April 3rd Wiki Wednesday -



Currently we have nothing. I know very little about her so I'm going to need a lot of help if this is to work.

The Wiki operates under the assumption that truth is stranger than fiction. By explaining something ridiculous in as straight faced a way as possible, the entertainment factor comes from a genuine reaction, not to the comedic stylings of the author. This creates a uniform writing style between contributors that will age well, as opposed to ED, which has aged very poorly. The main objective is to document something -- forever.

When editing, I like to user the Wikipedia article on Hitler as a guide. That's not to be edgy. It's one of the most high-profile articles on the site. It is one of the most well written biographical entries of all time. It is strictly neutral and all-encompassing. There are few biographical features on Wikipedia not utilized in the Hitler article, so it's a good place to start.

So, for Amberlynn:

- What was her early life like?
- What is her adult life like?
- How did she become Internet famous?
- What notable events are there?
- What's she up to now?

The hardest part about wiki for the lolcow wiki is that we require a citation for basically every single claim asserted. There are so many times when reading an old ED article where they say, "and then he did this and it was totally wacky [[lulz]]" but there's no evidence of this. I'm sure it was totally wacky for everyone who was there and who saw it but I have no way of knowing if this is even true.

So, while pointers help, for anything to be written into the Wiki it should be thoroughly and obsessively sourced and archived. Please provide links or screencaps for anything you can.

Broken Pussy

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So, from this video,

I gleaned the following information:

Has OCD and has had Panic Disorder
Was abused as a child by her father
The lowest weight she can recall weighing was 290 lbs at age 11.
Identifies as a poet
She has gallstones.
She witnessed her father attempt suicide multiple times.
She has been in a mental hospital.
Has 3 younger brothers, 2 of which were adopted into closed adoptions, so she hasn't seen them in over ten years.
Was born in Key West Florida
Has lived in five different states
Has binge eating disorder
Grew up in a trailer park
Has lived in group homes and shelters
Found out as an adult that she's a "drug baby"
She was molested.
Majored in Criminal justice.
Diagnosed with depression at the age of 9
Her parents are drug addicts
Was in foster care from 8 - 18


Wow holy shit, I tried downloading her channel but she's got 1296 videos at about 100MiB each. I'll just download the ones you suggest.


Okay, article is up with about as much detail as I could squeeze out. I've re-upped some of those vids as well.

Moving the site back to white btw.

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