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Who's cucking who?

  • Daniel is cucking Jackson/Cuckson

    Votes: 11 2.0%
  • Cuckson is cucking Daniel

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • Basic Becky is cucking Both

    Votes: 79 14.2%
  • All of them are massive cucks, together, cucking one another.

    Votes: 464 83.5%

  • Total voters


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You have to laugh at Cuckson opening with "as a lawyer", oh boy. I guess nobody in El Casa De Soy can't have an argument without prefixing it with their superpowers.
You wouldn't have to worry about Cuckson suing you. If it was going to happen you'd have a lot of lead time while he furiously tweeted asking people "how do I sued troll?"


I'll get my humanity and my sanity back.
You wouldn't have to worry about Cuckson suing you. If it was going to happen you'd have a lot of lead time while he furiously tweeted asking people "how do I sued troll?"
"Was not sure the best way to sue but got in touch with a customer service rep from Law Firm, Inc. They were very helpful and my wife and her fiance were very impressed with the rep's willingness to use my wife's chosen pronouns. It was a really helpful call and I feel confident enough that all of you twitter trolls and gamergators responsible for a 30 year harassment campaign should expected to be arrested right after we finish ruining the lives of Bex's evil transphobic parents."

Tanner Glass

As a lawyer (legal coordinator lul), I'm sure his superiors have nothing but respect for a guy who is taking time off to attend the wedding of his current wife.
I imagine the people that work there treat him like a joke.

"Who is going to handle your work while you're overseas?"

And then when he's gone

"I guess one of the interns will have to get coffee for those two weeks".


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I imagine the people that work there treat him like a joke.

"Who is going to handle your work while you're overseas?"

And then when he's gone

"I guess one of the interns will have to get coffee for those two weeks".
Considering how they often do these things, I wouldn't be surprised if they've just been waiting for him to be gone for a while to just tell him not to bother coming back and he can get his bag of cuck accessories from his desk mailed to him.


I'm interested to know what Daniel and cucksons relationship is like, they're a 'V' not a triad right? so they dont have feelings/fuck each other.

Daniel is undeniably cucking cuckson, he's mooching of him, living in his house and (rarely) fucking his wife of ten years. What do you think they say to each other when she's not there, like when they're just sat on the couch together. I think cuckson is a true beliver in cuckoldry or a complete 'beta', and has developed feelings for Daniel out of desperation of the whole miserable situation.

When I see shit like this above I guarantee a situation has arose like they've been alone together one day and cuckson has looking into Daniel's eyes and told him he loves him, and Daniel while disgusted, has had to say it back to him to keep a roof over his head.

While his internal monologe is going something like:
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Did anyone see that #AbledsAreWeird thing trending on twitter earlier? Before I even clicked on it I knew it would be full of 'spoonie', tumblr, self diagnosed malingerer types with their stdh stories. The sort of people with wheelchair emojis in their usernames, and look who shows up

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Is cuckson claiming to be disabled too now and I've missed that?
He is: Mentally.


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Hoo boy, I've missed a lot.
Pretty sure only one of those things actually happened (the fourth night of Hanukkah Bex livestream). Not sure where she's getting all this other stuff from. (Rhetorical question: from her imagination. )
Well, I can see her committment to her faith was sorely tested. The trials of faith of such mere pikers as Daniel (who was thrown in a lion's den); and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (guys who refused to worship a golden statue of the king and were thrown into a fiery furnace) have nothing at all on poor Reeeeebecca, the sorta-trans, sorta-Cuban, sorta ex-Catholic Jew.

At least she can eat puerco con leche, or langosta again, or even shrimp in cream sauce. We know how guilty she felt about that.
Can't forget Job, either! Debilitating illness, painful sores, death of his entire family & all his livestock, just so God could win a bet. He's got nothing on Basic Becky.
It looks like she deleted her account, yet again, after someone called bullshit on the fake Becky stories she was trying to sell. "I just looked some more through that thread. I highly suspect a mentally unstable person (borderline), who's invented a story for themselves. No idea what their relationship to Judaism is. But their stories are one worse than that other, & so unlikely" http://archive.li/9gHQG
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After calling out Becky's bullshit, the woman was "very quickly" screeched at by Cuckson and others making "bot like" tweets attacking her on Becky's behalf.
View attachment 693865
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View attachment 693879
"This thread's topic was totally unrelated to politics. There was a supposed convert supposedly utterly harassed by stalkers as not a real jew who is supposedly closing her account by changing it's name to "closed account." Her thread read like a psych ward transcript."
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And of course just now comes the standard Cuckson tweets about Becky deleting her account yet again and how it's the fault of anyone except herself, or himself since he is too much of a cuck to keep her from making an ass of herself on Twitter constantly. http://archive.fo/f2PEg
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It's funny to see a normie reacting to Becky Bullshit and her cuck horde. They can't believe these are actually real people because of their cartoonishly villainous behavior.
I've had trouble really grasping the concept of the NPC meme---not what it is, but how it's supposed to be representative of a type of person. It was reading an uninitiated person's take on Becky that finally made it all click into place. Becky & her entourage of cucks are so bland & one-dimensional that an outsider thinks they have to be either a bot or a troll. They're the quintessential NPCs.
Am I the only one who thinks that robbryan guy is also an idiot? I'm sure he would have had no problem with Becky's fake Judaism if she supported Palestine as much as he does.
I wasn't really looking too much into his own history, I was too focused on his fucking based public smackdown of Becky.

EDIT: Shame we can't get Becky's hot takes on the NZ mosque massacre. You know she'd be tweeting up a storm if she could. A white male channer gamer terrorist!? That's like SJW outrage bingo!

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