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Who's cucking who?

  • Daniel is cucking Jackson/Cuckson

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  • Cuckson is cucking Daniel

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  • Basic Becky is cucking Both

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  • All of them are massive cucks, together, cucking one another.

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Can't complain (but sometimes I still do)
It's funny, I've been to Disney parks with people who were disabled, including someone with what Bex would call an "invisible disability" and someone with cerebral palsy who was a full-time chair user since she graduated from strollers. Disney parks bend over backwards for disabilities, to the point of employees telling you to go get a pass even if you feel like you might not qualify.

Disneyland has a bunch of "enter through the exit" rides for wheelchair users, basically it was viewed as a free front-of-line pass for so long that they've reduced capacity to make it take a while. People who took advantage of the system made it so people with genuine, lifelong disabilities and unusual medical needs have to wait longer, and often have to move around more to get to the various disabled lines than non-disabled guests.

But they don't complain about it because they know they're still being treated as well as possible given the constraints of system abusers. And I've never seen them get treated like shit, even the "invisible disability" person. Maybe it's just so obvious she's pretending. I wouldn't be surprised if she's one of those grown women who walks around the park with an exaggerated skip. In between wheelchair breaks off the tootsies, of course.


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Didn't they change their disability policy recently so that you didn't get to skip the line rather you got to keep your place in line without actually having to stand there?

If so she's just pissed she has to pay for her fast pass or whatever now. Less money for a 5th lightsaber.
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It's complete bullshit, especially the part where she now says Disney's employees are amazing. Bitch, we remember all the times you complained about how you got treated at Disney. I specifically remember some time she threw a fit because she claimed she was stimming and flapping her hands around like a sped and some employee looked at her funny. I think that was even before PLASTIC STRAWS Becky started. It seems so long ago, back when she was mostly on the invisible disabilities kick instead of the physically really truly in poor health arc we're on lately.


I came here to squark at you
Imagine finding out your dad in a faraway country has kicked the bucket, leaving your heartbroken siblings and mother behind. You quickly book a flight back to Germany to attend his funeral and commiserate with family and friends.

You go to check twitter to see how your recently wedded wife is doing, after the family graciously accommodated your weird not-wedding for your happiness - despite the issues and likely concerns they would of had. Pa was probably so ill that it was part of the reason he agreed to it to begin with - better to see your kid settled if you know there's not much time on the ticker left.

All you see is her bitching about how her birthday got ruined, because dear old dad decided to pop his clogs right around that time. No concern for you, or your family at this time. How dare he die just 2 months after the wedding and take second hubby away (so uh...why isn't Jackson doing something for your Birthday if it's such a big deal??) .

Also Bex acting like bio dad sending a check-up mail somehow trumps family that actually raised you. Even though you've constantly bitched about how you want Mami and Papi to leave you alone *constantly* and they probably are not fully over what happened at Disney seeing as since then, generally communication has been simply sending money and the odd phone call (that you always complain about)


Can't complain (but sometimes I still do)
Didn't they change their disability policy recently so that you didn't get to skip the line rather you got to keep your place in line without actually having to stand there?

If so she's just pissed she has to pay for her fast pass or whatever now. Less money for a 5th lightsaber.
Quick answer: it's complicated. For her usual autism and "I can't stand in line" disabilities, yes. But at Disneyland, her usual haunt (though not California Adventure), for about half the rides, there's no way to go through the entrance queue with a wheelchair. They were built before ADA compliance and there's no way to build one in without massively retooling the ride.

So instead of using a Fastpass-style pass, chair users usually just enter through the exit and don't wait in any line if you have a wheelchair for those rides. If the lines get beyond about half an hour, they'll give you a return time for the exit, but under half an hour and they just let you through. Usually it's not so easy to get them to give you a DAS pass (the kind you get for being too special to wait in lines, Becky's "autism") and a wheelchair pass at the same time at Disneyland. I wonder if Becky's autism coincides with her obtaining annual passes?

It's very revealing that she's gone with "broken ankles and toes" in a wheelchair. She's pulled this scam for different ailments over and over again. Disney probably has a file on her use of these passes. Rumors keep happening that there's a crackdown coming for annual passholders who abuse the disability system to get as many line jumps as possible.


It's very revealing that she's gone with "broken ankles and toes" in a wheelchair. She's pulled this scam for different ailments over and over again. Disney probably has a file on her use of these passes. Rumors keep happening that there's a crackdown coming for annual passholders who abuse the disability system to get as many line jumps as possible.
I wouldn't hold my breath for any justice against people who abuse lenient disability policies. It's an absolute PR no-win for a company. All the sociopaths like Becky who get their pass denied will whine about how they are being abused to any outlet that will listen, and plenty of outlets will listen and do no checks to see if the complaints are valid.

Plus, these days Becky may genuinely be too fat to navigate Disney for hours on foot. She may ironically qualify for the pass she was cheating to get for years by eating herself into mobility issues. Daniel, with his enormous bitch-tits, is probably in the same boat. TFW you realize that doughy bitch Jackson is the most fit in the cuckhouse:

Companies sort of have no choice but to run disability policies on the honor system because, as you said, some people's issues are not obvious. There's just a small but notable amount of people with no honor, happy to abuse them.


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Nice to see Becky going the Yaniv route and bitching about her Human Rights.

Start a lawsuit Becky, embrace your inner cow and start suing shit over your so called rights.


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Are we sure that Becky doesn't already have rabies?
If an animal with rabies would bite Becky it will automatically start using Twitter to complain about ferrets, start to pretend to be other specie and lie down faking that its leg don't work no more looking for sympathy. Then it will be eaten because animal world is cruel and just.

Von Wolf Demon

"We can put that on the Lifeline card"
Just like with Jake, one can go dozens of pages just laughing at Becca's stupidity without getting mad. It's easier when they are discussing something I don't know shit about, like Ranma, obscure Disney stuff, archival process, RPG gaming, etc. But when they hit on something I know a little about? Well, my A-log light turns on. I'm also pissed at her for making me waste my time on a busy day, but I just can' t let this one pass.

Hawaiian plate lunch spergery:

Gourmand Yonah is right up there with Violet Hargrave, Anatomy Expert in terms of stupid LARPS.

What you see above is a typical Hawaiian plate lunch. While things like SPAM sushi and poi are rightly mocked by outsiders, a Hawaiian plate lunch is NOT the same. If well made, they are fucking delicious! Hawai'i has long had migrant workers from the Philippines, Korea, China, and other parts of Asia. People who would feed them lunch had to feed multiple tastes, and would often pile the plates up with short ribs, steak, and chicken cooked in different styles. If you like Asian BBQ and meat in general, you will like a well-made Hawaiian plate lunch.

The typical sauce is a mix of soy sauce, sugar, and water and is tasty but not overwhelming. What Gourmand Yonah called "pasta salad" is actually cold macaroni with mayo and some spices. And I would agree with her that by itself it can be pretty bland and mediocre. However, whenever I have had a plate lunch, I've mixed in the macaroni with the hot meats, and poured the sauce over it and it becomes delicious! I don't know if that is the culturally correct way to eat it, or if you are supposed to keep things separate, and really don't give a shit. The mayo macaroni is instantly transformed from boring and cold to wonderful!

I don't see a sauce in the pic, so that is a failure on the part of the kitchen or Gourmand Yonah decided to skip it. That's on her. If available, it would have made the meal much better, or just grab some fucking soy sauce.

I don't judge her for not getting the meal right away. I remember the first time I bit into the cold mac without mixing in the meats and thinking "what is this shit?" However, I didn't post a pic on twitter and act like I knew what the fuck I was talking about.

Also, this mainstreaming of incel language is hilarious and getting out of control. Things like Chad/Becky/Stacey have moved into the SJW world and beyond. Not sure if "Karen", which I guess is supposed to be the older, more uptight version of Becky/Stacy, is original 4chan/incel material or if it was added later. But I'm starting to see it spread into multiple names across the alphabet... and t@rds arguing about them on social media. "No, he's more of a Darren"... "that was kind of a Tricia move, not so much a Carrie thing". It's fucking ridiculous and may become thread-worthy at some point.

And as someone else pointed out above, the odds that it was cooked by a "Karen" rather than a "Carolina" or a "Consuela" approach nil. I doubt there are many white people cooking in a Hollywood cafeteria. And Mexicans cook everything and most of them can cook it well, from Japanese to Thai to French, you name it. I guarantee you that any Mexican in that kitchen can also cook CUBAN food better than Basic Becca. When does she ever cook for the cucks? You know she would post and brag about that shit. Hell, I'd rather have Zinnia cook for me.


"I can’t get my second husband, here on a green card, citizenship through marriage cuz he’s not my husband. Fuuuuuck." http://archive.fo/VnVwA

It's hard enough for a normal straight marriage to buck the immigration system, and you want your made-up fake wedding that's not recognized by any government or institution(because polygamy is ILLEGAL) to keep Daniel in the US? Oh i am laffin. :story: You don't break a law to get out of another. Polygamy to cheat illegal immigration. Just :story:. If these fucking Congolese refugees without a penny to their name can make it through the obstacle course of asylum/green card/citizenship, so can Danny. He's just fucking cheap and lazy, like you and your real husband. I'd be mad on the internet over this if it wasn't so preposterous.


Can't complain (but sometimes I still do)
I've said all along that Becky's planning to use Trump as her get-out-of-marriage-free card with Jackson after she's re-made as many favorite Jackson marriage memories as possible into Daniel memories (hence the Euro trip).

She's got it set up really well right now. Now that there's been the fake wedding with the fifteen minutes of expressing her lifelong commitment in front of Daniel's family, she can say to Jackson that really, the divorce and remarriage will just be "a piece of paper," and that the ceremony and its meaning in their hearts, that was the real wedding, and no matter what a piece of paper says, she's married to both of them.

But of course, since only Daniel's got citizenship problems, she'll have to (have to!) be married to him. Otherwise he'll be sent to the immigrant detention camps! This is how Becky gets Jackson to agree to a totally amicable split, essentially a paperwork divorce with no attorneys needed, so his family doesn't advise him to turn it nasty and keep everything he could. She'll lovebomb the shit out of Jackson during this period so that he feels more comfortable with the idea. Jackson may not even tell his parents or family about the divorce, because Becky will say it's best to keep it quiet since it's just a piece of paper.

Once the divorce ink is dry, Jackson's cut loose from her legally and she's bound to Daniel, the devaluation cycle starts with Jackson. Within a few months he'll be her designated scapegoat, blamed for rapes and abuses going back to college (she's not-so-quietly laying the groundwork for this already). She'll tell Daniel he simply has to rescue her and they have to plan a secret escape in the middle of the night from the evil abuser that will otherwise destroy them.

The best part is, they're very reactive to Kiwi Farms posts. So now that he's read this, when Becky proposes the "paper divorce," (which she might even decide to give a cutesy name to if she's going public about it, like "the anti-proposal") it'll ring alarm bells...but he'll charge headlong into it. Gotta prove those nazi kiwi farmers wrong somehow. He'll show us that Becky still loves him even after she's legally dumped his ass to the curb. He'll show us all.

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