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Who's cucking who?

  • Daniel is cucking Jackson/Cuckson

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  • Cuckson is cucking Daniel

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  • Basic Becky is cucking Both

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  • All of them are massive cucks, together, cucking one another.

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I think she might have meant "prints needing frames"?
I guess the new place does have more space for hanging pictures. But this is hardly something that is worthy of a whine on Twitter is it Becks? You have more space to hang all the shut you've brought over the last lifetime and that's somehow a problem? Order some frames!

However, this is coming from the same person who is currently managing to overcomplicate backing up photos.


Amazing that she can handle the difficulties of any sort of archiving after everything she has been through. Woe is she. Perhaps the ghosts and the stalkers are joining forces.



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If I were trying to pretend to be an archival expert I probably shouldn't ask what's a good hard drive.
I also like how she calls her old fanfic, crusty nudes and Disney vacation pictures a "personal archive".
If she truly wants to preserve her most important historical moments for all eternity she should download all 851 pages of this thread.

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It wasn't 'stalkers' that got Becky fired and blacklisted from the games industry, it was her lack of work ethic, repellent personality, online behavior, and her bad habit of fucking all of her coworkers and causing drama. I do agree that the money she spent on her MA was completely wasted, not that she paid for any of it. Either Mami and Papi paid, or that worm Jackson did.


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It's worth pointing out that a SSD, or any flash-based media (thumb drives, etc), is generally not suitable for archival purposes. They degrade and data can eventually start to corrupt if left unplugged for long periods of time and they're also prone to failure under constant use.
Today I learned, though in hindsight I should've realized this. But this seems like something an "archivist" would know and she's certainly able of doing a search for "external hard drive 500gb" and picking whatever name brand $50 one that appears.


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For anyone wondering, Becky has never mentioned anything about being a witch, until Dec. 26 2019. She never mentioned "hex" or hexing anyone before June 5, but has tweeted some variant of that word 10 times since then.
While she didn't mention being a witch on Twitter until December, 2019, she has a history of practicing witchcraft that dates back to 2009:

Before "Bex" - "LilCassandra" and candle magic
Becca archiving.jpg

Unsurprisingly, Rebecca seems to have been just as crazy in the past as she is today. Rebecca's earliest handle seems to be "LilCassandra" or "Cassandra" and can be found under this name on things such as Steam and older forum posts, as she said she used the name to separate her online activity from her real name. She has also claimed "Cassandra" was a high school nickname.

@Erida uncovered a treasure trove of Rebecca's posts as LilCassandra on a site about magic/candle magic dating from 2009-2011. These posts offer an oft disturbing look into Rebecca's past and state of mind, and she seemed to be a true believer in the spells she was performing.

For instance, Rebecca revealed that she and Jackson were trying to marry another couple and even back then Rebecca was endlessly melting down and causing drama (the other couple "dumped" them for causing fights all the time). Rebecca tried to use witchcraft to get out of an apartment lease early, to try and get romance, to try and get into the grad school she wanted, to attempt to break up the engagement of an ex-poly partner out of spite, to try and get her husband to find women/not find women to bring into their insanity, to "neutralize" her husband's boss, to try and pay off credit cards, to not "go insane" when off her psych meds ( :story: ), to try to "dominate" a man in bed, and to try to make an ex never go back to his favorite store because she was working there and he told them she was a psycho.

Rebecca also showed she was incredibly dumb as her witchcraft said to throw a "mirror box" into running water to get rid of it, and Rebecca wanted to know if it was a good idea to throw it off an overpass onto a highway. Rebecca was still practicing this "candle work" in 2017.


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It's worth pointing out that a SSD, or any flash-based media (thumb drives, etc), is generally not suitable for archival purposes. They degrade and data can eventually start to corrupt if left unplugged for long periods of time and they're also prone to failure under constant use.
I'd think if you were genuinely serious about long time archival you'd use something like M-DISC and also a DAT backup, and possibly even more media, as well as keeping it continually online in some redundant format. Of course there are other more expensive options for even longer term storage, including literally printing it out to some durable kind of paper, but it would depend why you were saving it and what it was.


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Theres a ton of interesting things about digital storage mediums, like the fact that tape drives are still being made and honestly aren’t that awful.

But of course, why would a digital archivist have any interest in anything like that, or know that all of this information is literally a Google search away?
Becky is very transactional. She only accepts emotional reinforcement, advice, monetary support, etc. in very specific conditions. Mostly Twitter. If Twitter came out with an online payment system she'd cancel her PayPal immediately just to save the work of copypasting a link. She could just tweet "send $$$. disabled. :(" and Jake or whoever could just click one button to dispense gibs.

Almost all of her supposed hate even comes via Twitter. You'd almost think she spends most of her life there (it's because she does).


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Good time for her to dump therapy then, which is totally just because of money, and not at all because the therapist recently stopped agreeing with her about everything:
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It's ok, Becky. Just cut back on the $300 Lego sets, weed gummies, and pork delivered via Doordash, and HAHAHAHAHA who are we fucking fooling? She'll just continue to buy superfluous shit instead of focusing on improving her mental and emotional health.