Are Incels the most reviled members of society ever?

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Mar 14, 2014
(TL:biggrin:R below if required)

Inceldom is not something those under its banner can control, any more than a breast cancer patient should be lambasted for letting herself get sick, and yet, only the former is subject to hatred and ridicule of such a kind as deemed, not only permissible, but encouraged.

Throughout history, there have been many examples of oppressed and reviled peoples, so let's take a look at a few and compare them to the plight of the incel.

The normie favourite. Truly women have suffered unfairly throughout history, right? Surely they're still unequal today and in need of the mighty fist of feminism to even come close to man's privilege, right?
Currently, in first world countries, there is no group more privileged than woman: to suggest a biological difference between the sexes means you're a misogynistic pig. Criticism of any kind, if directed at a woman, is rendered not only moot, but considered to be a vitriolic attack of society's special sneauxphlakes.

There is an expectation that women deserve to be treated better than men, which is propogated by both men and women alike: men should always hold the door open for women; men are expected to pay for dinner; men are expected to be the providers for the family (if women want to work, they're encouraged, but men receive no such encouragement, it's merely expected of them); women are viewed as innocent and preferential in legal disputes (97% of alimony payments are made by men, women win exclusive custody 79% of the time, and women who make false rape claims are believed in spite of the notion that the accused should be considered innocent until proven guilty.)

How about the historical treatment of women? Traditionally, women have also been coddled by society. When men were required to hunt and kill to supply for small hunter-gatherer societies, women were spared from this and left safety away from any danger. Up until very recently, women were also spared from the horrors of war (despite Hillary's absurd claims) it has always been the duty of men to defend, en mass, the rights and safety of their women back home. Women have historically been treated well, even in great societies like ancient Greece where men recognized women's inferiority and preferred the company of other men, women were treated well and respected, many members of Greek society worshiping the female gods more than any other.

And in spite of all this; in spite of every advantage afforded to them, women still want more. Now, in front of the wall street bull, a little girl stands defiant. Why? As a symbol of strength against a non-existent wage gap. Society propogates a myth to make women feel better, and then builds upon that myth with symbols of strength to make women feel better still. Clearly, then, women are not so disadvantaged.

The blacks and the Jews

The two Oppression All-stars. There can be no denying that western countries have, historically, treated black people poorly. Colonialism and the ensuing slavery were clear and systematic breaches of the human rights of millions of people.

However, slavery is not exclusive to blacks. In fact, blacks were very often either the sellers, or the buyers of slaves. The word slave refers, originally, to the slavic people who were frequently forced into slavery in the middle ages. Slavery is not and was not exclusive to blacks, and yet, it is blacks who benefit from its having happened.

Affirmative action is hugely prevalent in America. Black students receive black-exclusive scholarships and receiving greater encouragement and support than non-black students.

Of course, racism existed beyond the abolishment of slavery, and still exists today. However, there have always been those who have stood up to racism. Most famous of all was Martin Luther King Jr who is universally praised for his work helping African-Americans, but he is not alone. Many people have dedicated their lives to helping blacks, some have even lost their lives in so doing: but no one has done this for incels. Incels, in spite of the hatred and discrimination they receive, are not beneficiaries of support or affirmative action in anyway. Imagine the response you would receive by going to /r/peopleofcolour and telling them they deserve to be hated or discriminated against. You would be banned sightwide for extreme prejudice, and yet, to do the same on /r/incels is considered amusing and fair. There are clear correlations between height or attractiveness and success, and yet society turns a blind eye to incels' plight. So while it is the case that African-Americans were the object of much discrimination, there has been a significant reversal and now much is done in their favour. Incels, however, are recipients only of hatred: no one wishes to aid their cause.

Likewise, the Jews and their oppression in Nazi Germany might be a favoured counter-argument to the assertion that incels are the most universally reviled societal group, however, this argument falls flat as well. It is of course true that the Jews were systematically despised and considered sub-human. This fact they share with incels.

However, there is a clear difference: When the Nazis considered the Jews sub-human, the world went to war to defend them. When the world considers incels to be subhuman, people just laugh at their plight and go on, encouraging their subhuman treatment. It is clear then which of the two is the more systematically despised.

Other [mental] illnesses

Inceldom, like race or sexuality, is genetic. If it can be resolved by weight loss, or lifting more, it's not inceldom: it's volcedlom. True inceldom is incurable and predetermined.

However, inceldom is not treated the same way as other illnesses at all. Let's take a close look at the subtle distinctions in societal treatment.

Cancer is, in many of its forms, impossible to prevent with the decisions one makes. I'm sorry normies, but that means you can't tell poor Timmy to shower his tumor away. People that suffer from cancer are praised for their bravery; they are the beneficiaries of myriad charities, as well as the objects of ad campaigns and propaganda. Just like inceldom, cancer is a terrible disease, but only one of the diseased individuals will receive love and compassion while he suffers; the other will be taunted as he suffers in solitude.

Furthermore, if we look at how people, reddit especially, treats depressed people, we see an even cleared example of the double standard that derives from pure hatred of incels. Can you imagine the fervent rage that reddit would unleash if someone told a depression sufferer to 'just stop being sad'? And yet, that is the advice incels receive daily. We suffer the same, and yet, while others are supported, we are condemned.

TL:biggrin:R - plz read, it's not like you're too busy banging sluts. If you are: Incels might just be the most universally hated and discriminated against members of society. In spite of this, and where other hated sects have been assisted, incels are ridiculed and hurt further for merely existing. There is no help because they are deemed unworthy of it. It is not seen as noble to fight for incels rights as it might to fight for the rights of women or minorities, so we must suffer, because to propagate our suffering is seen not as cruel, but as just.


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Dec 9, 2016
It's how they act that makes them reviled. They care so much about having sex with a virgin, they'll flat out hate women simply because women will reject them. There are many ugly people who still manage to find loving partners, you just have to stop looking for 9s and 10s. Some incels go so far as to condoning rape as they see it as the only way they will ever be inside a woman. |Do I even have to mention there are incels who believe Elliot Rodgers is a hero? They are entitled monsters who persistently act sub-human. I have no sympathy or patience for them.

El Garbage

I'm disabling this fucking cesspool of hate
Jun 14, 2016
Actually to be fair, gaslighting is making someone doubt his sanity.

When I was a kid, I used to be an extroverted normie, even a douchebag, somewhat. I was already the introverted type, which led me to overcompensate by fake energy, but this was well received among my school comrades and even among girls! (yes, pretty girls used to laugh at my shitty jokes).

Then everything went slowly and inexorably downward as I entered adolescence. I realized (and others made me realize, more importantly) that I was not as handsome as I thought I was. I was even deformed, with awkward and abnormal proportions (wristcel, framecel, nosecel, jawcel). My jokes were suddenly less funny (even when I told them with "confidence"), girls were less attracted to my companionship, and some guys in my social circle saw my weakness and used it to move up a step or two in the ladder at my expense. I used to have swift verbal comebacks before; now, I could only look at the ground when someone taunted me, since whatever pun of mine would get the obvious, crushing answer: "Yea, but at least I don't look like a fucking freak".

Seeing my social status collapsing at an ever accelerating pace made me desperate for solutions. As soon as the age of 14, I engaged in bodybuilding. I quickly gained muscle mass, but became even more desperate as I saw that the real problem was my bone structure. My forearms and wrists stayed desperately thin, and I was horrified when I learned there were absolutely no muscles in the wrist area.

A medium-to-long-term, solution-oriented, process swiftly prioritizes the Chief Value Added Services Officer, whilst our incel-wide 360-degree thinking reconceptualizes our movable and/or future-oriented co-innovations. Energies drive the pioneers. Actually, the team players focus on our white-collar productivity. The powerful incel champion accelerates the trigger events. In the same time, our content dramatically synergizes a feedback-based framework in this space. The steering committee builds our end-to-end interdependency. The Executive Head of Facilities Management differentiates a socially conscious big-picture incel thinking. Controlling should enforce customer-focused consistencies. The board-level executives re-imagine responsible, modular, agilities. The product manager reaches out alert, well-scoped, blended approaches, while the white-collar workers identify uncertainties.

More importantly the biggest problems were facial: I had a very weird, almost monkeylike jaw (some actually called me a monkey or prehistoric man) and an ugly nose.

When I attempted to seek help (e.g. by plastic surgery) from my parents, they, to my horror, dismissed my concerns with incredible condescendence. Basically, I was perfectly fine and was hallucinating. They took me to some psychologists, who weirdly insisted on blaming my depression on my upbringing (classic Freudian stuff). Only one (a pretty cool guy actually) acknowledged that I was ugly and would have to overcompensate to seduce women.

I have secretly hated and resented my parents ever since. I know this sounds edgy, but having your life experiences negated in this way is horrible, and I would not wish it on anybody.

TL;DR yes they are and for a good reason.