Are anime avatars worse then furries?

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Apr 6, 2021
Title. There are furries on this site(75% of Animal Control), only a few choose to have furry avatars or names. Aside from the lolcows that come and post, the furry avatars don't seem to be nearly as retarded as the anime avatars on this site. They are way more annoying and somehow have an even lower IQ then furries or niggers.


i am Bill

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Jun 13, 2021
furries do not deserve love.
anime pfps are fine(?) as long as it's not porn. you know the ahegao pfps and they're 100% porn addicts and very unfunny.

they're both "addicted to something socially unacceptable" category so yes, they're equally shit.

edit: mexicans or brazilians with DBZ pfps are fucking based. they're usually an exception