Are there any diet sodas that don't taste terrible? -


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I bought a case of Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla Zero Calorie and it tastes alright but it smells like Orange Pledge furniture polish.

I know there's fresh stock of Coca-Cola Cherry Zero Calorie out there somewhere but do I brave the Coronavirus apocalypse going to stores further away than my local supermarket just to get diet soda?


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I think Diet A&W tastes basically the same as regular A&W. Diet Mountain Dew is pretty close too but Mountain Dew is a sugary mess at baseline. I'll still fuck with it though

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Squirt and Fresca are good sugar-free conveyances for vodka on a hot summer day.

I ended up turning to sugar-free Monster energy drinks (basically, expensive-ass soda) to give me my needed caffeine hit at my volunteer gigs, because even in an insulated cup, coffee gets too cold to drink, too quickly. The Monster Zero in white or blue cans are acceptable, but the orange is my favorite, despite being insanely sweet. Red is kind of gross, but still sort-of drinkable if that's all there is. I don't even dare try purple, though--anything in a purple can is guaranteed to be disgusting. Monster also makes drinks that purport to be coffee-flavored, but they are unspeakably vile.
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I grew up drinking Diet Pepsi because that's what mom and dad drank especially with liquor, so yeah Im fine with diet sodas, but that ones my favorite. Mix it with Wild Turkey that shit will get a 16 year old torn up.

I like the lighter flavor and they arent so heavy and sweet with sugar, they do have more of a crispness, a mineral flavor to them. In high school my friends used to make fun of me for it but I do kinda like them and eventually they got used to it and would bum one or have sips of mine if we were smoking and when I roomed with them in college they were like, "I actually kind a got used to the flavor and do prefer them now."
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Standing in the school hallway.
"I actually kind a got used to the flavor and do prefer them now."

I have a "not quite diet soda since it's not carbonated" example of that, Cranberry-Raspberry Cocktail of the sort where the main brand in the category is Ocean Spray but I usually buy store brand versions thereof. I don't think the artificial sweetener is nearly as sweet as whatever it is that the store brand juice manufacturers put in the "regular" versions (presumably high fructose corn syrup) but I honestly prefer Cranberry-Raspberry "juice" to be a little bit on the tart side anyway.