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Who's cucking who?

  • Daniel is cucking Jackson/Cuckson

    Votes: 8 2.0%
  • Cuckson is cucking Daniel

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Basic Becky is cucking Both

    Votes: 66 16.5%
  • All of them are massive cucks, together, cucking one another.

    Votes: 325 81.5%

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RRRRREEEEbecca is back on Twitter because she couldn't resist screeching about GAMERGATE, something from going on half a decade ago.
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Rebecca thinks she is going to be "carted off to a camp" by Trump. Rebecca's mami, who Daniel Z. Klein has threatened to physically attack and is constantly being tormented by Rebecca, allegedly has ovarian cancer.
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Incredibly compartmentalized thought processes. "Nobody probably gives a shit that I'm back," but also "KF has a 400+ page thread stalking my every move."


Spider Baby So Pure
Well, she was gone longer than I thought she'd be.

But goddamn does that whole "Not that anyone gives a shit that I'm back/doubt anyone noticed I was gone" bullshit sound exactly like angsty teenage passive-aggression. She knows it's bullshit too because several people are seen asking about her on Jackson's twitter, but it's never good enough for her.

And nobody is sending you to some camp you lazy sow, nor your parents. Though Papi going full-based on her is funny as hell. Guess he's lost any endearment he had with her.....except to use him for her soapbox rants.


Sugar Cubes
True & Honest Fan
Gee, I wonder why lying RRREEEbecca is always "second guessed" about being Jewish as she shovels lobster into her mouth. Note that she is right back to falsely claiming to be "Latinx" even though fallout over that is why she chimped out and deleted Twitter this time.
Here's why she got so triggered over being asked for evidence that she muted it.


Anonymus Fluhre

No man fears what he has seen grow
Nice to see you're being a good sport and are back for the big 500, Becky.
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Becky's kryptonite: being forced into the deeply problematic emotional labor of supplying evidence for her claims!
How odd, many of claims GG supporters had were given with evidence while people like Becky here just had the old "listen and believe" defense. Does she mean talking to the trolls who jumped on to the GG bandwagon and ruined everything? Then yeah I agree.

Next Task

Bexy will spend the rest of her life in therapy because reasons.
She should spend her life in therapy, because she is supremely fucked up and it could maybe stop her from being such a complete cunt.

But every time it's come up in the past, she's complained that she can't afford it (while being on psychiatric medication) and that they're transphobic/ableist/whatever because they won't just agree with what she says and give her asspats for surviving. Or give her an official autism diagnosis, which I believe she's tried to get from three different doctors (according to her) and all of them disagreed with her True and Honest Feelings about being autistic.

Of course, if she were to be in therapy, about the best we'd get out of it would be official diagnoses - BPD? NPD? HPD? All three? Though they're not treated as well as all her other sources of oppression, so I don't know she'd say even if she was diagnosed as a cluster-B nutcase.

Blue Jerkop

True & Honest Fan
The funny thing is that Becky has a tremendous amount in common with the bible-thumping fundies she hates in that both consider 'evidence' a bad word.

Defamation laws are dangerous but I really wish they could occasionally brought to bear against some of these assholes. Of course it's safer to defame someone who died, I guess...


Spider Baby So Pure
Cow crossover with Brian Hughes
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Nice to know Ms. Cultural Sensitivity herself knows fuck-all about Ireland. The Irish have no desire to be anywhere near the dumpster fire that is the UK right now, nor would they want to take over anything as "payback". They want to be left alone.

Also, I see the Trans vs. Troons War is gearing up. Excellent. I look forward to the impending brawl of wokeness.

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