appointments, weight loss body shot, be safe | weekly vlog 03/16/20 - 40min video, this bitch is broke

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If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
BE SAFE says the 600lb, greasy, unwashed, unable to breathe, stinking Deathfat. BE SAFE preaches the flesh blob, buttergolem of a cow that is in one of the highest risk categories

LMAO damn - not watched this shitheap yet but I hope if she brings up Corona-san again it is as awkward and cringey and humiliating as last time she tried smug-splaining her way thru Covid awareness. Porky piggy can't even wipe her filthy shelf ass, let alone wash her hands.

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She uploaded this at 5 am. I know her sleep schedule was shit but now it's nonexistent. I know she has no reason to follow diurnal life but what about sleeping pills or something?
Note to Amber: Getting enough sleep actually helps one lose weight.

For those who don't want to watch 40 minutes when they wake up: At 11 minutes she confirms that it was the true and honest Amberlynn who sent her a cease and desist over her own name. She had to redo the confession after crying too much.
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I could only watch about a minute but she starts talking about her hands shaking while doing her eyeliner and how it's never happened before...

Is her blood sugar fucked or are her arms too heavy for her to hold them steady? I know hypoglycemic people get shaky when their sugar is low, but I really doubt she's got low blood sugar.
Probably both.
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The dumb cunt actual did get scared by the porno boomer.
Fucking hilarious, I love it! :drink:

Also, is it normal for people to have pictures of themselves around?
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No its not normal to have your own selfies printed out like that, it's super weird and proof she has no friends she cares about more than herself

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. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
Hahaha that pornstar bitch actually sent her a cease and desist about using the name Amberlynn

Also: Yum :cryblood:
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Amber calls it a "seize & assist or whatever", and says she talked to the pornstar's lolyer and isn't allowed to call herself 'AmberLynn' anymore lmfao then she requests that all her haydurs don't call her that anymore in their reaction videos. . .I guess she thinks she will get in legal trouble or something? God she's fucking dumb.

She several times babbles about how she wants to be transparent about her weight-loss and what she's eating. She several times shows photo montages of empty shelves at stores. She binged and then cried herself to sleep, she put on make-up to make herself feel better and it didn't work, and she cried about a pornstar taking her name away.

She's still completely delusional about her weight-loss and ends by saying how surprised she is by her "strength" right now regarding it. Some weird over-the-top Narc shit to be crediting your willpower for something that happened due to prolonged illness and then revisionist history it like a month later.

That's the whole video. Oh, and she bought a mirror and a dish soap dispenser. . .and a small papasan chair that she acknowledges she can't sit in. If you get past the pornstar lawyer part just stop watching, it's just her washing dishes and babbling about 'anziety'.