Are anime avatars worse then furries?

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Apr 6, 2021
Title. There are furries on this site(75% of Animal Control), only a few choose to have furry avatars or names. Aside from the lolcows that come and post, the furry avatars don't seem to be nearly as retarded as the anime avatars on this site. They are way more annoying and somehow have an even lower IQ then furries or niggers.



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Aug 25, 2019
Part-random item and part vidya character/Human Hive Chairman Yang-gang? I'd like to think we're based.

@Meat Target we're still waiting for you to join the Yang gang...

mister meaner
Jun 21, 2021
From my experience they’re both at the bottom of the food-chain because they’re both cut from the same cloth, but furries are usually more autistic.


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Jul 9, 2020
Furries are all degenerate, without exception
Anime avatars include some Brazilians or some shit with a low-quality DBZ avatar, who don't know what's a knee may, but think that one chink cartoon's neat

That's a win by default, but not by that big of a margin