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Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-GerberFaked Cancer Scare to pay for Disney Trip; Pretend Trans Cuban Jew; Doesn't Believe Victims of Rape.

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Hellfire, Nov 3, 2016.

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Who's cucking who?

  1. Daniel is cucking Jackson/Cuckson

    6 vote(s)
  2. Cuckson is cucking Daniel

    0 vote(s)
  3. Basic Becky is cucking Both

    63 vote(s)
  4. All of them are massive cucks, together, cucking one another.

    279 vote(s)
  1. Once again she blames it on Kiwi Farms for criticizing her behavior on the internet.
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    Snowflake Buster

    Snowflake Buster Bustin' special snowflakes makes me feel good

  2. Remember when Becky did exactly the same thing as Coffin? Two months ago, blaming KF because of course a precious tranny can't be a rapist.
    I do!
    Becky did end up blocking her after immense pressure, but her BELIEVE WOMEN!!1 shit tends not to mesh well when it's women accusing trannies.
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    Bear Ass

    Bear Ass BEARS!

  3. Becky says things like 'I was attacked for bringing up my rapist so I don't feel like I can talk about it here anymore'. Except she wasn't attacked, her feels about what she can and can't write on Twitter are irrelevant, and she never shuts up about it anyway. The amount she complains about not being able to talk about things she's talking about makes me wish she would actually experience some of the silencing she never stops whining about.

    She gets away with so many lies to her followers, who appear to uncritically accept everything she says. Yet you'll struggle to find someone who defines 'feels before reals' more than Becky. If she says she has an emotion, everyone needs to know about it and cater to it and be aware that she has absolutely no control over it.

    Really, everyone we've ever seen reply to Becky in a positive way on Twitter is at the very least an NPC, and would likely be a lolcow, even if just of the dull variety. Swallowing her bullshit on the regular is not the sign of a healthy mind.
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  4. She did exactly the same shit to other people claiming misconduct by the so-called "rapist" before she decided he was a rapist (because he dumped her). She's accused one of her own cucks of being a rapist, too, when he tried to leave this hideous cunt.

    She lies a lot. The only reason she's calling him a rapist is she's mad she doesn't get his dick any more.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  5. Those two are empty person-shaped husks that have long since been drained of anything resembling humanity. There's noting left to drain.

    I've been waiting for Becky's HAES phase. This is a treat. Hope she really runs with this one, fatspergs deeply amuse me.
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  6. I was excited to see that too! i miss the old FPH days- nothing quite like a place so dedicated to making fun of something that humans are biologically programmed to hate. becky sliding into HAES will be glorious.

    Anyone else find her claim about papi carrying around her birth certificate to be... odd?

    1. Becky is adopted.
    2. Becky claims she found out she was adopted after doing a dna test as an adult
    3. Becky claims papi carried around her birth certificate to prove he is her father and not a kidnapper

    After some digging it seems that an updated birth certificate is issued with the adopted parents name and the original birth certificate is often sealed, access locked behind a court order. Not an expert on adoption law, but I figured some others may have the same thought as me.

    Regardless, the act of carrying around a birth certificate to prove you didn't kidnap your kid still seems pretty outright false. Didn't she grow up in a heavily latino area? Lots of kids are paler in their youth than as adults, and white latinos are a real and well understood thing. More typical becky histrionics.
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    #10026 AlexJonesGotMePregnant, Feb 10, 2019
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2019

    AlexJonesGotMePregnant and gave me aids

  7. Yeah it's just as true as a doctor telling her that she should be suicidal because she's fat and her ever being anorexic.

    ...as in, completely made up.
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    Blue Jerkop

    True & Honest Fan

  8. Also how dumb do you have to be not to figure out (not even suspect) you are adopted when your Papi is walking around waving a piece of paper proving he didn't kidnap you?
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    Deven Vagina-niggers GET OUT REEEEEE

  9. To be fair (and I’m not giving this basic bitch any credit), some mixed-race families have this problem. Knew a guy who was white as an Irish but his family is actually black, and a lighter-skinned Hispanic family who had darker kids. People asked, but there was definitely no police calling, especially back in the Triassic when Becky was little. She, again, is trying to drum up current events to be all about her.
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  10. We've seen the pictures of her parents. They're white as fuck.
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    talk talk talk

    talk talk talk Wise and Terrible

  11. Once you realize that Becky's Twitter is a stream of imagined incidents and lies that never bother with any coherency, everything makes a lot more sense.
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  12. RRRRREEEEEbecca 'accidentally' retweeted a "Republican about Israel. " People called her out over it and Rebecca threw a tantrum and threatened to delete her account, yet again, and is currently locked down.
    "The tankies aren’t going to stop until I’m dead. There was never going to be another ending to this."
    Cow crossovers with Brian Hughes and Timothy Craig.

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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
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  13. Talk about a tard fight. Like there's anything wrong with retweeting someone you agree with about something even if they're a Republican.

    But hey, RRREEEEEEEbecky picks her own shitty companions, where it's a thought crime to associate with the wrong people, so she pretty much deserves to get shit on for the same trivial divergences of opinion as any other SJW cultist.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  14. wtf I love tankies now?
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    Blue Jerkop

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  15. They do cause losers like RRREEEEEEbecca and Nora RRRREeeeeeed to flip their shit by actually having ideological standards of some sort other than just saying "reeeee I'm a troon" and automatically getting asspats.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  16. Praxis? Folx? Those aren't even real words. I do however agree with aguyuno. Not everything has to be a war.
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    Snowflake Buster

    Snowflake Buster Bustin' special snowflakes makes me feel good

  17. I don't think Reeebeca is using it right though.
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    EurocopterTigre Proud Attackheliosexual

  18. Possibly using the educational definition of it, cribbing from the wikipedia page;

    It's basically a Marxist approach to education, that in order to liberate countries where minorities are kept under thumb - they need to be taught that the government or regimes they live under is unusual or wrong and, once educated, will be more capable of breaking free of governmental control.

    It's not entirely off in that educating these groups will make a difference to the people, but learning to read and write probably still isn't going to lead to an end of an oppressive government. But Praxis still considered an important aspect of curriculum design anyway. That said I'm pretty sure that person tweeting is just putting out buzz words to look important anyway
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    RisingPheonix I came here to squark at you

  19. Using praxis in a Twitter setting is 99% indicative the writer is an SJW lolcow. They love it, because they think it makes them sound university-educated.
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  20. Unless whatever you're saying is between covers and printed on dead trees just say "practice" instead of being a gigantic faggot.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

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