Are there any diet sodas that don't taste terrible? -

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Gotta echo the Cork Zero mentions as well. Only diet soda I've been able to drink without wasting two thirds of the bottle. I usually just go for regular soda if I'm going to drink one, but I won't turn down a Cork Zero if that's all being offered.

As far as the worst? Diet root beer and diet Mountain Dew are just vile.


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Pepsi Max, it's better than actual Pepsi. Although I would recommend just getting a sodastream and using that, it's got that nice fizziness but it isn't going to make you morbidly obese. I actually ended up switching to soda water because I went through Pepsi Max too quickly since I have like no self control.
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The diet versions of sodas you don't normally drink are good because you don't know what is "wrong" with them. Except diet root beer, you don't have to be an aficionado to know that there is something very wrong with those so-called drinks.
I tried Culver's Diet Root Beer and I honestly thought it was labeled wrong. It's amazing, but yeah, it's the only one I've ever had that didn't taste terribly.

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Diet soda is so awful and probably actually worse for you than regular soda, so what is the point?

Either drink regular soda or just don't drink soda at all.
This is one of those things fat people say, like "water tastes bad". The point is that diet soda has zero calories, the questionable health effects of aspatarame doesn't have anything to do with anything.
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I've not seen this but I looked it up, and it looks as if it's carried here locally. I'll have to grab some this week.
Glad to hear it. They taste good but a bit different from the regular stuff. One thing I appreciated was I didn't feel like (nor did it taste like) I was drinking an industrial chemical cocktail. The root beer is good and so is the orange and lemon-lime. The cola one is a bit odd since most of us have had Coke and are so accustomed to them 'owning' the flavor. I'm hoping for a ginger-ale in the near future.

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I hate when people tell me that "It tastes the same tho" when it comes to artificially sweetened things, no it doesn't that after taste is fucking awful and before hand you have something that is way too sweet that any additional tastes just don't fucking exist.


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Diet is just awful, and Zero tastes bad too. Personally I have had a lot of different sodas over the years and not a single time has the diet tasted better than the regular, nor has it tasted good at all.

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This is one of those things fat people say, like "water tastes bad". The point is that diet soda has zero calories, the questionable health effects of aspatarame doesn't have anything to do with anything.
The point is it tastes like shit, how can people tolerate it?
Does Seltzer and flavored sparkling waters count?

Or are those the drinks of infidels because they lack any real flavor despite what the flavor the can claims?
Wouldn't count them as soda, but they're awful. I used to drink that crap all the time back in elementary/junior high with my lunches (packed from home). Horrible shit but at that age I was stupid enough to think anything was better than water.


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Have any of you tried Sprite Zero?
For having no sugar it’s not too bad.


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I've drunk diet pop my entire life growing up. Not by choice, it was just the only thing lying around the house because it was supposed to be "healthier" If by healthier you mean I'll die of cancer instead of type II diabetes then sure. Nowadays as much as I'd like to enjoy regular soda I can only really enjoy diet soda because my palate has been permanently scarred so all actual soda tastes too sweet. The two diet pops that I think taste the most like their actual non-diet counterpart are definitely sprite zero and diet squirt.
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Diet Coke Lime was pretty good. They discontinued it and make a lime ginger variety now

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Some of those generic sparkling sodas that come in strawberry and pineapple and stuff aren't that bad. They would taste weird without aspartame.

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I've drank diet soda for so long regular soda tastes like drinking syrup. Diet Coke tastes like shit though. Echoing Corke Zerro and Sprite Zero
Just commit and drink diet of whatever brand you like, you will adjust to the taste after a bit.

Also ignore the bullshit "IT CAUSES CANCER" shit, those studies are always exceptional as fuck and it is always shit like "We gave a rat(animals that get cancer at the drop of a hat) 40 Times the amount of aspertine that you would ever drink in the course of two months"