Apple removes Fortnite from App Store over dispute of 30% commission -

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I love all the shit this whole thing is exposing. Apparently a lot of the companies are pissed over everything that's been coming out.



It's probably still Christmass somewhere
Alright so who should I root for here? Is this just china's sock-puppets fighting it out or what?
Tim's objective here appears to be for Apple (And quite possibly every closed environment) to allow the installation of his shitty app so he can try the same shit he's trying with the pc; monopolize the market and get 100% of the earnings.

In theory this would be a good thing for plebs, it would allow unauthorized apps and services by apple/google/sony/microsoft to run on their systems, THAT is the narrative presented by Tim, however in practice chances are should the judge rule in epic's favor it would allow an exception only for epic to do this.

On the other hand if Apple wins this would serve as a court precedent and will help Apple get trial dismissals or failed in their favor whenever someone complains about ther million dollar app being pulled from the store without breaking the TOS.

Basically yeah, both sides are a bunch of wankers.

Did you just have a stroke?
99 picture power point not wanting to be reduced
@AnOminous it looks like gay ops from tim sweeny to media co-harts

todays doc
more tim pleas
Last doc tech demovideo - DX-3768 to big


  • DX-3098 (redacted for PII.pdf
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  • DX-3199.pdf
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  • DX-3478 (redacted).pdf
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99 picture power point not wanting to be reduced
@AnOminous it looks like gay ops from tim sweeny to media co-harts
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Well if it is Sweeny being Gay, then he should do it better because all I see is "Apple is meaningless to Fartnight revenues" and the Epic Game Store is a gigantic fucking failure and Epic should fear the day their faggot battle royale game becomes passe.

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The one thing I'm really upset over is that this whole shitshow doesn't somehow involve Peter Molyneux in some form.

My how the Mighty have fallen.

I'm still hoping for a Randy Pitchford appearance.

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99 picture power point not wanting to be reduced
@AnOminous it looks like gay ops from tim sweeny to media co-harts
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I doubt even Microsoft is happy with this. All the shit being leaked about lots of games is bad, specially when Epic is leaking them without any right do so either. I want Apple to win cause I want to eat his own words, be funny if they lose lots of companies that were with him before finally realize the damage he’s actually causing the gaming industry as a whole and just drop him, pull their games off epic and it just dies.


please don't tell me that's what epic is going with. what do they think their shitty exclusivity stunts are?

it's also nice to see the sleazebag pitchford takes a 40% cut for a basically non-existant platform while publicly whining about steam, but given what we know about his practices at gearbox I'm not surprised he's a whore for money.

Epic is a bunch of faggots but if they can end console gaming they are literal saints
you'll get the android version of the walled garden then, not iphone's. there's too much money to be made with services and controlling the platform (alone for the sake of it's security), with epic winning it won't suddenly be open to all and everybody. it will be the equivalent of microsoft being forced to put a "browser choice" button on the desktop while still bundling and heavily integrating internet explorer into all of windows (and that happened when courts still had some balls).

as @XMassAllYearRound said if apple wins it's basically thumbs up for everyone to keep going like before, and any real grievances will be flushed down the toilet along timmy's shitfit.

there aren't any winners here (although the judge seems to be smarter than the usual failures in cases like that, but I won't keep my hopes up).


Benjamin Simon- (a yoga app developer)​

explaining the rules from app rules as of 2/1/2021


  • PX-2790 (Redacted).pdf
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Benjamin Simon-Nvidia director of product management folder-is mixed with more testimony of Yoga Buddhi Co. (a yoga app developer) CEO Benjamin Simon,
had people aviod apple 30% comm
Benjamin Simon, Yoga Buddhi Co. founder and CEO — Called as a witness by both Apple and Epic to testify on "app distribution; participation in the Apple Developer Program; App Store review process; participation in the Coalition for App Fairness." -




Nvidia director of product management Aashish Patel,

Aashish Patel, Nvidia's director of product management — Called as a witness by both Apple and Epic to testify on "Nvidia's GeForce Now service and business model; differences between streamed apps and locally hosted apps; differences between native apps and web apps."



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I want my cringe New Years Announcement, dammit.
From the leaked documents:


Only SEVEN PERCENT of all players who started with a free game have gone on to buy anything from the EGS. Which is absolutely hilarious to me.

But it also gives a sense of scale here. IN the strict sense, it's worth it, because Epic gained one-third of it's total payers through Free Games.

Still helps put a number to how inflated Epic's numbers are.
Forgive the stupidity, what does "MM" mean in the Epic Story Daily Sales chart?
Judging by the image above, "MM" is short for million. Not sure why - maybe M*M in Roman numerals?