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How long will Bex last at her new job?

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The literal Holocaust continues:
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Ha ha ha. This fool tweets 24/7 about how awful everything is and how she’s totally going to kill herself, and now she expects us to believe that actually, she was totally fine, everything was smiles and sunshine until she went to see her wicked step-parents.
The first tweet actually sounds like exactly the sort of thing Becky would do. This is the woman who demanded a wheelchair for going around Disneyland because she scraped her knee.

The last one, where to begin? So apparently, despite wasting thousands of dollars sending her useless lump of a daughter to college, Mami thinks books are dumb. Fuck it, Becky, why not say she’s a flat-Earther too?

(Also, love how she tags Cuck 2 in. “Defend me, formerly rapist husband! There’d better be a massive Lego set on the table when I return!”)
But Mami smoothes things over with a trip to the "family jewelry store".
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But as always, materialism takes precedence. Sure, bragging about the new necklace doesn’t quite work with her tales of abuse and suicidal misery with her anti-intellectual sadist parents, but SHINY THING.

Here, try this. “Mami bought me this necklace and said, ‘I hope you strangle yourself w/ it, you fat fuckjng cow!’ Please, someone tell me I shouldn’t do it!”


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Here, try this. “Mami bought me this necklace and said, ‘I hope you strangle yourself w/ it, you fat fuckjng cow!’ Please, someone tell me I shouldn’t do it!”
People who are truly suicidal don't stop because some rando online said "NO!" Also, real suicidal people actual DO IT. They don't keep dangling it online every other day.

Either eat rat poison or don't, Becky. Otherwise you're just the Boy Basic Bitch That Cried Wolf Blue Haired Whale


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So the family had a jewelry store?

Looks like Becky finally got tired of the whole "I grew up poor!" lie and is just openly flexing now.

Lots of Cuban families own(ed) JEWELRY stores. Very middle class thing for Florida Cubans. But I agree. The house is not a “poor first-wave Cuban immigrant” house.

None of those dumb TV show sound like anything boomer Cuban immigrants would watch. What a retard.

Edit: lmao I originally wrote “grocery stores.” I am an idiot.
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Assaulted by kitchen timer, strangled by crowds in a mall, psychologically tortured by being denied capeshit on TV, belittled by not respecting her LARP. Brave, brave Becky survived another encounter with their diabolical family who will no doubt resort to torture of Comfy Chair and Stab Her with a Pillow.

Now it's time to go home, to the safety of Underthedesk keep, guarded by the elite troops of Cuck & Cuckson.

Semper fidelis.


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This whole "if you say I have obligations in a relationship, you're saying rape is okay" power move pisses me off to no end.
Becky doesn't get that obligations in a relationship are things like doing the dishes when you say you will, not draining the joint account on stupid shit, and being reliable, dependable and honest with your partner. If sex is starting to feel like a chore or obligation, it's usually a sign that the relationship isn't good.
Also I have no sympathy for Daniel or Cuckson anymore. If they don't like it, they can leave. If they're too dumb to figure it out, then fuck em (or rather, don't fuck em).

"Genuine conversation or content".
"Genuine content" is stuff middle America loves, like disney, marvel, fast and furious. You have more in common with those horrible flyover Republican gringos than you think, Becky.
Why does she never post about Latin music? Why not up the larp by pretending to be into reggaeton or something? Why Hamilton, a show that white America adores? Is she going to tell us that El Pumpkin Spice Latte is a cornerstone of Cuban culture?


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I wish she was getting as hard a time at this family gathering as she says she is. She deserves only misery, as it's all she contributes to the world. But it's likely that her parents and family are merely trying to have a pleasant weekend with their cunt of a daughter, but aren't purely existing to give her validation, support and money, so they're all evil bigots. Her relationship with her parents, like her relationship with everything else, is entirely a drama she makes up to seem more interesting; the reality is likely incredibly mundane, and I think her folks seeing her Twitter would be a bit of a wake-up call for them. If for no other reason than that, while they likely know Becky is a materialistic bitch, they don't know she goes around accusing them of crimes and telling thousands of people online that they're basically Nazis.

I sincerely hope that when both her in-laws and her own parents pass that neither of them leave anything to her. Both families seem to be wealthy, and her dearest wish is to have all that money without any pesky people attached to it. And Becky is such a malicious, destructive cunt that she should never get what she wants, because it is always about selfish indulgence for her, not anything else.

There's a lot of people who would *love* for it to be possible to hop on a plane and see family without needing to do a dozen Covid tests or hotel quarantines right now. But Bex just willingly flew to Florida for 6 days so she can cry about how awful and oppressive her folks are for the millionth time

Mami and Papi have hung in there even at just sending money and little else at times and even after Daniels threats. They will always take care of Bex, despite hating her choices in life. I think they are on some level aware of what she says or does, but maybe see it as her "condition" talking rather than take it to heart. They will never take the money support away because they can't stand seeing Bex make mistakes or cannot trust she can cope without them propping her up in some way.

Mind that she does tend to drive off most causal friends, bio mom flounced at the first sign of drama. Plus Jackson's mom effectively cut them off last year because Bex was "using Republican talking points (lol)" in a phone call. So it's not all on the up and up for her at least.

Also there's another reason she does this performative "woe" is me tweeting, the cucks see it all and know it means they need to prepare lots of goodie gifts and maybe a recovery trip or two if they want Bex in a good mood again. Last trip Jackson took her to a spa and disney right after. I think they already have that Disneyland trip prebooked as a "recovery trip" as well.

Just remember that none of this really makes her happy, she'll tweet about how great the cuck gifts are and a few minutes later find something else to utterly ruin her day anyway.

Also the best thing she could say about Daniel was that "he buys me loads of books?" - no emotional moment or really nice thing he did that really lit that spark, just "I will buy you stuff".
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The literal Holocaust continues:
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But Mami smoothes things over with a trip to the "family jewelry store".
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I don't think I posted caps but Becky also got her hair done again on this trip despite last getting it done like two weeks ago with the same color.
She really needs to get a straightening iron, it usually looks good when she leaves the salon because they actually style it like here (which just hasn't been washed since the salon) Then she gets home and washes out and it turns into a frizzy mess. But I guess it doesn't matter to her as long as it's candy colored.
Translated from West Coast Narcissist to Somewhat Lucid English:
Mami: Why did you start dating a man twice your age while married?
Becky: He buys me stuff and pays my bills. My husband's trust fund and student loans were just enough for me to not work full-time, but not enough to also get stoned all day.
Mami: That's not a very good reason to break your marital vows, even if your husband has too little self-respect to leave you.
Becky: Mom, cool it with your anti-feminist-
Mami: I'm just worried that one day either of them may catch on that you're just using them like the tools they are, and they might just take you with-
Becky: I'm going to fucking kill myself, and this time, I'll put you first in the suicide note!
Mami: Let's get you that pretty necklace you've been talking about.

Laplace's Demon

After an exhausting week-long vacation at her parent's place, Becky decides to take a few days for herself to "recover".
Becky's going to the mountains bitches!
She looks stoned as fuck even with sunglasses on. Definitely a lot of emotional trauma going on there.
Becky's new boss gives her more time off.
Did this bitch just take a week-long vacation a month after starting her new job, then demand more time off immediately after getting back so she could get stoned in a national park? Fucking based.


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Also the best thing she could say about Daniel was that "he buys me loads of books?" - no emotional moment or really nice thing he did that really lit that spark, just "I will buy you stuff".
This bitch reminds me of the psycho kid with the godlike abilities in the Twilight Zone episode who could wish you into the cornfield. She doesn't actually have those abilities, unless you are one of the cucks, but she is that utterly hateful and stupid, and views anything that slightly displeases her as a horrible crime.

Her parents completely displease her because apparently they really aren't on-board with her insane bullshit and may even lightly mock her from time to time.

And they dare to watch their own TV shows on their own TV. Imagine the sheer audacity!
Isn't Mama a published author?
She should write a book about the amazing experience of raising a worthless animal like Basic Becky.


Come one, come all, and witness the menagerie of horrors!

Behold, the purple-maned abomination and the dickless wonder!

The formless blob and his pet rat!

How can two whales beach themselves so far from the sea?? A cruel joke by nature, indeed!

Bonus: A dose of reality.

No refunds!

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