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@Smutley wrote most of the following introduction for Rebecca after she chimped out in early 2016 over Jesse Singal and Brianna Wu.
"Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber / Yonah Bex Gerber / ArchivistBecks / 8BitBecca / ArchivistGeek / RemembrancerBex / RemembrancerMx / LilCassandra / LilLirael / PipesOfLirael is a digital media archivist who attended NYU and worked for Riot Games. As an amateur archivist myself I have a great respect for her work. The act of archiving is fascinating, and while I find her blog dull in a clinical respect, some might like the approach she takes to games and the work required to preserve them.

This isn't about that. This is about her being insane.

Rebecca is an autistic transtrender social justice lunatic. Yes, I know, I know what you're thinking, but no, she's not passing really well. She's Female-to-Male transgender, and demands that people use he/him pronouns. This is despite a borderline hysterical refusal to even attempt at passing as her gender of choice. She is not dysphoric as evidenced by the doctor shopping she regularly engages as recently as today. She is a cis woman in a hetereonormative relationship with a husband who is also hetereosexual and quite possibly a cuck &/or fag (undetermined).

Due to the Singal Disaster on twitter, Becks came out swinging right from the start and was surprised - SURPRISED! - that despite "two years of constant harassment", attacking a public figure in a public fashion would, once again, get people to make fun of her. Throughout the day I have been screencapping her (now private) twitter feed. Some of these tweets will be out of order, and most will be unrelated, but hopefully you will find as much enjoyment in them as I have.

Here's a mention of her in 2014 where she is still going by her normal gender. Less than a year later when Gamergate hit she decided to be male."



Rebecca (or as she currently refers to herself, Becks/Bex, or Yonah) claims she was born to a teenage drug addict (this seems to be untrue now) and was adopted by the Hernandez family. Rebecca claims their Cuban heritage as her own. Rebecca also proclaims herself to be "Latinx" like another well-known lolcow and has also been claiming to be Jewish and talking about "her people" and the Holocaust immediately after she decided to convert to Judaism shortly before the 2016 Presidential election.

As of November 2017, Rebecca is also a self-described genius. :story:

Despite fully embracing autism as one of her identities, Rebecca has never been officially diagnosed with it. Rebeecca claims she is not allowed to drive because of being "crazy" and at risk of seizures.

Rebecca pursued a career in the archival of video games and eventually ended up working at Riot Games until losing her job in late 2016. Throughout 2015 and 2016 she had major meltdowns and was reduced to a wretch begging for asspats on Twitter like so many lolcows before her. In spite of (or perhaps because of) being an archivist by trade, Rebecca will frequently delete everything from her social media accounts.

1242 McClellan Drive, Apartment 303, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Birthdate: July 16, 1987
Married to Jackson Philip Gerber
Her archivist blog (currently down due to her email not being verified): http://archive.md/http://8bitarchivist.com/*
Her reddit: http://www.reddit.com/user/8bitbecca

Rebecca is primarily found on Twitter, and has gone through a number of different accounts. She tends to delete all of her old tweets and rename her Twitter handle after chimping out and losing Twitter fights.
https://twitter.com/RemembrancerMx/ (Current Twitter handle)
https://twitter.com/gaminglawyerj (Her husband's account)

An older photo of Rebecca:


Rebecca met her husband Jackson Gerber through Facebook while they were both in college, he was unlucky enough to search for people interested in theater and film and found the insanity that would become Becks. Rebecca's parents paid for the entirety of a Disney World wedding ceremony for Rebecca and Jackson, which was on September 11th, 2009. It is unknown how early they began being "poly" nor how into it Jackson really is, but it has led to years of drama, fighting, and turmoil for him thanks to Rebecca.

Rebecca has a live-in partner/cuck and "fiancé" named Daniel Z. Klein, further detailed in the Riot Games section below. In 2017 Rebecca declared Daniel to be an abuser after he dumped her on Valentine's Day. She tried to sell all of the gifts he gave her and she and Jackson were going to kick him out of the apartment as soon as his lease was up. This was memory holed and Daniel is still living with them and they are planning to go to Germany so he can 'marry' Rebecca in a non-legal pretend marriage in Spring 2019.

Rebecca also has a "girlfriend" who is yet another man, Justin Scott Simon, who lives on the opposite side of the continent as Rebecca in Ocala, Florida. Despite his haggard appearance suggesting someone perhaps in their 40s, Justin is only in his late 20s (born 2/20/1991). Like Rebecca, Justin pretends he is "trans" online for social capitol and uses the handles cericneesh and krislyssara. Justin sucked up to Rebecca for years while acting as the "nice guy," eventually leading to her edating him in 2017.

Rebecca has been cucking Jackson likely since the moment they met and she frequently finds online men to e-date/have sex with, including married men. Rebecca pretends she is a "little" for "daddies," and has been involved in the DD/LG fetish since her 20s and doesn't think there is anything wrong with a 22-year-old dating a 60+ year-old. Somehow these pervs are still interested in Rebecca as a "little" even though she is now in her 30s. These online/BDSM/"kink" relationships with "daddies" and "doms" have caused much drama, and have supposedly led to rape, abuse, abortions, Rebecca wanting to leave the "kink scene," and a sexual relationship with a "Daddy" named Anthony Parisi aka PunningPundit resulted in Rebecca getting HPV and eventually pre-precancerous cells resulting in a LEEP and an ebegging scheme. More on Parisi and the 'cancer' ebegging are detailed in sections below.

Rebecca and Jackson are on sites such as OKCupid and Fetlife.

Rebecca claims to be a furry with an ocelot fursona and uses collars, leashes, and cat ears as part of her "pet" play fetish.

Rebecca is addicted to Twitter and it is not unusual to see her spend 10+ hours in a day using it, even while she is supposed to be at work. Rebecca frequently tweets about crying or sobbing at work, usually triggered by things she's reading off Twitter. When she had a temp job at Fox studios her boss supposedly let her cry under her desk. Rebecca has claimed to be leaving Twitter forever multiple times over the years and will often delete her account for maximum attention whoring, but she always comes back.

Before "Bex" - "LilCassandra" and candle magic
Unsurprisingly, Rebecca seems to have been just as crazy in the past as she is today. Rebecca's earliest handle seems to be "LilCassandra" or "Cassandra" and can be found under this name on things such as Steam and older forum posts, as she said she used the name to separate her online activity from her real name. She has also claimed "Cassandra" was a high school nickname.

@Erida uncovered a treasure trove of Rebecca's posts as LilCassandra on a site about magic/candle magic dating from 2009-2011. These posts offer an oft disturbing look into Rebecca's past and state of mind, and she seemed to be a true believer in the spells she was performing. For instance, Rebecca revealed that she and Jackson were trying to marry another couple and even back then Rebecca was endlessly melting down and causing drama (the other couple "dumped" them for causing fights all the time). Rebecca tried to use witchcraft to get out of an apartment lease early, to try and get romance, to try and get into the grad school she wanted, to attempt to break up the engagement of an ex-poly partner out of spite, to try and get her husband to find women/not find women to bring into their insanity, to "neutralize" her husband's boss, to try and pay off credit cards, to not "go insane" when off her psych meds (:story:), to try to "dominate" a man in bed, and to try to make an ex never go back to his favorite store because she was working there and he told them she was a psycho.
Rebecca also showed she was incredibly dumb as her witchcraft said to throw a "mirror box" into running water to get rid of it, and Rebecca wanted to know if it was a good idea to throw it off an overpass onto a highway.
Rebecca was still practicing this "candle work" in 2017.

Rebecca posted nude photos of herself on a forum called Literotica.

Rebecca has a Yorkshire terrier named Kaylee. Just like Jake Alley and his stories of his cat kicking down doors and jumping in bath tubs to save him from suicide, Rebecca tells similar tall tales about her dog keeping her from killing herself by "sitting on pill bottles" when she's suicidal, as well as "running at full speed" across their apartment when she's crying, yelping before Rebecca has a seizure, and sitting in her lap before she has an "autistic meltdown" until it's over. Rebecca has also claimed that this dog has repeatedly received "death threats." She is also allergic to the dog and had to pay money to get shots just to keep it.

Riot Games and Daniel Z. Klein

Rebecca studied theatre at the University of Miami and graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in Motion Pictures and a B.A. in Theatre Arts. In 2012 she went back to college at New York University and acquired her M.A. in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (her thesis was about Pokémon). With a love of video games inspired in part by her 'papi' Carlos, she eventually wound up advocating and participating in the archival of video gaming assets and was hired as the archivist for Riot Games, creator of the popular MOBA League of Legends.

Rebecca had a contract position as an Esports Archivist from March 2015 to August 2015, she was then hired as a full-time Art Archivist in August 2015 and worked there until she was fired in November 2016.

Rebecca eventually began dating Daniel Z. Klein, a co-worker at Riot, and he moved into their apartment with them and became known for virtue signaling by regurgitating Rebecca's insanity. Rebecca wanted him to convert to Judaism and they were planning on getting a bigamous marriage, which apparently is her fetish. According to Rebecca, she used Daniel as an attack dog to harass and intimidate their co-workers if they dared upset her by calling the female-presenting Rebecca a 'she' or 'her.' Rebecca was purportedly denied a team lead position because co-workers knew she was in a BDSM relationship with Klein and as her "Dom" he might influence or interfere in her decisions.

It was at Riot Games that Rebecca's unhinged nature brought her to public attention as she and others including Daniel Klein (who was noticed here when he chimped out over Brexit in 2016) began to implement zany Social Justice Warrior 'progressive' dogma into League of Legends. A champion is rumored to have been modeled or inspired by Rebecca, a champion which some players felt was "stupid as shit."

Rebecca has claimed that while she was at Riot she got daily rape threats and threats to mutilate her dog from "some player."

Since GamerGate caused gamers to begin to take notice of the slimy parts of the industry, Rebecca drew ire due to Klein copying her insane rhetoric verbatim.

Daniel Klein said:
This is your daily reminder that GG still exists and still is a cesspool of the most awful human beings.
Daniel Klein said:
I don't care what your politics are, if you associate yourself with monsters, you're a monster.

The injection of bizarre SJW dogma into League of Legends included a mental health survey for players who were banned, which according to investigators was based on "Narcissistic Personality Inventory" and “The Aggression Scale: A Self-Report Measure of Aggressive Behavior for Young Adolescents."

According to Rebecca, she was almost fired in 2015after people began emailing Riot to complain about her anti-gamer rhetoric on social media.

A co-worker tried to reach out to Daniel with a reddit post and said that Daniel was in an "abusive relationship" and had noticeably changed for the worse after getting involved with Rebecca.

Rebecca originally claimed she chose to leave Riot in late November 2016, but that seemed to be a smokescreen and it seemed more likely she was fired for incompetence and being useless. It became increasinlgy obvious that Rebecca was fired because she bears a grudge and made efforts to excommunicate everyone connected to Riot Games, and in the years since departing the company she has continually raged about "Rioters" and has also lashed out at anything and anyone involved in the video game industry. Rebecca has continued to lie about her firing and generally blames anyone else but herself, she has only admitted to being fired perhaps three times in the years since. In 2018, lolcow Jake Alley, a Twitter friend of Rebecca's, let slip that Rebecca was "let go" from Riot, and a few months later Rebecca herself said she had lost her job. In February 2019, Rebecca claimed she was fired for making a "vague tweet about hypocritical male allies" and this may be true as Rebecca did tweet about "cis dude allies," which ended up being co-workers, and she was throwing a tantrum on Twitter over them not coming over to play video games and had tweeted about removing them all from her contact list and how horrible they were for not being there for a 'trans' 'friend.' It is possible Rebecca 's behavior towards these co-workers during and after this incident led to her being reported to HR.

While we don't know for sure, the timing and content makes this Glassdoor.com post highly likely to have been written by Rebecca, which, if it is her, reveals that part of why she was fired was for constantly stirring up shit and being an unproductive employee and nuisance to all the people actually trying to do work.

Predictably, Rebecca can be seen badmouthing the company, her co-workers, and the game itself in spite of her signing a NDA and a non-disparagement clause. She has even escalated to openly wishing death and misery on the League of Legends community for daring to enjoy a video game.

While she originally lied about being fired and instead claimed she had left work of her own will due to an "emotional breakdown" and health concerns related to a cancer scare, in the years since then she always uses a different excuse, mainly blaming others/Gamergate for supposedly driving her out of the industry. She will rarely admit she was fired but still tries to spin it in her favor, such as in January 2017 when Rebecca claimed one of her friends had convinced her to train someone and Rebecca was fired so that person could replace her.

Rebecca began publicly attacking and severing all ties to her real life friends and co-workers. Rebecca was trying to emotionally manipulate these friends into giving her attention and began suicide baiting and threatening to quit Twitter, with her own husband enabling her in this toxic behavior and blaming her friends for Rebecca being a mentally deranged attention whore.

Rebecca threatened that she has a deadman switch set up for Twitter to name names if she kills herself.

Despite her suicide baiting and constant crying in the aftermath of her leaving Riot, Rebecca found a new temp job at 20th Century Fox studios. She used this as an opportunity to bite the hand that fed her all these years and is so butthurt about being fired that she can't even play video games without being reminded that even Riot Games eventually got sick of her shit. Following Rebecca on Twitter shows that she tweets constantly while on the clock and has even convinced her boss to let her throw autistic tantrums and hide under her desk at work.

With her position at Fox being temporary, in September 2017 Rebecca sought work with Amazon in Seattle, resulting in another meltdown when she was rejected, according to Rebecca they said she was "underqualified." Rebecca also sought a job at Disney and in October 2017 she learned she was rejected there as well, this time because she was supposedly "overqualified." These two rejections lead Rebecca to lament on Twitter that the only things she is qualified for are "to be unemployed" and to "fucking die."
Rebecca's last day at Fox was on November 22nd, 2017 and on December 4th she began working at Paramount studios. Rebecca claimed her new boss "knows what [Gamergate] is" and it was somehow brought up during her interview process. As with her previous places of employment, Rebecca is on Twitter constantly during her work hours.

In early 2017, Rebecca began accusing Daniel of being "abusive" and broke up with him several times and he supposedly dumped her on Valentine's Day. Further relationship woes in March led to an incident resulting in Rebecca threatening suicide and trying to sell all the gifts he had given her, and it was said that her husband had told him to move out and Rebecca was trying to get a new roommate for her Casa de Loco. It was revealed that Daniel has her wear a collar as part of their fucked up "kitten play" fetish, and Rebecca publicly proclaimed that she had "faked orgasms" with him. After fighting for the past month with Daniel and weeks of melt downs over nothing, Rebecca deleted her Twitter account, again, and claimed to be leaving Twitter. She didn't even last 24 hours and came crawling back, memory holing the tweet(s) about leaving. In a Twitter tantrum over having to do housework, Rebecca revealed that Daniel was still living there as she blamed him for not doing the housework because she didn't have "spoons" to do it herself, she also said he should be glad she wasn't setting him on fire.

Despite the months of drama Rebecca caused early in 2017 and her claiming he was abusive, Daniel is still considered her "fiancé" and remains living with them. Rebecca has planned a trip to Germany in Spring 2019 in order to have a fake/non-legal marriage to Daniel at his parent's house (so far they have not been told about any of this), she plans to buy plane tickets for her online friends.

Nearly two years after her employment at Riot ended, Rebecca was still bearing her grudge towards the game, the game's community, and the company itself, and she gleefully contributed tales of supposedly horrible things that happened to her at Riot for a 2018 Kotaku article and then on a Medium blog, such as being asked which video games she plays during a headhunting interview and being asked by male co-workers if she could put a newsletter up in the women's bathroom. Another incident involved a co-worker 'misgendering' the obviously female Rebecca, which led to him being harassed by both Daniel and Rebecca. When he saw she was lying about him years later he set the record straight and said that if she was lying about him then her overall credibility is questionable, leading to Rebecca chimping out. (Here are photos of Rebecca from her time at Riot (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), how dare her co-workers assume this was a normal woman and not a special snowflake!)

Not long after that Kotaku article, in September 2018 Rebecca's partner Daniel Z. Klein was fired from Riot Games after attacking their game's community on Twitter and reddit, which violated the company's social media policy. Rebecca has continued to rage at Riot and has gone as far as to wish harassment on women who hypothetically supported Daniel's firing.

"The Unhappiest Bitch on Earth"

Rebecca is obsessed with Disney movies and Disneyland and goes there multiple times a year, sometimes several times in a month, and on some occasions she has even gone multiple times in one week. She appears to use Disneyland as a way to try to escape the insanity that is her life. Rebecca has admitted on Twitter to telling Disney staff that she needs a disability pass because of autism (which, as aforementioned, she has never been diagnosed with). Rebecca's wedding to Jackson was at Disney World because her parents paid for the "ENTIRE WEDDING" and Rebecca had been not been shy about her wants for a "perfect fairy tale wedding." She has been nicknamed "the Unhappiest Bitch on Earth" due to her frequent Disneyland visits and insane personality.

Transtrending & Gamergate

As with many other cows, the existence of GamerGate caused Rebecca much grief and would continue to serve as her boogeyman through the months and years. Rebecca's involvement was almost always over-the-top dramatics, suicide baiting, and batshit behavior. She even thought she could get Eugene Volokh fired or punished for writing an amicus brief on behalf of Eron Gjoni's appeal against Zoe Quinn's unconstitutional gag order on him.


While initially declaring herself to be 'neutral' and later shifting to being against the GamerGate movement (unfortunately the Storify is gone and doesn't appear to be archived, she wanted to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING shortly after tweeting that), Rebecca ended up going full retard about GamerGate after chugging Brianna Wu's Kool-Aid and making a spectacle of herself with her insane rants and behavior, culminating with a massive chimpout in March 2015 after she made a series of tweets blaming GamerGate for the 'death' of video game archiving and a 'Zennistrad' highlighted it in a Tumblr post. Rebecca chimped out for over a week and claimed she was getting spammed with emails telling her to kill herself.

As part of the March 2015 chimpout, Rebecca claimed Gamergate had doxed her and were calling her repeatedly in the middle of the night and claimed that GamerGate and AyyTeam had stolen the identity of her and her husband. She chimped out about it on Twitter. In response, she also deleted the majority of her social media and was supposedly thrown out of her mother-in-law's home on Easter. In April 2015, she said #Gamergate is "full of faggots." Something happened in May 2015 that made her turn against the anti-GG side and declare she was done with "social justice shit" and was not the "fucking shield" for "racist shits." Whatever this was about did not last long and Rebecca continued to associate with the "racist shits" of anti-Gamergate.



By the time Gamergate's 1-year anniversary came around, Rebecca was seen as Devi Ever 2.0, a crazy opportunist who had tried to use Gamergate for her own gain and then "flip-flopped" when that didn't pan out.

Rebecca was a supporter of self-admitted pedophile Nicholas 'sarah butts' Nyberg. Rebecca tried to threaten that Riot Games' legal department would go after anyone who called out Rebecca with "libel or slander" for defending a cousin-grooming pedophile.

When Rebecca was feuding with the "tankies" she began calling herself the n-word, causing people to rage at her for being white and using the racial slur.

In December 2015, Rebecca was pilloried on Twitter after criticizing Brianna Wu. In January 2016, Rebecca came under fire from the Twitter transgender community after some had declared her to be faking being trans. Rebecca claimed to have attempted suicide over this incident and claimed one of the Twitter trannies had been calling her parents' house every night for the past year.

In a move straight out of the lolcow playbook, Rebecca also claimed that Gamergate and the Social Justice trannies that had called her out were one and the same.


In February 2016, Rebecca had another massive chimpout, this time involving Brianna Wu and Jesse Singal; Singal had just produced an article about transgenders and was being targeted by Twitter addicted SJWs for daring to publish this wrongthink. I'm going to direct you over to Smutley's post once again as he did a great write-up of it over in in the Wu thread. You need to go read it, folks, because it was glorious. Spewing salt every-fuckin'-where, Rebecca was screaming about being misgendered and claimed Jesse Singal wants to kill her and that her family had cut off all contact with her because of the supposed phone calls they were getting, The chimpout seems to have been because Singal had questioned Rebecca's claims of her family being constantly called by the Twitter tranny, and Singal was left scratching his head and trying to figure out if she was a troll.
A few highlights from the insanity:


Rebecca set her account to private during the Singal chimpout and it had remained that way for months. On October 20th, 2016, she deleted all of her old tweets and changed her Twitter handle to RemembrancerBex and made it public. Apparently she was not getting enough asspats from the gross rat king men she included in her echo chamber such as sexual harasser Timothy Craig, Jake "SecretGamerGirl" Alley, and David "Doesn't know how to wipe his own ass" Gallant.

Rebecca tweeted over 1,000 times in the first week of her account being public, and you better believe she was as crazy as ever (possibly due to her medication) and still believes Jesse Singal and others want her dead.


Despite jumping on the transtrender bandwagon and insisting that she is totally trans, Rebecca continues to dress and present herself as a woman, complete with the standard SJW danger hair dye job, as this recent selfie shows. This is a fairly common phenomenon amongst the rat king transtrenders since roleplaying as trans on social media is extremely simple and lets them get asspats, attention whore, enables them to ebeg and get pity bucks, and they can use it as a trump card in their endless online feuds. For years Rebecca never even bothered to do things that even people like Chris-Chan and ADF got done, such as legally changing her name (besides when she married Jackson), and it wasn't until November/December of 2018 that she finally bought herself a name change to "Yonah Bex Gerber" and put "nonbinary" instead of male.



Rebecca still screeches about Gamergate years later, and in 2018 has retconned her firing/leaving Riot in to being Gamergate's fault.

Beggin' Becky and the Birthday 'Bomb'

Sometime before her July 16th birthday in 2015, Rebecca let it be known on Twitter that she wanted a "truffalo tree," from The Lorax. On July 18th, a package was delivered to the apartment of the Gerbers, addressed to Jackson. Rebecca took to Twitter and began live tweeting about it because the package did not show stamps or indications it had been through the mail, and within five minutes she had called 911, was told to call the non-emergency line, and then had police officers coming to check it after putting the package outside their door.

"If anything happens it was a Caucasian man w/ a baseball cap & a white shirt"

Jackson tried to look up the name on the return address and supposedly found it was a real address but a fake name. Rebecca began to freak out even more after Jackson claimed the sender didn't exist (and bear in mind Jackson is the same 'lawyer' who is incapable of doing a Google search to see how to do a name change) and declared she wasn't going to wait for the non-emergency officers and had Jackson start calling the LAPD. Rebecca kept tweeting because she wanted a "record [just in case] something goes wrong."

"Officers en route to the apartment. Again, live Tweeting this b/c A) Hubbie is watching the door & B) Want record JIC something goes wrong."

The police arrived and checked the package: "It's a birthday present that I said I wanted here on Twitter." :story:

Rebecca continued to tweet justifications for her freak out and attacked whoever bought her the truffalo tree gift. "My address? It's not publicly listed. They knew to ship to hubbie since I'm not traceable & hubbie's name since it's not the same as mine."

Despite her sperg out, she kept the gift. "Now, if you were trying to intimidate me, thanks for the Truffula Tree, if you ever set foot in my building I'll show you where to shove it."

In response to her melt down over a birthday gift, Rebecca said, "Anonymous gifts aren't cute for harassment victims. Anonymous gifts are ESPECIALLY NOT CUTE for harassment victims that have been & are currently victims of stalkers." However, this sentiment did not prevent Rebecca from begging for gifts in the following months (such as begging for Steam gifts less than a week later, then in November and December) and in the years since the truffalo tree incident she has had absolutely no shame nor qualms about begging, manipulating. and lying to strangers on Twitter to get them to buy her things or give her money.


Shortly after losing her job at Riot in 2016, Rebecca began cucking Jackson and Daniel with an older married man named Anthony Parisi aka PunningPundit, a stereotypical creep who has been observed orbiting other Twitter dumpster fires such as Alison Rapp and Luke Lockhart. Rebecca pretended to be Parisi's "little" and "pet" while he was her "Daddy" and "Dom."

Rebecca got HPV in 2016 after having sex with Parisi, who denied being the source. This led to drama in 2018 where Rebecca was found to have pre-pre-cancerous cells from the HPV and she dramatized it into full blown cancer and used it to beg for money, which is detailed in the section below.

Parisi would buy toys for Rebecca, make her take photos of Disneyland and imagine her "Daddy" was there, had her constantly text and call him daily, built LEGO sets with her while she pretended to be "nonverbal," and he "collared" Rebecca after she insisted she wouldn't be in a long distance relationship without one. When Parisi was still living in Los Angeles, he went to the Gerbers' apartment constantly and Rebecca would "sleep over" at his place when his wife was out of town; Parisi convinced Rebecca that his wife was abusive and it wasn't cheating for him to be having sex with Rebecca, she was really "saving" him. (On a related note, Parisi's wife announced her plans to divorce him in December 2017, and wanted him gone by Christmas, finally getting away from the serial cheater)

Parisi would eventually convince Rebecca that Jackson and Daniel didn't "truly" love her, he tried to convince Rebecca that Jackson and Daniel were abusing her (Rebecca has accused Daniel of being an abuser when they had a falling out, Daniel has admitted he and Jackson were abusive, but it was handwaved by Rebecca), he tried to get Rebecca to have children with him, and tried to get her to leave Jackson and move to Seattle to be his "personal pet."

Both Parisi and Rebecca would constantly use threats of suicide to manipulate each other, and Rebecca claims Parisi saved her life on multiple occasions, presumably by talking her out of these totally real and not at all for attention suicide attempts. As with everything involving Becky, this relationship was extremely turbulent with lots of drama and by her count she left and went back to him at least six times in the nearly two years they were in a relationship.

In late October 2018, Parisi was branded a "serial abuser" by Emily Cohen aka bathyspherehat, another married woman who Parisi was in an online relationship with. Parisi tried to get into a romantic relationship with yet another woman and slighted Cohen by rejecting a romantic relationship with her, leading to Cohen starting a Twitter witch hunt against him as a predator, liar, and serial abuser who was hiding himself in "social justice." Parisi began suicide baiting to both Rebecca and Cohen, and Rebecca blocked his number after he stopped responding to her (then had her husband try to call him the next day), and tried to guilt Parisi into talking to her again by claiming she had repeatedly tried attempting suicide in the days after he cut contact.
Rebecca claimed Parisi "ghosted" her because he was in a new relationship, but friends of Parisi said it was because Rebecca had joined in the Twitter dogpile and had called him an abuser. Rebecca and her husband tried to spin it as Parisi "grooming" Rebecca to defend him. Rebecca also claimed Parisi wanted her to kill herself so she wouldn't tell anyone the "whole story" about him.

It turned out that Rebecca had texted Parisi to tell him that he had not been abusive and she still wanted to be in a relationship with him, this led to an associate of Parisi's saying she had seen Parisi's phone. The implication was that she had seen the message from Rebecca about Parisi not being abusive to her, but Rebecca instead thought it was a threat because Parisi had nude photos of her.
In response to this perceived threat, Rebecca, Jackson and Daniel claimed Parisi had raped her when she was too intoxicated to consent. Jackson and Daniel claim to have "witnessed" this alleged rape, and not only did they do nothing, they did not report it to the police, and they continued letting Parisi have contact with Rebecca and only brought it up in an attempt to intimidate Parisi when they thought he'd leak nudes and messages from Rebecca. "We have eyewitnesses, but don’t want this to go further unless my partner’s private materials (texts, photos, emails, etc) are disseminated."

Rebecca claimed phone calls and text messages were now a "trigger" to her because Parisi was one of two people who called her. She also got mad because word was being spread that she was a known liar and her claims against Parisi were likely false.

Both Rebecca and Cohen have admitted they still "love" Parisi and would go back to him if he was willing (and Rebecca said she would gladly lie to do so), even though he supposedly abused them, and in Rebecca's case, gave her the HPV that led to 'cancer,' allegedly physically abused her, allegedly ignored her safeword, and allegedly raped her. Rebecca has said she never intended to reveal any of this (and thus enabled more people to be victimized by Parisi) in order to protect Parisi's "reputation," and only did so because Parisi and his friends 'went after' her.

The 'Cancer' Caper

After an exam in early 2018 revealed Rebecca had pre-precancerous cells from her HPV, she pretended she had full blown cancer on Twitter and brought out all the dramatics to set the stage for her to beg for money while simultaneously planning a $5,000-$10,000+ vacation to Disney World.

On March 23rd, 2018, Rebecca began ebegging while exploiting Passover to try and guilt people into giving her money. Rebecca said they were to be "hosting" seven people and needed money and implied she was doing it out of the goodness of her heart, "No one should be alone on Passover." (It ended up just being Daniel's co-workers from RIOT that attended)

Two days later on the 25th, Rebecca learned that a pap smear had shown a "high-grade squamous intraepitheial lesion (HSIL)" and she immediately took to Twitter and proclaimed that she had cancer and started acting as if she was going to drop dead at any moment and would be forced to eat nothing but ramen noodles for a month to pay for the procedure, and began suicide baiting. Rebecca said she had pre-cancerous cells from HPV, and blamed getting the STI on one of the "most important people" in her life, her "Daddy" Anthony Parisi, who had always denied being the source. Parisi responded to these accusations by "softblocking" Rebecca (a forced Twitter unfollow), leading to more suicide baiting.

Rebecca began trying to weaponize her "cancer" to deploy in Twitter slapfights, including wishing for others to get "misery" from HPV.

On March 31st, Rebecca's suicide baiting led to her being reported on Twitter for making suicide threats, she chimped out and claimed she was leaving the site. Jackson blamed the video game community. On April 2nd, Rebecca had two biopsies and Jackson used it as an opportunity to ebeg. On April 4th, Rebecca herself came back to Twitter and cried about "gamers" and said it would take two weeks to get the biopsy results, however, the next day she said the test results were somehow back already and that it would be cervical cancer unless it was removed, and, but of course, she needed to "crowdfund" for it and started ebegging yet again, because somehow her household of Daniel, Jackson, and herself would be unable to have $1,000 in a around a month's timeframe. Hmm. Rebecca's mami and papi refused to give her any money and allegedly told Rebecca it was her own fault she got HPV by sleeping around. Rebecca had claimed back in 2015 that mami was not only a cancer survivor but also worked for years at a "cancer hospital," which would explain why mami had refused to give Rebecca money as she knew Rebecca didn't have anything serious and it had indeed been Rebecca's own fault for getting HPV by having sex with perverts she met on the internet. As Rebecca continued to publicly attack her parents (the "Republican pendejos" as she called them), she also revealed that despite the supposedly dire financial crisis she was in she was still going to Disneyland the next day.

She was still crying about Parisi dumping her on the 8th, and chimped out over being reported for suicidal tweets again. Rebecca tried to use National Library Week as a platform to ebeg.

By April 9th, rubes had thrown at least $1,000 towards Rebecca's cancer scam. Rebecca would continue to weaponize her "cancer" in both Twitter slapfights as well as her sexual relationships.

Rebecca gleefully announced on April 24th that she, Jackson, and Daniel had just finished their weeks of planning for a 9-day vacation to Disney World in Florida complete with reservations at the Animal Kingdom Resort (Savanna View rooms, $500+ a night), restaurant bookings, and tickets to shows. Realizing how stupid it was to admit she had just spent $5,000-$10,000+ on this after having spent the past month ebegging for "cancer," she deleted most of the tweets shortly after making them. Rebecca was lambasted on /r/Scams for being a blatant scumbag.

On May 3rd, Rebecca chimped out after someone criticized her for ebegging and spending thousands on a Disney World vacation. Rebecca tried to claim it was a "free vacation" despite that obviously being a lie. On May 9th, Rebecca announced the lesion was "benign" and had been removed without issue.

Rebecca would continually complain about getting busted for these lies in the following months. She eventually tried to make a half-assed cover story where she claimed Daniel had paid for everything and bought it to celebrate the success of Rebecca's surgery. This is easily debunked as the lies they are, as Rebecca's tweets announcing the trip explicitly said Jackson had made the purchase and that they were taking Daniel to Disney World. She also claimed that it was bought because: "The surgery was successful. To celebrate that success, my non-husband partner decided to take us on vacation." In reality, the trip purchase was announced on April 24th while the surgery did not take place until May, so it is impossible for it to have been "to celebrate that success" of something that had not occurred.

The Adoption Saga and the Hernandez Familia

In 2016, Rebecca claims to have found out she was adopted after she did an ancestry DNA test, she claims her parents disowned a cousin that told her she was adopted. In 2018, Rebecca claims to have found out who her biological father was thanks to 23andme. He ended up being a Trump supporting Navy veteran, much to her chagrin, and he casted doubt on Rebecca's previous claim that her 'real' mom was a teenage drug addict.

Rebecca's adoption claims are doubted by the Twitter "progressives" she was fighting with at the time, who saw it as yet another weaponization of an identity and believed she invented it solely for use in Twitter theatrics.

Rebecca has claimed many times over the years that her parents have disowned her over this or that, usually something related to Twitter beefs. She has also clamed she cut off her family for being Republicans. In March 2016 Rebecca and Daniel's Twitter rants about Gamergate earned an article on Breitbart, which Rebecca claimed outed her as 'polyamorous" to her parents, resulting in them disowning her. As with other oft repeated Rebecca claims (such as saying people are emailing her or calling her parents, more on that later) her claims of being disowned are obviously lies, as she continues to frequently talk with her parents, grifts money from them, and has even gone on vacations with them.

Rebecca is an endless source of strife with her adopted Hernandez family due to her insanity, especially after she found a new boogeyman, President Donald Trump, who, along with the alt-right, she believes is going to remove all rights from trannies, colored people, and disabled people and put them in death camps. Most of her complaints seem to be related to healthcare (with Rebecca claiming if she loses her insurance she will have to kill herself), and supposedly her family told her it's her own fault if she doesn't have it and that even if she dies many more people would be saved by it. Rebecca's family members allegedly thought she would be better off dead than living as an autist, which has helped her to rage about how horrid they are for not agreeing with her about Trump.
Rebecca has always been nasty towards her parents, especially her 'mami' (who is in her 70s) because they "misgender" and "deadname" her constantly. When mami and papi took Rebecca and Jackson on a New Year's vacation to Texas, Rebecca plotted to ruin the trip in advance just to spite mami and continually complained during the trip that mami was calling her Rebecca. Rebecca has claimed the Hernandez family is "abusive."

Rebecca claims that mami and papi taught her nothing but Spanish until she finally learned English at the age of five when preparing to go into the school system, as such Rebecca claims she dreams and thinks in Spanish, but hates using the language now because she gets "misgendered."

The ungrateful Rebecca has repeatedly claimed to be a big money pit for the Hernandez family, and has said that her parents spent all of their savings on unsuccessful fertility treatments before breaking down and adopting, supposedly they didn't even know what race Rebecca was when they agreed to adopt. For some reason one of Rebecca's aunts is still sending the adult Rebecca "Easter money," which she of course is ungrateful about and uses as an excuse to attack the aunt on Twitter (while still taking the money).

When Rebecca got a lead about who her "biodad" was on 23andme, mami was texting with her and told Rebecca that she was hurting them by doing this. Rebecca didn't care and began declaring her intentions to disown mami and papi and prevent them from ever seeing any future grandchildren.

After talking to her alleged real father, Rebecca had a brief epiphany where she realized her entire life was a lie - she wasn't "Latinx," she wasn't Cuban, and she had no connection to Spain. This was an incredibly fleeting admission, and Rebecca seamlessly went back to appropriating the life stories of her adoptive Cuban family and resumed declaring herself "Latinx" on Twitter. She also "dropped" the biodad for being ex-military and a "Trumpie." She will still even proclaim herself to be "Cuban" if it means getting asspats.

Rebecca supposedly found the name of her "biomom," but according to the resources she checked a woman by that name does not exist.

Rebecca has announced her plans to disown any future children if they have political views that don't align with hers.

"Give me the lobster, goy!"

Rebecca claimed to have converted to Judaism in October 2016, and almost immediately began behaving like an offensive "kosher face" stereotype you would see on /pol/ by weaponizing her newfound religion and invoking the horrors of the Holocaust in attempts to win Twitter slapfights and randomly attack Germans because Trump was elected. Do note that all of that was being done before she had actually converted. As of March 2017, Rebecca had still not actually converted and would complain that they were "deadnaming" her at the Judaism course. Actual Jews reading this thread would often shake their heads at Rebecca for eating lobster, fumbling through important Jewish traditions, and engaging in other eyebrow-raising activities like her candle magic and talking about "gods" plural. Rebecca would sometimes fluctuate between proclaiming herself to be a flesh and blood Jew and admitting she hadn't actually converted yet.

Nearly a year after she first claimed to have already converted and had been yelling on Twitter about how Jewish she was, Rebecca completed her conversion to Judaism with a mikveh on October 9th, 2017. In typical Rebecca fashion, she said the mikveh meant nothing to her because she was "Jewish before [she] jumped in that pool."

Rebecca did not go to synagogue in the months after the mikveh, finally going once 10 months after the conversion.

Rebecca was temporarily suspended on Twitter for using "goy" and "goyim" as slurs, leading both her and Jackson to make posts whining about the platform.

In June 2018, Rebecca began trying to see if she could make Aliyah, the immigration of Jews to Israel (even though she has complained about Israel for years), because of President Trump. This fantasy came crashing down after she discovered both she and Jackson do not count as Jews under Israeli regulations.

The 2018 Disney World trip was booked during the Jewish High Holy Days, Rebecca, Jackson, and Daniel either didn't care or didn't even notice until months later, and she couldn't even pry herself away from Disney World to attend an Orlando area synagogue. In yet another trip to Disneyland in December 2018 during Shabbat, Rebecca happily admitted to having had pork and lobster at one of the restaurants.

In January 2019, Rebecca admitted that her conversion to Judaism had been yet another way to spite and hurt her mami and papi, calling it a "rejection" of her Cuban Catholic family.

The Salon Incident, or that time Rebecca was outed as a liar

In January, 2018 there was an incident where Rebecca was having her hair dyed at a salon, chose to ignore the stylist and sat there in silence on her phone, and then decided to start lying about the stylists mocking her hair dye, all so she could get Twitter asspats. The stylist was able to see Rebecca doing this and, in one of the most satisfying happenings since this thread began, one of the women at the salon confronted Rebecca about her lies. Rebecca responded as one might expect, she called the women "cis bitches," incited harassment against the woman, and tried to destroy their careers.

Rebecca was still butthurt over getting called out by these woman and brought it up again in November to whine that they had "harassed" her, and she complained that people were assuming Rebecca is the "problem" due to how much drama she is in and how it must look like she is "making shit up," which she does, especially in this case where she lied about these women at the salon for no reason other than getting attention on Twitter.

Emails and Phone Calls

When you investigate most of the drama Rebecca creates or involves herself in you will find recurring claims she trots out frequently over the years. Rebecca will always claim, without evidence, that she is getting multiple phone calls and scores of emails and Twitter DMs, and these fictional calls and messages are blamed on whichever group she is currently feuding with. If someone asks her to provide proof, she always goes on the defensive and makes excuses as to why she can't show proof. You can always tell when Rebecca does actually get a message as she will have no qualms about screencapping it to parade around on Twitter.

The other standard Rebecca claim is that her parents are getting phone calls and emails from whichever group or person she is attacking on Twitter. Again, there has never been a shred of evidence for these as far as I have seen, and in fact Rebecca has admitted on at least two occasions that she was lying and had falsely accused various people and admitted that it was supposedly an "ex" that was making the calls and emails.
Rebecca has been weaponizing these claims of messages to herself and phone calls to her parents to attack and try to silence her online 'enemies' since at least 2015 (and has claimed she was getting them in August 2014), and over the years she has accused Gamergate (and still does so in 2018), anti-Gamergate, "tankies," TotalBiscuit's followers, Popehat's followers, Chip Brent, Brianna Wu fans, KotakuInAction readers, League of Legends players, and likely more, all without any evidence. Rebecca has driven away supporters by making these obviously false claims.

When her hatred for Riot blew up due to the events preceding Daniel's firing in 2018, Rebecca brought out this old debunked lie yet again, except this time she claimed that not only were her parents getting phone calls, but that they had been forced to unplug their phone, then they had been forced to flee their home due to the calls on the unplugged phone (and she later lied that Boogie's fans were responsible after he made some tweets about Riot/Klein), she claimed that mami had to go to the hospital due to heart palpitations from the calls (don't worry, it was so serious and real that Rebecca casually went to Disneyland that same night), and she claimed that the League of Legends players she blamed for doing all of this had drove out to mami and papi's house and threw eggs at the door.

Keeping the above claims in mind, Rebecca had spent most of 2018 grifting and lying in regards to an expensive Disney World vacation, as detailed in a section above, and it turned out Daniel was fired right before the trip. They still went to Disney World and met up with Rebecca's mami and papi, the same people Rebecca claimed had been driven from their home, had eggs thrown at the house, and ended up in the hospital with heart palpitations just days prior. Instead of the concern and other sentiments you would expect if the things she claimed actually had happened, Rebecca showed no regard for any of it and spent her time with her parents staging panic attacks at the family get together and having one of her cucks "attack" mami, complaining that her parents had lectured her about how fat she was, having Daniel and Jackson harass mami over her refusal to play their fetish games and call the cleavage-showing, skirt-wearing Rebecca her "son," suicide baiting on Twitter and blaming mami, and declaring that her parents didn't love her and implied she was going to disown them.
In the end, the only verified harassment that mami and papi received came from Jackson, Daniel, and Rebecca herself. Weeks after the initial claims, Rebecca claimed that mami and papi suddenly discovered it was a high school and college era "ex" of Rebecca's who not only is inexplicably following Rebecca online over a decade later, but had supposedly egged the house because, according to Rebecca, he had wanted to use the "gamers who threatened [her] family" as "cover." :story:
Update: It gets better, as months after the Disney vacation Daniel Z. Klein not only admitted he was going to physically assault Rebecca's 71-year-old mother and only intervention from Jackson stopped him, Klein also threatened he will "punch that lady in the teeth" if he ever meets her again. Additionally, while Rebecca was complaining that her parents gave her a large sum of money as a Christmas gift, her husband Jackson Gerber said that it is "getting harder each time " to resist cursing out Rebecca's mother and that he is nearing his "breaking point" and is willing to "end up in a fist fight with [Rebecca's] father."

Semper Fidelis to @Smutley, @zedkissed60, @Portajohn, @Cynical, @Jaimas, @Ambivalenz and especially to David S. Gallant for their assistance in compiling this thread.
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@CatParty, if you don't stop pretending to be a moderator and if you don't stop demanding explanations for threads as the first reply I am going to fucking maul you.

Deleted all the shit before this. Make a report or TTS next time. Fucking Christ.

As for the OP: Riot Games is some garbage Silicon Valley company that needed a few more ticks on the diversity quota for tax breaks so they have this stupid cow digging holes and filling them back in again on company time.

RG 448

I especially like the contradiction in that twitter stream of conciousness about deadnaming.

"It's wrong to harass trans people unless they do something I don't like then they deserve it. Trans people don't need your approval, but they do need mine."
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True & Honest Fan
Becks is so crazy she goes beyond mere Ratkings, though she has countless ties to them. Take Nora Reed. Make her even more delusional, paranoid, and froth-at-the-mouth-crazy, and give her a complete incapacity to accept even the most minor of criticisms, and you get a general grasp of why this particular cow happens to be such an entertaining one.

Becks constantly claims that dozens of groups who have fucking barely heard of her are trying to kill her, be it Gamergate, random youtubers, Donald Trump, the League of Legends playerbase, or hairlice. That kind of crazy is a rare prize, and must always be savored.

Mike "Bubbles" Smith

What does her job as an archivist actually entail?
Fucking nothing. This shithead wants to pretend that they're cataloging the history of video games while not actually giving a shit about the history of video games.

Here's a fun experiment: Search her Twitter for mentions of Ty Halderman. Halderman, before his death, was responsible for the single largest online archive of Doom WADs, keeping records of what is undoubtedly the richest game modding community with entries stretching back to the game's release in 1993. If that's not game archival, I don't know what is. Not a peep from her about his death.

Postal Dude

Killing is my business... and business is good!
"if you are trans & deadname another trans person &/or deny their gender identity, you are attempting murder via suicide"
No, unless you allow your identity to be dictated by others, in which case your "trans" identity doesn't count for shit.
Also, when will these lunatics realize that "trans" is not a gender? Trans people are male or female. Simple as.

Mike "Bubbles" Smith

Just realized something.

Her "archivist" delusion is based on her collecting Pokemon games. It's so obvious, look at the first picture in this thread, her Twitter banner, it all just clicks.

She buys games and old consoles to play them on, and calls it "archiving." What she's doing is no different than your average vintage gaming fan but she needed a way to make it sound more exciting, or perhaps a parent told her when she was little that her obsession with collecting pokemon was like archiving and it sparked an autismal fire.

Thinking about it this way reminds me of Lazy Game Reviews, who does something similar with vintage gaming but has no archivist delusions. I'd definitely consider him more of an archivist, however, due to his penchant for restoring old machines, collecting and preserving physical copies of games and software, and documenting eclectic hardware and software (for real, check out his "oddware" series it owns).


One interesting thing about Rebecca and Daniel Z Klein is the extreme on-again/off-again nature of their relationship. I don't have caps because she was locked at the time and this was shared through a friend, but at one point they were engaged, but she broke up with him and nearly kicked him out because he was, from her perspective, uncaring towards her disability and transphobic. She reported that colleagues at Riot Games were concerned for Klein because of her erratic behavior and extreme SJWism, so he suggested they take a break from being publicly together and she dumped him. They continued living together and now they're dating again. I'd feel bad for Klein if he wasn't such a shithead, including doing things like blocking fans on twitter who draw fanart of his newest character Taliyah


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What does her job as an archivist actually entail?

Short version: Not a fucking thing except going on about how she's preserving game history.

Medium Version:
It's a legit field covering restoration of digital ecosystems and covering well-known game files and histories, to prevent them from simply disappearing into the ether when servers get pulled or the like. It also covers things like pre-expansion MMOs, recording and backing up famous Starcraft Maps and Doom Wads, and so on. Becks herself does none of these, and is part of the new guard of Social Justice infiltration into fields it has no experience or care for, but will cheerfully conquer for the sake of taking it over.

Long Version: Games Archivers extract game ROMs and source code for archival purposes so they can be looked at, analyzed, and learned from. They also back up things like game saves, maps, patches, and even quantity digit data. This data is used to create everything from emulators to reproduction carts of old video games and even arcade rigs. When there's a classic game someplace, some asshole is going to record it and make sure it's available to future generations. They even work at analyzing hardware to make reproductions of unique hardware like the Vectrex. A great number of both amateurs and professionals carry on this tradition, from Harvard grads to Vinesauce:

In the last few years, however, the same sort of infestation we seem to encounter fucking everywhere on yon internet has made a serious in-roads to professional spheres of game archiving. This has mostly taken the form of Social Justice lunatics (who, surely by coincidence, almost to a man have direct ties to at least one, if not multiple Rat Kings, and groups like the International Games Developer Association (IGDA) and Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), who canny Kiwis will note were central to Gamergate even happening in the fucking first place with their "video games are sexist, no matter what the actual data says" research. Both groups were mainstays in the attack platform, with the latter leading directly to the Gamers Are Dead Incident.

I mentioned it in-depth during Chipman's thread, but if you go to.... Say, the University of Michigan's Games Archiving program, something will jump out at you if you start digging through the site: A special section dedicated to preservation "special interest groups" or SIGs - and that this group - who again, surely by coincidence - just happens to have a number of people who showed up in the the CON Leaks - such as Randi Harper, Katherine Cross, and more. Most of the work of these "SIGs" will fall into the category of screaming about how this, that, or the other thing in video gaming aren't inclusive enough, how there's too much violence, and how video games inherently misogynistic.

Insert mandatory "Move SIGs for Great Social Justice" Joke here.

Becks falls into this crowd. She does exactly nothing of value or note and accomplishes exactly jack shit but act as another footprint the usual suspects have in the industry. And because more professional games archiving services are a relatively new field, they were able to move in pretty much without any opposition. If there's any upside to their presence here it's that the damage they can inflict in this capacity is relatively minimal, but you can find a lot about the ins and outs of why Gamergate's biggest trigger, the Gamers Are Dead Incident, happened if you take a closer look at this nuttery. Word of warning, though, you're going to find a ton of cases of people doing research, finding evidence that doesn't go with their preconceived notions, and then claiming that they were right in spite of said evidence anyway if you do.

One interesting thing about Rebecca and Daniel Z Klein is the extreme on-again/off-again nature of their relationship. I don't have caps because she was locked at the time and this was shared through a friend, but at one point they were engaged, but she broke up with him and nearly kicked him out because he was, from her perspective, uncaring towards her disability and transphobic. She reported that colleagues at Riot Games were concerned for Klein because of her erratic behavior and extreme SJWism, so he suggested they take a break from being publicly together and she dumped him. They continued living together and now they're dating again. I'd feel bad for Klein if he wasn't such a shithead, including doing things like blocking fans on twitter who draw fanart of his newest character Taliyah

I can sum up why that was in a single emoticon: :suffering:

Another poly relationship, another broken home life.
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Mike "Bubbles" Smith

Long Version: Games Archivers extract game ROMs and source code for archival purposes so they can be looked at, analyzed, and learned from. They also back up things like game saves, maps, patches, and even quantity digit data. This data is used to create everything from emulators to reproduction carts of old video games and even arcade rigs. When there's a classic game someplace, some asshole is going to record it and make sure it's available to future generations. They even work at analyzing hardware to make reproductions of unique hardware like the Vectrex. A great number of both amateurs and professionals carry on this tradition, from Harvard grads to Vinesauce:

The best is how social justice "archivists" will react to people pointing out the amateur sector taking over the responsibility of archiving by extracting ROMs, uncapping chips, etc. They'll be like "uhhh that's not archival, that's piracy, what is Netflix archiving movies???" Of course, no matter how you slice it or no matter what you think of emulation, emuparadise or whatever is doing a shitload more toward the preservation of old games than "Becks" ever fucking will.

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