Apple removes Fortnite from App Store over dispute of 30% commission -

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I've read that there's multiple companies who are basically losing their shit that all this stuff is getting exposed publicly and are requesting in real-time that their info gets sealed away. What a clusterfuck.

The judge doesn't seem too impressed by Sweeney from what I've seen, and she already seemed annoyed at him last year because of all the retarded #FreeFortnite campaign theatrics he was doing. It's also funny to see him twist himself in knots trying to explain how phones are different than consoles.

Will be interesting whatever happens but Sweeney's sanctimonious shithead attitude during this whole thing kind of makes me hope he loses.


I want my cringe New Years Announcement, dammit.
Epic oopsied.
The problems continued today. On the bright side (for gaming companies anyway), whoever is in charge of releasing documents seems to have slowed down a bit and is waiting to make sure they aren't confidential first, though the judge pointed out right out of the gate that it was pointless to re-seal documents that were already leaked. But now there's a new problem: the court keeps getting surprised by on-the-spot, third-party requests for confidentiality. In one amusing exchange early in the day, a piece of evidence was submitted by Apple with the intent of questioning Sweeney about it. However, proceedings were paused as Epic's lawyers pushed back, saying there was confidential information in the document that Epic's third-party partners didn't want either spoken out loud (where anyone listening on a public line could hear it) or entered into public record.

Apple's lawyer argued back, saying this was the first he'd heard of the issue, and that he just wanted to ask questions about Epic Games' business decisions, prompting Epic to respond that they had "only just been alerted to this issue." It was here that Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers finally lost her patience.

"I have received — I don't know what, ten? — motions from third parties asking me to seal information," she said. "I have not received a request with respect to this document."

Epic's lawyer then responded by naming the third-party that is apparently mentioned in the exhibit and wanted to be redacted: Paradox (most likely Paradox Interactive).
It's not clear exactly what their negotiations with Epic were beyond a "third-party deal" or are in relation to this document, which has not yet been released and likely will end up redacted (the line of questioning did not reveal anything further). For all we know, it could just be some secretive number connected to Paradox-published Surviving the Aftermath on the Epic Games Store. But as Apple's lawyer pointed out in exasperation moments later, Epic's lawyer was the one who named the company who didn't want to be named publicly, and if the goal was to keep the public from running with leaks, then this exchange hadn't helped.
It sounds like this is becoming a world-class shitshow. Everybody into the clown car!

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Whoever wins, we lose.

Though I want Apple to bleed through money...cause fuck Apple.
If it was anyone other then Epic Games and Tim Sweeney doing this lawsuit I would agree.

But Apple is 2 Trillion vs Epics comparably tiny like 28 Billion, they'll never run out of money. I want Epic to bleed money and for Tim to eat his own words. He's such a whiny brat thinking he's entitled to everything for free.


I want my cringe New Years Announcement, dammit.

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omg timmy is a troon, now it all makes sense.
also nice going with "why don't you open it up but still control what gets on there but don't control it enough so other people can on it but it will still be totally safe"
I still can’t stand people doing that. It’s annoying enough when yankees say it at all, but it’s something you should never put to writing.

Lori Wright
*alot info & alot redacted info :story:
Lori Wright, Microsoft's VP of Xbox business development — Called as a witness by both Apple and Epic to testify on "the Microsoft Store; Xbox video game console business and operations; Xbox cloud gaming; distribution of apps on the App Store.




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