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Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-GerberFaked Cancer Scare to pay for Disney Trip; Pretend Trans Cuban Jew; Doesn't Believe Victims of Rape.

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Hellfire, Nov 3, 2016.

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Who's cucking who?

  1. Daniel is cucking Jackson/Cuckson

    6 vote(s)
  2. Cuckson is cucking Daniel

    0 vote(s)
  3. Basic Becky is cucking Both

    63 vote(s)
  4. All of them are massive cucks, together, cucking one another.

    274 vote(s)
  1. Becky is so fucking fake and doesn't even try. She's the Jake Alley of being a Jew.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  2. Wait is she trying to indicate that she was raped by Max Landis? Is this the first time she brought this up, because I can't remember her bringing this up earlier.
    I wonder if he even went to the same school and if he did whether she even knew him
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  3. It can't even be about another woman for even a second, can it, Becky? Every time one of these things comes up on Becky's feed it always turns into the YEAH I MEAN THAT WAS BAD BUT WHAT ABOUT ME? show. Hijacking a conversation about a woman getting raped because he was mean to you :story:

    Not that it happened, of course.
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    Bear Ass

    Bear Ass BEARS!

  4. She's not even claiming he raped her. Apparently he didn't tongue wash her anus or something.

    It's all just a Becky humblebrag intended to say she met Max Landis, though nothing with Basic Becky is complete without her being a victim somehow.

    So she probably never even met him, just saw him on the other side of a room once.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  5. It’s even funnier to see her throwing fits all because of stupid past sexual experiences she regrets but making the excuse of "assault" to make herself seem like the victim instead of just acknowledging she made mistakes when she was young....
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  6. I only ever knew Max Landis as that shitty screenwriter that showed up on Red Letter Media shows a couple times. It turns out that he's also given Becky super deadly, high intensity PTSD.

    What the fuck, now I love Max Landis.

    ...his movies are still shit, though
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    Um Oh Ah Yeah

    Um Oh Ah Yeah Don't hate me just because I'm an abomination
    True & Honest Fan

  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Another day, another casual hurtful lie from REEEbecca about her parents.
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    Blue Jerkop

    True & Honest Fan

  9. In the middle of all that she claims the guy once told her he needed to take viagra to bone the ugly chicks such as herself (which I assume is mostly something intended as a "joke") - but again Becky seems to love dating guys that treat her like dirt until the relationship is over and she can complain about it for pity-pats.

    Your married once already and getting married a second time for kicks. It's still a wonder that it doesn't drain the two lads when they do everything to make her happy, and she *still* wants to be miserable about shitty boyfriends from decades ago (or ones she lets mess with her because of her open relationship beliefs)
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    RisingPheonix I came here to squark at you

  10. Becky's narcissism is on point as usual. If she can't get enough asspats from her own followers, she'll go out of her way to look for it in other people's happy moments, looking for sympathy points by making up shit about her own life. That gender reveal thing (which I continue to think is ridiculous for grown-ass adults) is from Columbus, Ohio...meaning she sought that out to bring up her make-believe abuse into.

    I do enjoy the slap-fight she gets into with a right-winger from Texas in the comments regarding her delusion, though.
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    VacuousSpooder Spider Baby So Pure

  11. Becky's going to end up flouncing again within the next 24 hours.
    Becky weighs in on the Coffin bullshit.
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    True & Honest Fan

  12. She’s in perfect health? I thought she was disabled and needs straws, wheelchairs, and other assorted special stuff? I can’t really keep up with Basic Bexy’s plights.
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    ZeeMarin ZeeMarin

  13. Depression pills got you fat? Like, directly? I know America loves their bacon and will deep fry anything but I doubt that pills have that many calories. Cows always think they are some special case that laws of thermodynamics somehow does not apply to.

    You intake more than you burn. You might not burn enough because you're depressed and unmotivated or pills make you groggy, fine. But don't blame pills directly.
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    MyOtherNicknameIsAPun Neck sleeve owner

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  14. I hate to defend her, but a side effect of some anti-depressants can be increased appetite and weight gain, although that itself isn't an excuse.
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    #10015 EurocopterTigre, Feb 9, 2019 at 8:49 PM
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019 at 10:00 PM

    EurocopterTigre Proud Attackheliosexual

  15. Sure, they probably might (I'm not up to date on side effects of mood altering pills) but if you can have thin stoners you can stop yourself from 4th helping of a cake. This being Becky I somehow doubt she's even on pills, if her moods are anything to go by.
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    MyOtherNicknameIsAPun Neck sleeve owner

  16. She lacks of being jolly and happy like Santa Claus.
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    Snowflake Buster

    Snowflake Buster Bustin' special snowflakes makes me feel good

  17. :story:


    Crossover with the ongoing Peter Coffin defends rapist Wesley 'laurelai' Bailey drama.
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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
    True & Honest Fan

  18. She should have changed her name to Yonah Bitch Gerber.
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    trombonista Sparking!
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  19. This is one of those Tweets where you show it to someone who does not know Bec or how insane she is and they can instantly tell without even needing to see more.
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