working from home. I think eating is mostly a chore so i dont mind eating the same stuff for a week. I dont go out for lunch and I tell people its because its cheaper but its mostly to cover for my crippling social anxiety.
This week is beef stew and mashed potatoes. Sometimes its just steak and rice and beans.
When I worked in an office I would cook a big batch of something that reheats well (stews, casseroles, etc.) and bring it to work to eat for lunch. This really motivates you to cook well or else you're stuck eating bland food for days. Weirdos who actually make these individually packaged meals with mains, sides, dessert etc can diaf.


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Precisely the reason I prefer glass whenever possible, even if it's more expensive. As long as you don't drop it I feel it lasts much longer than nasty, discolored plastic.
You can just take stuff out of the container, too.
I usually reheat leftovers in a ceramic bowl with a matching plate on top, so the microwave heats the container which then heats the food rather than nuking the food directly.


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We meal prep by making dinners fresh and using the leftovers as lunches through the week using actual Pyrex which holds things in nicely and heats well. Furthermore, we use a shared calendar so we know what meals are to be cooked so whomever gets home first starts to cook the food with the included recipe. Everything is bought on Sunday (meats that can be frozen or produce that won't go bad) or day of (certain veggies) with a vegetable side at all times. If you aren't eating greens daily your health WILL suffer. Sure there's you genetic mutants out there who live on Vodka, Cigarettes, and Pickles and don't get sick but that's not me.


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I've been trying to get into it myself. I'm down to eat the same thing everyday for a week but it's the next week that gets dicey. Also trying to be more plant based, basically just meat with dinner, if at all. Thing is, tofu and shit sucks, and i don't wanna eat just vegetables.
I used to do it tho and lost a ton of weight. It's super great if you can commit.

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