Arcturus James Kirwin / @Panderp / James Nathan Garrett / Arki J. Kirwin-Muller - E621 founder, former FA admin, cub fetishist, non-passing tranny, leftyfur cannibalism victim.

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May 15, 2017
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Arcturus Kirwin-Muller (his current legal name until he inevitably changes it to Arki, born James Nathan Garrett) is yet another legacy furry fandom lolcow who has recently resurfaced thanks to Twitter drama. He’s most notable for founding, a porn dump website that was highly controversial among some furries (and still is with some), yet nowadays (after ownership passed to admins who honor takedown requests nearly 8 years ago) is seen as one of the biggest and most notable furry websites.

Recently he came to the attention of the farms when one of his friends, Junius threw him under the bus for openly defending cub (furry porn of underage characters) and the artists who draw it, right around the time when PK’s husband Marl was exposed for grooming minors and not long before the Tacklebox shitstorm (over him possibly drawing cub) blew up. It turns out however, that he has a drama and internet footprint spanning years and years, going back to the mid 2000s, thanks to his involvement in some of the biggest furry websites.

FurAffinity, and his 24 hour op against Furaffinity

Arcturus was one of the early people involved in Furaffinity, paying to host the website. In July of 2005, Arcturus demodded people for poor spelling, one of who just so happened to be the owner's fuck buddy. This resulted in a fight with logs being posted on livejournal. Around the same time Furaffinity shut down and had to change providers as Arcturus pulled hosting.

FurAffinity: did you de-admin anyone?
SwishytailDragon: Yes, Yes I did.
FurAffinity: who?
SwishytailDragon: OzKangaroo and Roo. And I know you'll ask why, so here are my reasons. Oz, because of his actions towards users, and his seeming lack of an ability to use punctuation and grammar. And Roo, because, I do not feel it's good for the site to have admins who seem unable to even use a spellchecker.
FurAffinity: He is MY mate
FurAffinity: he is co-owner
SwishytailDragon: Your point? Just because they are your mate, doesn't mean they should be an admin.
FurAffinity: you do NOT de-admin anyone without my permission
SwishytailDragon: And why not.
FurAffinity: it's MY site
FurAffinity: you are not in charge of it
SwishytailDragon: I wrote part of it. I fix YOUR cockups. I pay for it. I deal with the users.
FurAffinity: I am currently extremely stressed right now, i am taking a break because i HAVE to
FurAffinity: you are only making things worse for me
SwishytailDragon: And you think that I am not stressed?
FurAffinity: you want my trust?
FurAffinity: you do this?
SwishytailDragon: I just understand the responsibility that comes with something like FA.
FurAffinity: you consider yourself my friend?
FurAffinity: and you just go ahead over what i say?
SwishytailDragon: I am doing what I feel is best for FurAffinity.
SwishytailDragon: And as the saying goes Jheryn, if you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
FurAffinity: It's my fucking site.
FurAffinity: you should still check with me
FurAffinity: you've done things and not even asked me about them
SwishytailDragon: And you have done exactly the same.
FurAffinity: you don't get's my site...I am allowed to do that
FurAffinity: I created FA
FurAffinity: I appreciate everything people do for the site
FurAffinity: but it's hard to do it
FurAffinity: when people have been doing the things they do
SwishytailDragon: Unless you have paid for it, managed it, and coded every single line yourself, then it is not your site. It is many people's site. It is a site of the users, through the submissions they make. It's a site of the programmers, for the code that the write.
FurAffinity: I DID code every line of the site
FurAffinity: DevoyBB is Mine!
FurAffinity: I coded that too
FurAffinity: FA is based off of devoybb
SwishytailDragon: Initially, you did. But over time it grew, changed, incorporated code from others.
SwishytailDragon: And now, I do not want to see all of what FA has become, lost, because of stupidity, or arrogance, or people just simply not being good enough for the job.
SwishytailDragon: And like I said, having administrators who cannot even use the english language properly, is a detriment to FurAffinity.
FurAffinity: you were origionally brought in to take care of the server...I appreciate your help
FurAffinity: but you have no right to claim ownership to everything i have done
FurAffinity: and say i am doing nothing
SwishytailDragon: I have never said you are doing nothing. I just don't think you are doing the right things.
FurAffinity: Right things?so you are saying you are right and i am wrong?
SwishytailDragon: Yes I am.
FurAffinity: it's my site
FurAffinity: they are my admins
FurAffinity: Ii decide who is an admin
FurAffinity: not you
SwishytailDragon: Why should I also not be able to decide? I have done just as much for FA as you have.
FurAffinity: no...not really...I wrote everything for helped to bugfix things...
FurAffinity: you helped with people
FurAffinity: yes, but i did the most work outa everyone
SwishytailDragon: So, I am guessing that you are going to reinstate both Roo, and Oz. Would I be correct in this assumption?
FurAffinity: yes
FurAffinity: already done
SwishytailDragon: *sighs* Why? Even though both have demostrated themselves of incapable of acting in a way someone should act in such a position?
FurAffinity: roo has done a good job...he just types wrong sometimes...
FurAffinity: Oz has done a great job in handling things
SwishytailDragon: Would you be happy if you called up your cable company (Or DSL company) and the person you talked to slurred down the phone, and made it almost impossible for you to understand him?
SwishytailDragon: And no, Oz hasn't.
FurAffinity: roo doesn't post that many things
FurAffinity: he contacts users
FurAffinity: helps me when i need it
FurAffinity: and i can talk to me in person
FurAffinity: He knows what i want and need
SwishytailDragon: My mate can talk to me in person and knows what I want or need, but I wouldn't make him an admin on a site I run, as he just isn't the right kind of person.
SwishytailDragon: And nor is Roo.
FurAffinity: that is NOT your decision tho
FurAffinity: it isn't
FurAffinity: you do not run my teams
SwishytailDragon: And I am saying, that your decision-making is unsound.
FurAffinity: in your eyes it is
FurAffinity: not mine
SwishytailDragon: You've appointed many people, for reasons I can only see as them being your friend, to elevated positions that they have neither the right temperament, nor qualifications for.
FurAffinity: I appointed my friends becuase i know them
FurAffinity: they've done a good job in other places
SwishytailDragon: But they are not doing a good job here.
SwishytailDragon: And I would like to lodge a complaint with you. I am extremely unhappy with paying for FA if this is going to be how it's run.
SwishytailDragon: No response, Jheryn?
FurAffinity: I am angry...
FurAffinity: you took over that job
FurAffinity: on your own
FurAffinity: you changed the donation link
FurAffinity: I let that go
FurAffinity: I swallowed my pride
SwishytailDragon: Jheryn, you know, as well as I do, when I took over running the server, that that would have to happen to ensure that it got paid.
SwishytailDragon: So, I think it is coming down to this. I want more power, or I will remove support. Because I don't want to pay for FA, just to have you run it into the ground.

FurAffinity: remove support, because you are not running my site
SwishytailDragon: It's done. Feel free to de-admin me now, if you wish.

Arcturus then decided to steal the furaffinity data to launch his own art website, ArtFu AKA ArtPlz. At first he ran into a little issue however: There was already another website called ArtFu already. The site never did end up launching. Arcturus also tried to run a competitor to the other furry imageboards but without a do-not-post artist list called ChanPlz, and it lasted a grand total of 3 days before closing. Yes, 3 days.

He was also seen as a drama whore on Furaffinity, to the point where he’s not only banned, but his page was blanked with an admin note that said DO NOT HARASS THIS PERSON.

His FA ownership status would come into question again in 2015, when he claimed ownership to FurAffinity when Dragoneer sold it to IMVU and he got nothing.



The founding of e621 and his first cub controversies
You know what they say. If you try and keep failing, you try, try, and try again until you finally succeed. Arcturus’s breakthrough with furry art sites came when he founded e621, a website where anyone could upload anyone’s furry art. This was naturally met with controversy by furry artists, angry about anyone reposting their art anywhere but on their Furaffinity gallery, along with furry artists charging money for their content.

This led to an artist’s beware post about how e621 didn’t take anything down at all back in the day, and urging artists who wanted takedowns to go straight to e621’s ISP. Despite this, e621 grew and grew, becoming known for being a furry porn artist dump.

Of course, this would also be the beginning of Arcturus and his run-ins with cub related controversies. See, e621 went down twice. The first time was on September 17, 2007, when someone claimed the site hosted cub. A few months later they were back up.


August 2010 however was a terrible time for e621 and Arcturus. Arcturus was involved in disputes involving hosting fanart of e621’s mascot on Furaffinity (likely due to the previously mentioned feud). Not long after this, he got some takedown requests sent to his web servers again due to the cub porn, this time by Insane Kangaroo (aka Connor Goodwolf). At this point, he realized the legal threats were too much after being threatened with deportation and he shut down the website.


Not long afterwards ownership of the website was passed to Varka, owner of Bad Dragon. One of the first things he did was change the takedown policy to be far more artist friendly, as in anything can be taken down if you ask, and posting paid content was banned as well. He then quit trying to run furry art sites and went back to working IT jobs. Meanwhile E621 and Furaffinity, both sites that he either started or helped start are pretty damn big, with both being in the top 1,500 websites in the world according to Alexa.

Social Media Footprint
After handing over control of E621, Arcturus took a more low-key position in the furry fandom, choosing to stick to social media for his online presence. First let’s take a look at his blog. On his blog he not only posted his real name and birthdate, but he gave us fun information. First of all, he lived in Saudi Arabia from 1989 to 1994/1995, and he hated Islam for years because of this.


He also had interesting views on pedophiles.


Nowadays with blogs and livejournals falling out of favor in the fandom, being replaced by Twitter, Arcturus has moved to Twitter like a lot of other furries. He’s moved to Seattle and become a true and honest trans girl, ready to get his dick cut off.


He struggles with the usual tranny problems, from not passing….
DZw7ow2VAAIayql.jpg large.jpg
…to desperately wanting HRT to the point of fetishizing it...
upload_2018-4-17_16-10-47.png showing off his hormone tits.

DVUy-xrUQAAlBDF.jpg large.jpg

However, going inside his Twitter feed gives you a direct lens into his mind.

For starters, like a lot of troon furries he ended up starting HRT last year.

It hasn't been a smooth journey.

He wants his dick removed...
...and he thinks it actually makes people's issues go away (lol).

He gets his estrogen from mail order pharmacies (and hey look, he's replying to SFtheWolf too).

He also has fetishies involving being a tranny/banging trannies, and can be thirsty for other trannies online:


Panderp also isn't afraid to discuss his personal life on Twitter, stating that he was raped when he was a 17 year old cis white male, telling the world this when the craze in social justice circles was about rape jokes, and how it's his coping mechanism:

Crossover with Hulex:


Before and after trooning out, he'd mention this a bit on Twitter:


This also includes acting horny on main at times:

Ct-EVY6UIAA9RVd.jpg large.jpg

He's also on PrEP medication:

And he has a possibly questionable legal status:


Sometimes he begs for money:

Funny enough, a few years ago he was against Zoe Quinn:
He also wasn't a fan of Brianna Wu:

Most ironic out of his past tweets is the fact that in 2012, he was strongly for the first amendment:

Nowdays, he enjoys smashing the report button:

The Cub Flamewars
Ever since around March-April of this year, with the political furry “war” losing steam, the drama with the furry fandom has shifted from being about if some furry wore a not-nazi armband or talking about punching "nazis" at cons to artists drawing underage or possibly underage characters. For a long time this has been a touchy topic in the furry fandom, with both sides being vocal and militant, however once the screencaps involving infamous creep and popufur Zaush were posted, drama after drama seemed to start involving furries and cub. There has been drama on levels ranging from tacklebox (a popular furry artist) possibly drawing an underage character in a suggestive pose with an alt account, to Floraverse and child grooming.

With Twitter being Arcturus’s lifeblood nowadays and cub being in his top fetishes, this meant that he wasn’t well off when the focus of drama shifted to cub. The first thing that caused controversy was when he defended Zaush over the allegations. This quickly turned into the Twitter version of the NAMBLA South Park episode.






Not long afterwards he chimped the fuck out on Twitter after being called out, threatening to kill himself.



The real shitstorm wouldn't start for another few weeks however. After some furry artist was being outed for drawing cub art, Arcturus said he wanted to follow them. Junius saw this, and not only blocked him on all his accounts, but she also made a callout post on him.

His response? To bitch at everyone "dogpiling" him and spamming the report button, and when that failed to lock his account for a day or two.

He also took it out on some rando:



In the middle of flamewars, he mentioned his main reason for liking cub too. See, deep down he still wishes he were a kid, and this is reflected in his fetishes.


While he doesn't have an FA account anymore, he does have on his e621 tag gore art and cock and ball torture art, showing he has more fetishes considered taboo than just cub.

Social Media Accounts:
Furaffinity (Banned + Blanked account):
Twitter: @Panderp (Archive:
Locked AD Twitter: @ArkiAfterDark (Archive:

ED Article: (Archive:
His old website (now offline): (Archived:
Facebook: Pandabup (Archive:
FourSquared: Panderp (Archive:
Steam: Swimmingcat (Archive:
YiffyLeaks: From, To
Patreon he donates with:
Old LiveJournal: (Archive:
Weasyl: (Archive:
YouTube: (Archive:



Dickpic from his ED page:
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Sep 10, 2017
He never followed through on that whole "suing Dragoneer" thing because he was full of shit. Alkora and Jheyren were the owners until Dragoneer bought the site. The early days of FA were extremely dramatic, with the site even being held hostage at one point with a big message plastered on the front page in an attempt to blackmail one of them.

Arcturus is constantly trying to paint himself as someone integral to the fandom, but he's done absolutely nothing other than start shoddy startups and piss and moan. e621 was failing until it was bought by Varka because of Arcturus shitty attitude towards everyone.


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Mar 29, 2018
"SwishytailDragon: OzKangaroo and Roo. And I know you'll ask why, so here are my reasons. Oz, because of his actions towards users, and his seeming lack of an ability to use punctuation and grammar. And Roo, because, I do not feel it's good for the site to have admins who seem unable to even use a spellchecker.
FurAffinity: He is MY mate"

Early internet furries are something else. Even when you're discussing site operations they couldn't bring themselves to say "boyfriend" because it's not animalistic.


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Jun 23, 2015
What the fuck is wrong with his eyes?

Great thread btw.

He's a ginger, therefore the soulless eyes.

Arcturus has burned so many bridges over the years that no one within the fandom really wants him around. He doesn't draw porn, doesn't fursuit, and his only notoriety comes from stirring the pot- I guess you could say that to many furry circles, he's nuked his reputation to the point of being more ostracized than the pedos and zoos.
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Mar 24, 2017
Are we sure that dickpic is from when he’sof age? Like, damn, man, he looks so young there!

Oh yeah, great thread, by the way!


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Oct 1, 2014
yo how the fuck you gonna have a fursona with two heads and not even actually have two heads yourself lmao amirite guis

Also check out that Digi Charat hat he's rocking in that second photo.
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May 15, 2017
He won a computer in a raffle and posted a 20 minute unboxing video on youtube, his voice and mannerisms are weird:

View attachment 429518
Great find, I also found a video on his channel of drunk karaoke singing at a Seattle area bar.

Also the packing peanuts make me cringe in that video, I hope whoever shipped that actually used antistatic ones (which are usually pink but some green ones exist) because if not that can destroy computer hardware.

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May 15, 2017
Imagine being offended by a car commercial because it shows someone reproducing:

"ugh how can anyone follow (person I don't like)"


Despite wanting to control who his followers follow, he hates being blocked:

James on UK knife violence:

James on Barbara Bush:

First world furry problems:

Moobs aren't boobs:

"Hi Kiwi Farms"

FP 208

"pills here" - dead meme


*cue audience laugh track*

more drugs

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May 15, 2017
Twitter seems to be banning more leftyfurs as of late. First Attica, now Panderp. Though I think the reason for the ban is well, probably report spam thanks to the fact that leftyfurs don't like him for constantly bragging about how it's his God-given right to fap to cub.

His new Twitter is @Kirwinia, and he's trying to recoup lost followers.


His tweets are all gone for good: