Are Becky and I Compatible? 9/11/2019 - Day 85 of 100

Slappy McGherkin

Bartender? Make that a double.
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This bitch is consistently covered with more dog/cat hair than a professional groomer.
You may be correct, but I have to imagine a lot of it is her own shed. Danderblubber falling out of her poo bun.

Protip to Hamber:
Don't wear black when vlogging; it shows EVERYTHING! (or at least buy a sticky lint roller thingie at the Dollar store, fer chrissakes).


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They both look bouncy. i wonder if maybe they bounce away from each other sometimes ike two magnets pointed the wrong way because they are so fat - like giant beach balls of fat and blubber just bouncing away. they probably float real good because of all the fat though. yuck!