Are Redditors or Twitter users more worthless? -

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Twitter is where people go to sniff their own farts. Reddit is where people go circlejerk while sniffing their own farts.

Both are shit but I'm going to have to go with Redditors. It's far easier to create a circlejerk on Reddit and Redditors seem to be in denial about a lot of things such as the fact that they aren't a top-secret internet club and that the overwhelming majority of subs are clearly biased.

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Pretty much any popular tweet has a comment section full of the most angry people imaginable just screaming into the void. It's a shame the word 'toxic' has been so overused by faggots because it's the best word to describe it. Redditors at least look like they're having fun, especially if you stick to small subs about niche hobbies rather than just going to the major ones.


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Considering the fact that at least 50% of the content of modern reddit are twitter screencaps that get awards after awards by retards who like to waste money over nothing, i'd say that redditors are like the kid in highschool that befriended and costantly licked the ass of the popular kids to be popular too. So redditors not only are uncreative and irrelevant, but they enjoy being it too.


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Really depends on where you look, and what you're looking for. If you go looking for shit, you will find shit. If you go looking for good things, you'll find good things. Too many people on here, and among other places that participate in "Cringe Culture," if you will, will only find the negative aspects in things, because that's what they only intend to find.


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A lot of random questions I've searched for have been answered by someone on Reddit. So it's useful for that kind of thing.

Twitter is absolutely useless. I only ever find myself reading tweets when idiots are slapfighting. Nobody ever seems to do ANYTHING constructive on Twitter.


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Twitter's the worse of two evils. Say what you want about Reddit, they at least can type in complete sentences and serve more of a purpose than Twitter does with the AMA threads.

Plus reddit drama can be far funnier and juicer than twitter drama.
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