Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-Gerber - Former Riot Games Archivist; Faked Cancer Scare to pay for Disney Trip; Pretend Trans Cuban Jew; Doesn't Believe Victims of Rape; Chronic Suicide Baiting Liar, Bullshit Artist, and Harasser.

Who's cucking who?

  • Daniel is cucking Jackson/Cuckson

    Votes: 10 2.0%
  • Cuckson is cucking Daniel

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • Basic Becky is cucking Both

    Votes: 75 15.2%
  • All of them are massive cucks, together, cucking one another.

    Votes: 409 82.6%

  • Total voters


Muh necksleeve
This morning in Bex autism: KF is somehow responsible for the El Paso shooting. :story:

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KF is pretty disdainful towards channers, we even shit on people who were members here if they pull the shooting/terrorist crap. Just know that your awful behavior will be on the internet from here to eternity, Bex, and you put it there~♡


Heliophobia will be met with 30x113mm cannon fire
True & Honest Fan
Becky is so desperate for sympathy she reaches as far back as her infancy as a setting for which to construct her lies.

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What a disturbed and disordered cunt.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't formula sold OTC? Why would their insurance pay for it.

Also I call bullshit on the prices she gave. Publix, Florida's most common supermaket chain's highest end baby formula is only around $40-$50 IIRC and that's at the dollar's current value. There's no way in hell her parents were spending that much money on it back in the late 80's/early 90's.


Your fetish is vanilla.
Bex have many stupid takes, this is my fav of today.
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Bitch plz, have you ever seen a wild hog irl? They are fucking huge and heavy, and if it's pissed off, very deadly. Imagine 30 of those beasts stampeding towards you?
That's easy. Imagine one Becky Gerber hobbling at you with full force. Now imagine 29 more.

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