Anyone know what this is about? -


He's not interested in posting, he's just being a fucking asshat fucking people's profiles up. At least most genuine dumbasses actually try and make a thread.
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Not like the other people here in the trailer park
They've made probably over 10 accounts by now. 6 have gotten through. They've said enough, and they need to fuck off before I hunt them down irl and shank them.

Just be sure to film it for us. Kiwi snuff film.
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Tanith’s Worst and Only
When they first showed up, I Googled their name and only the Farms came up. I thought it was from an anime or something, but I have to clue.

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10 accounts? Jcrowley could make 10 accounts in a second. Thankfully we had the mighty Brooklyn Bailiff here with his brass balls and steel shaft of rage and vengeance
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Tanith’s Worst and Only
He's talking about some documentary about the government mind controlling people. Calling it a puzzle piece. It's this if anyone is curious.

Not sure if edgelord, troll, or other.
I’m going troll, with a hint of edgelord. He just seemed to want to piss people off, not spread his ideas. You usually see crazies try to explain their ideas first, not just come out swinging. Depends on the crazy though.

Pina Colada

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He’s back under an alt known as xphoenix. I knew something was up when I scanned his activity.

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