Anyone know what this is about? -


Not like the other people here in the trailer park
This guy has been spamming this on different people's profiles. I'm curious if anyone knows what they're on about or who they are. I looked at the links and I'm only confused. I think they just got banned but what the fuck. I know I'm probably just giving them more attention than they deserve but lol



I didn't click on the links because my kiwi senses warn me of possible malware, but that faggot posted to a shit ton of profiles under one account, and then that one. If he hasn't been IP/hardware banned, I'd expect another visit.


Not like the other people here in the trailer park
Just some dickhead. I forgot to screencap and his posts left my profile.
I called him a little bitch and he tried to explain how space wasn't real.
I'm going 'troll with vendetta' this time.

I actually was watching your exchange with him. I wanted to see if he was interacting with anyone or explaining himself but it just got more confusing and strange.


If he's trying to spread viruses or harvest data, I'd rather not give some fuck like that more attention than needed.

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