Let's Sperg Archive Thread - Null's Playthrough of Tell Me Why -

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What should Jersh make happen to the two main liberals

  • Get them to stop Gombald Drumpf from coming to power by spreading Gay Pride™ to Russia

  • Get them to execute the Clintons before they can spread more of their Interdimensional Demon Magic™

  • Do the 41% thing

  • Go homeless

  • Shoot the game-dev self-insert/s

  • Make them move on from their mother being a crazy bitch however she got into that state

  • Transgenders haha funnie


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EP1 : archive
EP2 : archive
Tell Me Why is a Life Is Strange spinoff about a transgendered individual, their sister and figuring how much of a fuckup their mum was. Null is playing through it. Just in case Trovo starts incorporating WePay or some other Stream.me-esque shenanigans effectively kill the site, so that another Life is Strange 1 situation (Stream.me shat the bed for many gay reasons and some of Null's livestreams didn't get archived elsewhere before the site got taken down) doesn't occur again I'm suggesting that his playthrough gets archived here/on MEGA.

In fact, here is the first episode.

10/10 Josh tells weebs that tomboys are fake news and the transgendered one gets surprised when people don't want to talk about their schizophrenic and dead mother as well as when these people who have basically never seen them before and are from the definition of bumfuck nowhere act like they haven't seem them before and don't really know new-age manners around transgendered individuals.

Will add more episodes to the OP as they get added/stuck in the thread.
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Poop A Loop

The only good thing to come out of this game was BroTeam's playthrough.


Oi oi the Janny Supreme has turned around another episode in the name of his new masters in Beijing. Slight issue, don't know how to archive Trovo VODs as of writing and if you check the VOD you'll find a few extra minutes not in the YT archive. Don't know how to solve it, but the world turns ever still so I've put the YT archive up on MEGA for now. If someone knows how to archive the Trovo VOD without pestering the Kitten Master General then PM me, I'll stick up on MEGA. I'll hold off on getting the OP changed until then.

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