Are age gap relationships bad?

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Apr 15, 2021
Twitter especially seem to have a raging hate boner towards any couple with a large age gap they call a women in her mid 20s in a relationship with a man in his 30s 40s “grooming” I guess grown up adult women who make they’re own choices can be groomed?

Its very strange since they have no problem with 18 year olds becoming sugar babies and fucking 70 year old men for money or selling nudes on onlyfans to older men but the minute they’re is some love involved that goes beyond superficial attraction it’s all of a sudden “bad”

maybe they associate older men with money kinda like how they only like they’re dad’s because he gives them money otherwise he is a gross sexist pig.


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Jul 13, 2019
Not sure where you are pulling the data but does the gap size(hehehe)to separation ratio change in different age brackets? Like 18-28 vs 28-38 vs 38-48?

I am just curious.
I wasn't able to find any studies that broke the data down like that, they were all more general, but I would also be interested to know.

Cup Noodle

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Jan 30, 2021
My parents had an extreme age gap. Over 40 years. They were judged and they didn't seem to care and neither did me or my sibling from that marriage. I have half siblings older than my mother and a nephew older than me. It wasn't some weird transactional relationship. They loved each other until the day he died and she wore her wedding ring until the day she died. Past like twenty age is just a number and doesn't matter to me. I personally won't date a chick who hasn't had to work and pay bills so no 18 and 19 year olds for me, but whenever I decide to enter the dating market again I won't be looking for old dried up single moms.

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Dec 7, 2020
In the real world, 10 years or less and your both adults, no one cares. On the Internet where everyone is a jealous lit major who wishes that they were with your man, "you are a race and class trader for not dating someone of your exact same age and of different race because that's how you do anti-racism work".

Just be happy that twitter retards won't have kids.

Hellbound Hellhound
Apr 2, 2018
I don't think age gaps are bad, unless it's extreme enough that it means you have nothing in common with one another. For heterosexual relationships, I think it's often ideal for the man to be a bit older, since it usually means that they'll have qualities to bring to the relationship that younger men often don't: like maturity, financial stability, life experience, etc.

People forget that men and women are often attracted to different (sometimes opposite) things. Men generally seem to want youth and fertility; women generally seem to want maturity and confidence. It's pretty clear to me that these qualities generally peak at different times in life.


Sucka MC
Mar 11, 2017
Who the hell is calling a 25 year old dating a 35 year old "grooming?"

Unless she's mentally handicapped it's not.

Lots of couples have a ten year gap in age.

Just be aware that younger people tend to be more stupid. Look what happened with David Ellefson recently. If she's 19 and you are 56 and busting a facetime nut you better believe that won't stay private for long. 19 isn't that far removed from high school and you don't magically grow up because some numbers change for you overnight. Then again the boomer should know better too.

Try to at least stay relatively in your lane. The younger the person the less you have in common with them and the bigger the maturity gap is. It's unlikely the relationship will last long term. If you have money she probably just wants to sit tight for the reaper to hand over the check. You see those youngins Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee married in recent years? Do you think they care about Motley Crue and songs that were on MTV before they were born? Hell no! They're waiting for decades of partying to catch up with them and then it's CHING CHING! All the way to Rodeo Drive.💰

If you have money just pay for high class hookers. Don't marry these hoes.

Ser Prize
Nov 20, 2019
It's a pretty shitty double standard. Just a few hours ago I got into an argument with my sister about how Taylor Swift(20) dating Jake Gyllenhaal(29) wasn't wrong, whereas her opinion was "she was a literal child".

I don't know why anything under 25 is considered "a child" these days but it fucks over men in the dating market, because generally men hit their stride in their 30's when they have career and wealth.

ishioda reiji
Nov 10, 2021
a humoon (aka a moon-sized human) on twitter made a thread on calling my wife of 5 years, who is 16 years older than me, a groomer, and "friendly advised" me to "immediately get out of the relationship". initially she was mad at me for calling her equally obese friend a humoon and also for misunderstanding a tweet i made, because she is fucking retarded. as if she has any say on relationships when she clearly never was in one and will never be, victim of ronald mcdonald's grooming.
my relationship is nothing short of heavenly, the passion and dedication to maintaining it never fades day to day. can't help but lovepost

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Dec 7, 2020
Twitter especially
Nobody on twitter is having sex. "Anyone in a romantic relationship is obviously just sharing to shame me by tweeting about it." said the quintessential tweeter.

No, they are not bad. They are very common. Both adults and plus or minus 10 years as a rule of thumb.


International Man of Pancakes
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Sep 10, 2013
I keep falling for men old enough to be getting their first grey pubic hairs, which would be fine if I didn't look 10 years younger than I actually am and get mistaken for a high schooler. :\
The problem with a big age gap is there's going to be different levels of maturity and different focuses in life. One of my relatives tends to date women 20+ years his junior and then is surprised when they don't have their shit together in life and act like teenagers. He needs someone his age who is as responsible and hard working as him.
On the other side, guys 10+ years my senior that are interested in me have often turned out to be manbabies that can barely look after their own asses, let alone another person. So sometimes I think it's less about age and more about maturity.