appointments, weight loss body shot, be safe | weekly vlog 03/16/20 - 40min video, this bitch is broke

whew, i haven't checked in here for a while. all that global pandemic fun and whatnot. It's nice to see the cycle remains unbroken, although to tie two things together...

I really do wonder how Amber, and fats like her are going to deal with the coming locking the fuck down of everything. and for someone that can't even speak for a full minute without gasping for breath... if the thumb butler brings back a little something extra from a food run, or a delivery boy etc she's just dead, no chance.

But i doubt Amber's worrying about that or really much of anything. As long as theres food, now, and trash to watch she's got not a care in the world. I mean this has been a slow waddle to the grave from the beginning anyway, so fuckit.


Point blank PERIOD.
omfg she actually stopped using her OWN name because some nasty ass senile whore sent her a cease and desist letter. She should've just tossed it in the trash. Amberlynn really is that dumb.

Also more "muh mentals" and still fat. Several minutes of showing empty Wommart aisles.
And it made her fucking cry so much she had to film talking about it more than once. Like what the hell. Even the stupidest person can use google and she couldn't even do that. She thinks because it came from a lawyer that she has to listen to that shit. Amberlynn is her legal name, some dumb boomer whores trademark on the name doesn't mean shit.

Going through SOMETHING again, but she won't tell you why because fuck you

And she still tries to keep up this shit about how she didn't wear makeup for days, she was literally wearing makeup in her last video!

Edit: "I didn't wear makeup in forever, I probably forgot how to do it"


Too much fat got to her brain and she now has the memory of a gold fish